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  1. Rivers locks on to his intended receiver before ball is hiked, he has more interceptions than TD,s and he does not get ball out fast. This is not an emotional response, just my observations from watching the games
  2. We all know what an upstanding man Coach Reich is, we would all love our children to use him as a role model. BUT He has shown some flaws as a HC: He stays with players long after they have proven that they need benched and/or replaced #1 staying with JB as starting QB, #2 letting AV cost us 2-3 wins, and now #3 staying with Rivers as our starting QB. And #4 He continues to be the person calling plays after our offense continues to be predictable, plays take too long to develop and even though our offense still struggles Sometimes a HC has to make some tough decision's, you can't be a ni
  3. Coach them UP!, I don't think our coaching gets enough credit for the job they do
  4. The interesting thing for me to watch is we will get to see if Ballard and his staff are as good as we think they are. At one point about half of the Jets team was ex-colts. At the moment I am as shocked to how good we played yesterday against a team that I did not think we could beat. As to how shocked as to how poorly we played against JAX. JAX did play a very good game yesterday, so I might of underestimated their team. If our Defense continues to improve, we should be able to compete with anybody. GO COLTS!!!
  5. He may make a defense better when he decides to put in the effort. Just a lot of money to pay for 3 sacks a year
  6. Sounds good to me and I really like the Covid19 provision. We might have to do some big time roster moves if a team has to set out because of a breakout.
  7. In the past I have had problems with YAHOO, They occasionally lock up my computer, have had viruses from their site and problems drafting to the point I had to log out and log back in during the draft. That was 2yrs ag, might be different now
  8. I know we are going through some troubling times BUT If you have been trying since July and received no response. It sounds like it is time to move on and give someone who is interested in a chance to participate. my 2cents
  9. I agree August 2, is way too early. I am flexible but I am thinking late August or even better yet early September. That way we will have a better idea what league is doing and what the final rosters might look like
  10. One of the best football games I have ever seen! QB Bert Jones in the snow game
  11. I am very interested in returning …….. I am in
  12. I think we will have a very strong run game,,,,, but I hope we mix it up and not be predictable. Last year by the down and distance I could not only tell you the play we were about to run, but what direction it was going, it was painful to watch. yet we would do the same thing game after game. I feel confident we will see a very much improvement in our Offense and the play calling. GO COLTS
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