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    I retired from GM after 36yrs employment. Long time Colt's fan from when they were still in Baltimore. I am married to my wife Denay I have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I own a 57 Chevy that we restored and a Harley Davidson Freewheeler

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  1. Irsay should give up some of his "Guitar" money and keep Ballard's staff intact
  2. I am predicting our defense sacks Big Ben 5 times, holds Pittyburgs to 50 rushing yds. and the Colt's get a payback win from all the wins they have cheated us out of in the past ,,,,,, GO COLTS
  3. After watching last weeks game, our future LT is already on team playing LG. It would be much easier to find a LG in the draft
  4. NO!!! He quit on the Colt's. He still drops to many passes ,,,, you better hide under that chair
  5. I think one of the best attributes of our coaching is how well they do at coaching up and training out players
  6. Frank Reich is a great coach, has the respect of his staff and players. He would be the perfect role model for our children BUT the only scenario that I hate about him is his PLAYCALLING, He has shown some improvement the last 2-3 games but has a long way to go.. Rivers does not seem to have the ability to read defenses, still locks in on the receiver he is going to throw to. AND what is readily apparent they have no concept of a 2-minute offense, no huddle and efficiently using the clock. I kind of like bringing Brissett in on short yardage situations (why was he not in the game for the
  7. Not sure what the exact question here is, The reg season has gone down pretty smooth. It has been a challenging year to say the least, with bye weeks, IR, Susp, and covid it has very challenging to set your weekly line up, but what we have in place has worked. So, decide now what the rules for the play-offs are, stick with that decision and not be tempted to do a little fine-tuning after the play-offs begin. It has been a fun year, despite the challenges. Hope everyone's friends/family are well and safe Good luck to everyone in the playoffs Mike
  8. I say leave it alone, he was on waiver wire all year as a TE/QB the option to put him was on your bench was there for all. I am just disappointed that I did not think of it. I am disappointed in my first round draft choice too, should I get compensated because he is on IR. Just my 2cents
  9. Boring and predictable is an Identity, Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insane. OK Everybody talks about scripting the first 15-20 plays. Excellent idea, but why do you do this: 1 find plays that are effective. 2 see what defensive alignments to our offensive alignments. 3 Use this information during the remainder of the game especially in critical 3rd and 4th down situations. Here is my main problem with the play calling. We run some very effective plays in the first 10 plays, but never use them again the rest of the game. Yesterday was the wor
  10. When Reich was OC at Phillie and they went to the SB, He did not do the play calling. Just think about it.
  11. Rivers locks on to his intended receiver before ball is hiked, he has more interceptions than TD,s and he does not get ball out fast. This is not an emotional response, just my observations from watching the games
  12. We all know what an upstanding man Coach Reich is, we would all love our children to use him as a role model. BUT He has shown some flaws as a HC: He stays with players long after they have proven that they need benched and/or replaced #1 staying with JB as starting QB, #2 letting AV cost us 2-3 wins, and now #3 staying with Rivers as our starting QB. And #4 He continues to be the person calling plays after our offense continues to be predictable, plays take too long to develop and even though our offense still struggles Sometimes a HC has to make some tough decision's, you can't be a ni
  13. Coach them UP!, I don't think our coaching gets enough credit for the job they do
  14. The interesting thing for me to watch is we will get to see if Ballard and his staff are as good as we think they are. At one point about half of the Jets team was ex-colts. At the moment I am as shocked to how good we played yesterday against a team that I did not think we could beat. As to how shocked as to how poorly we played against JAX. JAX did play a very good game yesterday, so I might of underestimated their team. If our Defense continues to improve, we should be able to compete with anybody. GO COLTS!!!
  15. He may make a defense better when he decides to put in the effort. Just a lot of money to pay for 3 sacks a year
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