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    I retired from GM after 36yrs employment. Long time Colt's fan from when they were still in Baltimore. I am married to my wife Denay I have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I own a 57 Chevy that we restored and a Harley Davidson Freewheeler

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  1. Good question, If they go to a 17 game schedule will there be a larger roster?
  2. I still believe our coaching staff is one of the best, and if some of these guys have some size and talent, we might just coach them up. Anything that would stop the resigning of Trey Burton, I am all for
  3. We presently have 6 picks and no 3rd round picks. I predict that when the dust settles and this draft is complete Ballard would have made at least 9 picks. If you agree what trades do you think he will make and with who to acquire these additional picks? I feel very sure he will trade back with pick 21 and then have another 2nd and a 3rd and hopefully a day 3 pick. Even though I feel very sure this will happen I can not see who will want to trade up and/or for who. So do you guys have any ideas or interesting scenario's, I would really like to hear them. There is just too much talent in
  4. WR; Jaelon Darby, Frank Darby, Ben Showronik TE: Quintin Morris OT: Myron Cunningham, Brenden Jaimes Center: Jack Wohlabaugh EDGE: Jordan Smith CB: Shakung Brown, Greg Newsome There is some really interesting talent to be found in the later rounds that could decide the quality of this years draft for the Colts
  5. I am all in on Jonnu Smith,,,,,, and you should know that Ballard is not going to give away anymore draft picks to the Eagles
  6. The 49er LT that I was referring to McGlinchey, would long term solution to LT
  7. #1. OK first move I would do is trade back and acquire another 2nd, get our 3rd back and maybe a 3rd day pick #2. sign Jonnu Smith #3. sign Bud Dupree to a 2yr prove it deal #4 trade for either LT Orlando Brown or The LT from San Francisco that played LT beside Nelson at Notre Dame I hope we retain several of our own free agents, but I trust in Ballard and his crew to do the right thing. Just a few quiet moves that would enhance what we have and continuing to build through the Draft. It will be interesting to see how this all falls together
  8. Please Moderator delete this topic and all its post. IT WOULD NOT HURT MY FEELINGS IF I NEVER SEEN THE NAME GRIGSON EVER AGAIN
  9. You all are being scammed all these unverified reports on Wentz coming to Indy are being generated by Philadelphia leaked to ESPN and everyone goes nuts, so they can be the first to report it. just like Pat Macaffey called it ..... nonsense
  10. I am not sure I believe all these unverified reports, BUT if there is any truth in these reports it bothers me that we are bidding against ourselves for a QB that was benched last year because of his performance or lack of
  11. No PROBLEM, really, OK there was some improvement the last 3-4 games, I will give you that (I think PR was calling more plays) Our Play calling is predictable, conservative and makes me go crazy every game. We do not have a hurry-up offense, we do not have a 2-minute offense, we do not even have a no huddle offense. We run some pretty creative plays at the beginning of games successfully and then never call those plays again, especially in the 2nd half. No screens, no quick slants, no use of the clock just to name a few of the things wrong with FR calling the plays. If not for our Running
  12. I totally agree, Ballard is about acquiring drafts picks not trading multiple ones away. As wonderful as it may sound to bring in some of these QB's I just don't see us spending the draft Capitol to make it happen. There is some other option that we are all missing.... I get that it is fun to speculate
  13. I totally agree, he made the running backs some of the best in the league. This one hurts Big time
  14. Irsay should give up some of his "Guitar" money and keep Ballard's staff intact
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