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  1. I don't see this happening for many reasons: Harvin still has 2 years left on his rookie contract Harvin would want too much money Harvin is injury prone and the Colts already tried to get rid of most of their injury prone players (Brackett, Clark, Bullitt, etc.) The Colts have practically no money left The Colts already have a good receiving tandem in Wayne, Avery, Collie, Brazill, Hilton, Fleener, and Allen so there is no need to overspend for another The Colts already have good return specialists in Hilton, Karim, and Moore The Freeney Trade won't happen because it's been announced by Grigs
  2. TEAM: 9-7, Wildcard in playoffs, losing in first round to broncos or steelers. OFFENSE: Top 10 passing, Top 20 rushing, Top 15 points, Top 15 overall Luck: 4000 passing yards, 35+ TD's, 12+ INT's, Rookie of the Year Brown: 900 yds, 8 TD's All other backs combined: 800 yds, 10 TD's Wayne: 1100 yds, 11 TD's Avery: 800 yds, 7 TD's Collie: 700 yds, 4 TD's Fleener: 700 yds 9 TD's Allen: 500 yds 3 TD's All others: 300 yds 2 TD's DEFENSE: Top 15 passing, Top 15 rushing, Top 10 points, Top 15 overall Freeney leads team in sacks, 10 Powers leads team in interceptions, 8
  3. First off, Reitz was actually solid last year so he could backup or contend for any of the starters. Secondly, I say it should be Castonzo- McGlynn- Satele- Ijalana- Justice.
  4. The Colts run a Spider 3 Y Banana from the 25 and Luck will throw the Banana to Fleener for TD.
  5. We could use a solid starter with experience and knowledge to help with our young players. Would like to have the Colts try him out!
  6. Would love to have Lattimore, Ball, Woods, Te'o, and Mathieu. All depends on where we are in the draft next year.
  7. Right now we have Brown, Carter, Ballard, and Karim. I'm not saying we keep them all due to needs and depth at other positions, but these are 4 solid running backs. They all have a chance at starting to me. But if it came down to picking between Ballard or Carter, I would go with Ballard. Good overall running back, good blocker, and good receiver.
  8. The Colts just had a pretty darn good draft. Throw in some of the other picks from previous years that played a lot and/ or could be starters (Nevis, Castonzo, Ijalana, Angerer, Carter, Rucker, Conner, etc.) and the Colts mght be a very good team. Personally I thought this year's draft was fantastic but the 2011 draft was only slightly below that. All of the players from that draft started. So between the last three drafts, the Colts have picked up about 8-12 possible starters for this year (Luck, Fleener, Castonzo, Ijalana, Nevis, Angerer, Chapman, Hilton, Rucker, Conner, Allen, and Thomas)
  9. The Colts could run the two-tight end set like when they had Dilger and Pollard or Clark and Pollard. These are two great, athletic tight ends that could even play the slot a lot like Clark.
  10. Basically just depth for the whole defensive backfield. I like it. We need a versatile player that can go play wherever we need him
  11. Really like this guy. Out of him, Pellerin, Jackson, and Fenelus, he probably will have the best chance. Depending on how training camp goes, I could see him as a starter. Good corner that plays hard.
  12. Asa Jackson or Casey Heyward. Both good CBs that I would've loved to have. Oh well
  13. hmm... looking at all of this, I believe the Colts, Eagles, and Buccaneers had the best draft.
  14. Yes, I would say this is pretty accurate. With everything the Colts have done in the off-season, they actually have good players to go out and play and start. I would throw Cameron Chism in there as a CB and the Safety from North Carolina in place of a couple players as I really like Chism a lot, but that's just me.
  15. I also give the Colts an A- for the draft. Virtually every need that the Colts had was addressed in the draft or in signing undrafted free agents. So far, the Colts have picked up 2 QBs, 4 O-linemen, 2 TE, 5 WRs, 2 RBs, 3 D-linemen, 3 CBs, 1 S, and 1 LB; all of these being college players. This doesn't include he veterans we have picked up and are going to pick up in the offseason. So good job Pagano, Grigson, and everyone else in the Colts war room!
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