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  1. VD now called STIs so Surely to Intercept
  2. Not horrible he is good in the run game,just gets beat way too much in passing game.
  3. It is just not 1 game.Hes been solid special teams comes up with big plays there in games.
  4. Met Jerrell Freeman and Dwayne Allen today.Two great guys and got both autographs
  5. Same thing I was thinking.brazil is odd man out.
  6. Yes Sir. i think we just didnt get the guy we wanted or liked so we didnt sell the farm to get one.maybe we give delano a shot. Or grab a UDFA
  7. I am too old for AFD dang heart nearly gave out.I like Rogers
  8. Absolute/maybe not first ballot but definitely will get in.
  9. I think you are spot on.If we was going to get a safety or center ( Costa) we would of have done so by now.I think Grigs goes BPA the whole draft minus a QB or TE
  10. I said that same thing last year and had several people laugh at me.They all agreed Jim was Drug and Alcohol free Hmm really?
  11. I just hope Pep airs it out enough to keep defense off the line. Its playoff time win or go home play hard not conservative
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