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NFL Playoffs Discussion-- Divisional Round, Jan 22 to Jan 23, 2022


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Welcome to another round of playoffs. Today we have the Bengals @Titans (4:30) and 49ers @Packers (8:15).


Tomorrow will be Rams @ Bucs (3PM) and Bills @ Chiefs (6:30 PM).



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  • NFLfan changed the title to NFL Playoffs Discussion-- Divisional Round, Jan 22 to Jan 23, 2022
Just now, RollerColt said:

I mean, it’s basically always been weak. 

All the good young  QB are in the other divisions. We will see how Lawrence develops.

I will say it but people won’t like it. Simmons is better then Buckner. I know he has better edge rushers but he still makes most of a impact.

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1 minute ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

Both teams fixed it with FA. Ballard needs to take note. Bengals are going to get burrow killed. Why aren’t they running.

Not sure honestly. They need to get Mixon involved. 

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    • How do you come away with Moore and McBride? They went back to back, #54 and #55. We drafted Woods at #73.
    • He's still no Mike Evans, not so far.
    • Let’s not forget Pittman missed 3 games his rookie year right when the game was slowing down.  He probably would of had 800 yards if that hadn’t happened.  Those YAC yards will be back for him with Ryan like he had with rivers and Ryan will throw the jump ball much more then rivers. Now Pittman has a QB that he can do both.
    • I think you're being unfair to Campbell, but I absolutely agree with you on Pittman, especially in comparison with Mike Evans. Evans was immediately outstanding, and with bad QBing, and he entered the league two years younger than Pittman. Evans rookie year was better than Pittman's second season. I'd love to see Pittman give us 96 catches, 1300 yards, and 12 TDs like Evans did in Year 3, but I'm not counting on it.   They kind of look alike. Other than that, Evans play early in his career far surpassed what Pittman has done so far.
    • Some thoughts I’d like to share for your consideration…    As you may or may not be aware, of the receivers likely to be available, Watson was my first choice and Moore was a close second.      Others who I wanted were Tolbert who is doing well in Dallas, Shakir, who is doing well in Buffalo, and Pierce, who is doing well with us.    (Feels like I’m forgetting someone?)   My point is this…. I expect guys like Moore to have a better career than Pierce.  He’s got a future Hall of Fame quarterback, and a system that values what he does.   Our system values Pierce.  Much taller,  just as fast, much better vertical, better blocker, better Red Zone.   But I don’t think he’ll put up better stats.   Does that mean we picked the wrong guy?   I don’t think so.    Our system favors a high end SUV or Pickup.   KC’s system prefers a Porsche or Ferrari.   Not everyone wants the luxury Mercedes or BMW.   And I’m not looking forward to playing against KC and Moore for years to come watching him carve up our defense which I think he will.  We have a different way of doing things.   Just food for thought. 
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