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    57 Chevy's, riding my Harley, and perfecting my Margarita recipe.

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    I retired from GM after 36yrs employment. Long time Colt's fan from when they were still in Baltimore. I am married to my wife Denay I have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I own a 57 Chevy that we restored and a Harley Davidson Freewheeler

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  1. I do not care how many yrs his contract is for. This year could still be saved with some bold decisions. If FR does not relinquish the play calling duties to a younger more innovative play caller I would fire him today,,,, yes I said TODAY! He is responsible for the injuries to Wentz and the Offensive line for his boring, slow developing and predictable play calling. HE MUST BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE. Wentz needs put on a 3game IR, Film study of some of the better Offensive units will show faster/upbeat play calling
  2. No, I did not know, I was busy and just logged on in time to draft. Oh well it looks like I had a practice/mock draft! So 6pm today is the REAL draft???
  3. Yes to all, including draft time. So looking forward to the new season
  4. Yes, I do not have any problem with that
  5. I live in Marion IN and was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the post
  6. I am good with whatever the group decides, I like the idea of of waiting to closer to opening week-end, We can get an idea of final rosters then
  7. Onebad150, would like position 10
  8. Looking forward to another season, I am In
  9. Looking forward to another season I am in
  10. Good question, If they go to a 17 game schedule will there be a larger roster?
  11. I still believe our coaching staff is one of the best, and if some of these guys have some size and talent, we might just coach them up. Anything that would stop the resigning of Trey Burton, I am all for
  12. We presently have 6 picks and no 3rd round picks. I predict that when the dust settles and this draft is complete Ballard would have made at least 9 picks. If you agree what trades do you think he will make and with who to acquire these additional picks? I feel very sure he will trade back with pick 21 and then have another 2nd and a 3rd and hopefully a day 3 pick. Even though I feel very sure this will happen I can not see who will want to trade up and/or for who. So do you guys have any ideas or interesting scenario's, I would really like to hear them. There is just too much talent in the middle of this draft for Ballard and Crew to settle for just 6 picks. Looking forward to hear your comments Long time listener, first time caller
  13. WR; Jaelon Darby, Frank Darby, Ben Showronik TE: Quintin Morris OT: Myron Cunningham, Brenden Jaimes Center: Jack Wohlabaugh EDGE: Jordan Smith CB: Shakung Brown, Greg Newsome There is some really interesting talent to be found in the later rounds that could decide the quality of this years draft for the Colts
  14. I am all in on Jonnu Smith,,,,,, and you should know that Ballard is not going to give away anymore draft picks to the Eagles
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