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  1. Wow I was reading this and the first thing that came to me was my Army days.As soon as Nadine says this is not a site for selling or buying tickets the very next post is where can I buy.Sorry I am in my later 40s guys why would you disrespect Admins rules so blatantly.I wanted to say alot more but I would get banned
  2. I believe several will have 2 game suspensions and a few even more.
  3. I embrace change but greatly enjoyed the past.
  4. I agree lets all be positive and let our new coach and staff do their jobs. They obviously see these players alot more than us and know their weaknessesand strengths. Go Blue keep positive all and to all you bandwagon team jumpers you wont be missed you were never colts fans.Lets just say Godbless to all the team members we lost,wish them good luck with their new teams and let them know they will be missed.Now as far as our new team members Godbless Go Blue welcome aboard and win win win . All this negative i read about why why why we our rebuilding hint building a def that we have been withou
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