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  1. considering a couple NFL scouts including chris landry has said he is projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick but will fall to 4th round or early 5th round. so i would say 4th round is about right.
  2. Mathieu would be drafted in the 4th round, but would be our 3rd pick of the draft since we do not have a 2nd round pick.
  3. with us picking 24th in the draft this year, the updated mock draft has us picking these guys with the pick: Bucky Brooks has us picking : Johnathan Hankins / DT / Ohio State Daniel Jerimiah has us picking : Sharrif Floyd / DT / Florida Charles Davis has us picking :Jessie Williams / DT / Alabama Gil Brandt has us picking : Alex Okafor / DE / Texas I like those 4 as being possible first rounders for us, but if Robert Woods (WR / USC) is still available i think we have to take him. I have been stressing all year we need to focus on defense in the draft, but i also think Woods coul
  4. i love the air it out go for the long ball type offense. i cant stand the WCO. hopefully they do mix it up.
  5. actually this year i have seen indy do more of the guard tapping the center while luck was in shotgun, to snap the ball. seen a few teams use that strategy this year.
  6. This really isnt a surprise. we all figured he would be out,some were hoping he would be able to stay but he does not fit a 3-4 scheme. i can see jax picking him up. maybe even oakland.
  7. TY Hilton. prob the best rookie WR this year. 800+ yards and led the team in receiving touchdowns with 9. and if im not mistaken led all rookie WR's in both categories also.
  8. i have noticed that with manning though, as was said in the video...Manning kicks his leg just as soon as the ball is going to be snapped. and he still does it in denver.
  9. yeah i hate playing against him also lol. i had to face him twice in one season (including post season) game seemed like it took forever when the broncos were on offense. lucky for me after that second season of him being on the broncos, he decided to retire with out winning the superbowl as a bronco. Luck 2 Superbowls, Manning - 0 in those two seasons . next time you play in career mode, give up two 3rd round picks to new england and you can get the " gronk " lol. thats what i did, had gronk,fleener and allen going at it.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily say the Seahawk's and the Bengals are easy. plus we struggle against KC alot it seems like.
  11. I Was waiting for someone to mention that aspect. Luck is top priority over everyone else. if he keeps getting better and starts throwing together 4000+ yard 30+ TD seasons until the end of his rookie contract he is going to want big bucks and you cant blame him.
  12. Stanton is a FA, so i dont think we can trade him lol. but i also would not off the jets a 3rd rounder. all of the CB's traded this year were had for a 4th round pick or a lower pick. except for vontae davis inwhich was had for a 2nd round pick. so give the jets our 4th round pick for revis, or our 6th round pick for him lol.
  13. like i have said on the other thread or two about this topic he is not worth our 1st pick. sorry but the guy wants a raise every year, he has a bad attitude, and he is only about himself. we do not need that drama in indy. i dont care how good of a player he is. one bad apple brings down the whole locker room.
  14. you know pollard was on the show amazing race lol.
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