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  1. If you have any openings available I would be interested
  2. onebad150

    Nelson at RT?

    NO to moving Nelson to RT, bad idea, isn't this how we ruined Mewhort,,,,,,,,, just sayin
  3. Works for me, very classy departure...…… and he held on long enough for Frank Reich to become available
  4. onebad150

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    OK, let me preface this by saying I REALLY hate talking Politics. I know there are some really tragic problems going on in the USA. Many people are being mistreated, discriminated against and this is not right or even close to being fair. But here is my problem, I really enjoy watching my colts play, it allows me to spend time with friends/family. We may have a few beers, popcorn and snacks and just enjoy each others company. So why can we not just put all this Political problems to rest for 3hrs. The anthem itself is just over 2 min. long. There are many other ways to protest injustices. BUT why can't we just chill, relax and escape the worlds problems for 3hrs???
  5. OK ...... Andrew can start throwing a REAL football now... Coast is clear
  6. onebad150

    Culture Change

    The Culture Change I am looking for IS when we quit talking/mentioning Pagano and Grigson's names. That era is over, gone and in our past. We have several positive things to look forward to in our future. I am sure it will be fun to start enjoying watching the Colt's play again.
  7. Upon listening to all the people talk about our new defense and the importance of the middle LB. Given Ballards time with the Bears who had an impressive run of middle linebackers; 1st pick Roquan Smith or 1st Tremaine Edwards but definitely ILB
  8. onebad150

    New Ballard quotes on Brissett

    So is Tolzien still on our roster or not? I assumed he was gone, if he is not gone why is he not gone. He has stolen enough reps from QB that could help us!
  9. onebad150

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    I can't wait for the draft to get here so all this NONSENSE stops!
  10. Any of you take the Wonderlic test. I did without the aide of a calculator, and my score was only 18. I am sure with a calculator or at least pen and paper I could of scored much higher. So do the Combine players get to use a calculator, is there a time limit? What are the rules?
  11. onebad150

    Luck is Throwing

    I can not believe in todays world of cell phones, that that no one captured this KODAK moment. (wonder if the football was properly inflated?)
  12. onebad150

    Colts Oline

    WE need to keep reminding ourselves that Andrew Norwell was a UDFA, I think we need to let the coaches, staff and scouts to come with the players they are looking for
  13. onebad150

    Jack Mewhort

    I really think he needs to be moved back to the left side where he excelled, and I have no problem with a prove it, show us you can stay healthy contract. New coach new scheme He might be the OG we are needing
  14. Still hoping we bring Reggie Wayne to help with our receivers. When it comes to timing and route running knowledge he would be hard to beat.
  15. onebad150

    Predict the 2018 Colts OL

    My predictions/hopes for our Offensive line. Yes like everyone else would love to see Norwell in a Colts uniform, but I am afraid of putting all of our money on one player. First I would put Mewhort back to his best position at LG. Add 2-3 good players we can coach up say Ravens Ryan Jensen, Miami's Ja'Wuan James, Giants Justin Pugh, Chiefs Zach Fulton or Patriots Cameron Flemming. Then draft some good rookies and you would have agood line now and for years to come. LT- AC LG- Mewhort C- Kelly RG- Justin Pugh RT- Ja'Wuan Jones I would really like Ryan Jenson because he could back-up both guards and the Center positions Just my thoughts