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  1. Oh Yes, just what we would want to do …… waste our draft picks on a very talented QB, with an injury history
  2. Thank you I missed the previous post
  3. Did I miss the hires of the Defensive Line Coach, did we not lose some other coaches? Have we replaced them Yet? There were some really good coaches name being mentioned. If we did hire some coaches what experience do they bring to the Colts?
  4. OK, when I was not complaining about the lack of benching/retiring AV last year. I consistently complained about the boring, predictable play calling. In retrospect I think the coaching staff felt that they were simplifying the play book to help JB. The play calling did not help JB, the lack of quick slants, bubble screens and an up-tempo offense would of helped JB get in a rhythm. My Wife was one of the first to point out the decline in JB"s performance after his injury. I think there is plenty of room to share the reason for a disappointing season. It is not all JB"s fault
  5. NO NO NO And HELL NO. This is never going to happen for an abundance of reasons from starting with money an ending with He is the face of the Patriots and all that represents. Please stop with these posts
  6. I have lost my patience with Ballard and the coaching staff. Part of the responsibility of upper Management is sometime you have to make difficult decisions. We do not need 3 QB,s What we do need to do is make an honest appraisal of our existing talent so we can make intelligent decisions this off season. Promote Kelly to number 2 and bring in some talent to evaluate not necessarily a QB. Ok the should AV still be our kicker ship has sailed, put him on IR and move on. We can still thank him, honor his accomplishments from IR. I honestly do not understand why he would want to continue embarrass his self. Regardless of what has been said I believe he is killing the Locker room and hurting team. Here is another opportunity for some young talent to be added to our roster. Add 2 new players to active roster and 2 new players to Practice Squad, and with Ballards record finding talent we may hit a home run. Bottom line this stop the nonsense and move on
  7. OK here is my definite opinion (definitives) If it is not broke ,,,,,,, Why are we fixing it????
  8. I have really enjoyed being part of this league, And thought all the idea's were find except the bidding on waiver wire prospects. I am good with whatever the majority decides. Go Colt's
  9. Why don't we at least bring him in on the practice squad
  10. I see Ebron having a breakout game with 2TD and a 2 point conversion, Colts come out of their slumber for a 28-27 win and The-crowd-goes-wild after AV misses another PAT
  11. There was not one player come and pat him on the back, offer condolences or encouragements to AV during the game. Riech is losing the locker room for his defense of AV. These players have busted their buts to win and have a glorified kicker past his prime costing them games. This is just wrong!
  12. If AV had any class, and to take the pressure off Ballard and the coaching staff. he would claim to have a season ending knee injury. He is hurting the team, he has lost the locker room he has nothing to prove, so I believe him to be selfish. I know our Coach wants to a players coach ,,,, but sometimes he has to step up and do the right thing. Who was that kicker That Pittsburg picked up at the end of the year who came in and made 3 Fg and has never missed a PAT
  13. I for one think this is a very good thing for all involved. I was actually worried about Andrew's mental health. This was a very difficult decision to give up on his dream and admit that physically you were not able to continue. Admitting to physical limitations is hard to do for anyone. He has good friends in that Locker room and comrade's he fought with, good to see them together again
  14. I won't go into another rant on the play calling, But if we do not get behind early our slow predictable style will keep us in the game and AV kicks winning field goal: Colts 23 Chiefs 21
  15. They are Retired, who cares what drugs they want to use. They have been millionaires for several years and now they are free to do what they want. If I had that kind of $$, I would be on a beach, drinking some kind of Rum drink in a pineapple smoking a "fat one"
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