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  1. Peyton was not just a spectator, he engaged players and coaches a lot, he spent a lot of time talking to Luck and I swear he was calling some plays late in practice at the red zone drills. I am really surprised at all the negativity being posted on here. There were a lot of bright spots at todays practice. Ty was awesome, TE group scored several TD's , WR were doing an outstanding job blocking on run plays. Overall it was a very good practice, except for the Fountain injury
  2. I am retired, just let me know with a little advance notice and I will make it work for me.
  3. I do have Direct TV, I no longer have CBS, most of my favorite shows are on CBS. I was waiting till the end of July to see if they were going to correct situation. I am now shopping for a service to supply what I want. they are not bashful in charging me. But they are close to not getting anymore of my money. I am already paying extra for the NFL network. So yes I am shopping
  4. I would keep Travis Kelce, With the new platoon system for RB you can RB production elsewhere
  5. onebad150

    TC day 6

    The better the Defense, the better the Offense will be, and the better the Offense the better the Defense will be. Very exciting time to be a Colt fan
  6. I chose to draft from the 10th position
  7. In my opinion/experience is the fear of being injured is the most sure way to become injured. Enjoy life, be smart, stay in good physical condition and be prepared.
  8. I am very flexible on this topic. What ever you all decide will work for me. Tell me what position I will draft from and I will make it work. Looking forward to another fun season
  9. I would like to be in, last year was fun
  10. onebad150 email is mholderman@embarqmail.com
  11. He often plays hurt, high ankle sprains, ribs and still insists on playing and being there for his team. He makes many sacrifices that he does not get or want recognition for We are very lucky to have him as a Colt
  12. I was just thinking that we now know how he injured his calf
  13. Thank you, looking forward to a fun fantasy year
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