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20 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

I don’t care either way, but I wasn’t able to even use the one IR spot last year. How does it work?

If you have someone that is designated out or IR to return, you can slot them in your IR spot instead of them taking up a bench spot

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It's been a quiet year this year. Injuries galore for some with the COVID reserve designation (at one point i had 6 people out on my bench).  I just noticed we are in the championship week, not very observant, so thanks to everyone for participating this year. Good luck to everyone in your final matches. 

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@Bluefire4 @Lucky Colts Fan @Btown_Colt @onebad150 @Jared Cisneros @w87r @WarGhost21


I unfortunately won't be able to run this league this year.  I'm going to be gone for several months and won't be able to coordinate and attend any draft we might have. 


I'm not sure who to promote or how to manage my team while in this hiatus. I don't mind letting it auto draft, but I'm flying out tonight.  When I get connectivity again I could promote someone,  but my wife nor my friend will be able to participate.

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