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  1. I am very interested in returning …….. I am in
  2. I think we will have a very strong run game,,,,, but I hope we mix it up and not be predictable. Last year by the down and distance I could not only tell you the play we were about to run, but what direction it was going, it was painful to watch. yet we would do the same thing game after game. I feel confident we will see a very much improvement in our Offense and the play calling. GO COLTS
  3. They are open for carryout, wife and I were thinking of picking up a box next week. I am also pleasantly surprised about how incorrect my draft thoughts were ……. I will keep my day job
  4. However you spell his name, he has had numerous chances to become a dependable WR and has always under performed. It is time to move on.
  5. The next time you have a "feeling" like this … go to the bathroom. #1 we are not going to bring in Rivers #2 we are not going to use our first round pick on a WR or QB #3 I think this coaching staff is not ready to give up on JB and I think/hope they keep Kelley #4 there will be a QB added to roster, either late in draft or a surprise FA Just my 2cents worth
  6. Come on man ,,,,,,,,,,, Stafford is not going anywhere
  7. Oh Yes, just what we would want to do …… waste our draft picks on a very talented QB, with an injury history
  8. Thank you I missed the previous post
  9. Did I miss the hires of the Defensive Line Coach, did we not lose some other coaches? Have we replaced them Yet? There were some really good coaches name being mentioned. If we did hire some coaches what experience do they bring to the Colts?
  10. OK, when I was not complaining about the lack of benching/retiring AV last year. I consistently complained about the boring, predictable play calling. In retrospect I think the coaching staff felt that they were simplifying the play book to help JB. The play calling did not help JB, the lack of quick slants, bubble screens and an up-tempo offense would of helped JB get in a rhythm. My Wife was one of the first to point out the decline in JB"s performance after his injury. I think there is plenty of room to share the reason for a disappointing season. It is not all JB"s fault
  11. NO NO NO And HELL NO. This is never going to happen for an abundance of reasons from starting with money an ending with He is the face of the Patriots and all that represents. Please stop with these posts
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