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  1. love melton and barwin, especially melton. great story, running back at texas.
  2. mcglynn has been solid. get reitz healthy and link has been better each week. guards are fine.
  3. agreed. get the top five healthy and able to practice together and watch what happens. plenty of talent there that needs time to work TOGETHER.
  4. young beat up team coming off a highly emotional game going on the road against a high profile team with their backs against the wall. not surprising at all. colts are about where i thought they'd be. thought they would have beat jacksonville and lose to green bay. look for them to handle the browns next week.
  5. what makes you more competent ? you've had a hard on for mcglynn and justice since they came on board. mcglynn hasn't given up a sack and has been solid at two spots. justice has been fine when healthy. no one is going to be perfect all the time. satele has clearly been the worst of the three acquisitions. i honestly believe you have no clue about what you are watching or have even the most fundamental understanding of how the game is played.
  6. my money says mr grigson and mr pagano definitely disagree with you. i see you still have a hard on for mcglynn despite the fact he has graded out the highest through 4 games of all the linemen.
  7. the only change from this year might be justice as he is a free agent and the colts can't control it. don't get the hicks love. 32 teams passed on him 250 times on draft day and through six weeks 31 teams have shown zero interest in signing him off the colts practice squad. now he's a starter next year ?
  8. my money says the expected starting 5 this year are in place for at least three more years.
  9. what was reitz surgery for ? seems like he's been out an awful long time.
  10. GEEZ, a guy has to switch positions in the middle of a game to a spot where he hasn't practiced at in two years and you nitpick ? plus the first series he goes in they run the hurry up offense and he directs the line flawlessly and they score. yes the snaps were low. did you expect perfection ? i would think fans would be thankful there are competent players who are versatile enough to contribute no matter where they play. i don;t think they missed a beat. the offense has been BETTER when someone other than satele has been over the ball.
  11. if he's healthy that's a great addition. that's a bad dude.
  12. but if it wasn't his responsibility he shouldn't. you can't free lance at that level. justice like any other guy has to expect his teammate to execute his assignment.
  13. well staysniak is certainly more qualified than any of us here to make that determination. his opinion is good enough for me. costanzo is a fine young player who will only get better. some here expect perfection from these guys. not realistic.
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