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For anyone that cares, this is a pre-season game thread.


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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I figured there was. I was going to ask you if you were going to create one. This was just for tonight's and tomorrow's games.


I created it last weekend. It will post at 10AM ET on Saturday in the Colts Game Day section.

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Pre-season is usually boring because the games don't count in the win column but just watching the NFL is fun, especially watching the rookies like Stroud, Young, and AR. I wonder if Levis will play at all in the Titans opener?


I always like watching preseason games after 6 months of no NFL football. But the last few years have been very boring.


Alexander Mattison being interviewed. I like him but he is not Cook.

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The Vikes have many four WRs drafted in the first round. Justin Jefferson, J Reagor, N'Keal Harry, and this year's pick Jordan Addison.



1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Because of the rules, he couldn't advance the fumble so maybe the Vikings hold them to a FG?


Let's hope so.

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1 minute ago, NFLfan said:

The Vikes have many four WRs drafted in the first round. Justin Jefferson, J Reagor, N'Keal Harry, and this year's pick Jordan Addison.



Kirk is loving that, how big of a loss will Cook be is the question. The only team better in your division is the Lions and they haven't proven anything so the Vikings could still be a playoff team.

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    • Ballard should have never cut him. I want Ogletree on the team as well considering charges were dropped (I believe), but his whole fiasco with his fiance where battery might have been involved was way more of a sensitive topic and understandable of being cut for than Rodgers friend betting 1k on his account on a Colts run stat over/under. That's the worse thing Rodgers was found guilty of, and now we have Colts fans trying to convince themselves we need a RD1 CB pick after 3 were chosen in last year's draft...    He did a podcast detailing what he bet on with Franklin and Speed in case others haven't seen it. Much ado about nothing imho and it's obvious the locker room still like him/didn't think he was negatively trying to affect the outcome of games, and they would know best on that over anyone.    
    • Yeah... I don't buy it... BUT... if there is someone you might have to take seriously about something like that... it's Jeremiah. Remember how he absolutely killed that last mock with predicting the exact trade and exact picks for the Texans? Lets see if he has similarly good sources on the Colts... 
    • There're a couple of things that seems off about this to me.   1) The Colts moving up in the 1st. 2) Moving up for a CB after Ballard just spent the pre-draft presser complementing the CB group.
    • What he “projects” and what he would play are two completely different things. Idk why people sleep on DeJean, he’s going to surprise a lot of people wherever he ends up going. The kid is a DAWG.
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