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Question of the Day - 04/25


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1 they mean nothing, no one knows exactly who anyone is taking except the colts and redskins. we all know both of them are taking the QB's they wanted. but i agree with 21issuperman it gives me my football fix. i have seen some mocks where they have the colts picking all offense the first 5 rounds then the rest of their picks defense. im sure im pretty much with everyone else by the 2nd to 3rd round colts will start working on the defense. offense dont need much fixing now, they picked up a few offensive line whether it was FA or via trade. another WR and TE and their offense is set. Defense is where the attention needs to be paid. i still think IMO they need to trade freeney and their second round pick to a team who has two first round picks and draft a WR or fleener. but thats just my opinion lol.

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4-6 weeks ago it would have been a 9, never paid as much attention to draft as I have this year. Past couple of weeks would be a 2, have gotten tired of all the talk and hype and just want the actual draft results the next 3 days.


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