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  1. I for one think this is a very good thing for all involved. I was actually worried about Andrew's mental health. This was a very difficult decision to give up on his dream and admit that physically you were not able to continue. Admitting to physical limitations is hard to do for anyone. He has good friends in that Locker room and comrade's he fought with, good to see them together again
  2. I won't go into another rant on the play calling, But if we do not get behind early our slow predictable style will keep us in the game and AV kicks winning field goal: Colts 23 Chiefs 21
  3. They are Retired, who cares what drugs they want to use. They have been millionaires for several years and now they are free to do what they want. If I had that kind of $$, I would be on a beach, drinking some kind of Rum drink in a pineapple smoking a "fat one"
  4. I too am surprised Hogan isn't back
  5. You better be careful, I stated this same thing last week. Immediately followed by a bunch of expert posters telling me I did not know what I was talking about. I think the offense is to conservative, slow as in taking too much time to develop and predictable. We need to pick up the pace, more short/quick passes I love RPOs. When you see the personnel you know what play we are going to run How many times did we try to run off tackle to the left 5-6 times Right side once On a very positive note The shuffle pass to Ebron was totally awesome. And going for it on 4th and inches won the game. I think there is so much potential in this offense that the play calling is leaving it untapped
  6. I think the defense will continue to get better every game, there are several young talented players that will just figure everything out. The Coaches will coach them up. Here is where I think the real problem lies. Offense! The play calling is way too conservative, we are too slow, predictable and deliberate. Remember the 2 plays at the end of the first half, 17yds each ball out of Brisset's hand quick. we need more quick slants, screens and pick up the pace and did I mention quick slants WR receiver takes 7 steps and the ball hits him in the chest. Brisset has released ball before he has made his cut. Pull up the film on Peyton and see if this is not true We have unlimited potential and with a few improvements could be competitive with anyone My 2cents
  7. He does have a history in that stadium. I think we are seeing a disturbing trend. We already lost one punter who was doing kick-offs to help preserve AV career. I was surprised we signed him for this year... Really hopes he proves me wrong
  8. I think you all forget one of Brissett's biggest fans is Bill Parcell. He has always seemed to know a little bit about starting QB. here I go again,,,,,, I just don't understand all this negativity from this forum
  9. I was hoping that the Colts had a chance to kick-the-tires on Polite
  10. Peyton was not just a spectator, he engaged players and coaches a lot, he spent a lot of time talking to Luck and I swear he was calling some plays late in practice at the red zone drills. I am really surprised at all the negativity being posted on here. There were a lot of bright spots at todays practice. Ty was awesome, TE group scored several TD's , WR were doing an outstanding job blocking on run plays. Overall it was a very good practice, except for the Fountain injury
  11. I am retired, just let me know with a little advance notice and I will make it work for me.
  12. I do have Direct TV, I no longer have CBS, most of my favorite shows are on CBS. I was waiting till the end of July to see if they were going to correct situation. I am now shopping for a service to supply what I want. they are not bashful in charging me. But they are close to not getting anymore of my money. I am already paying extra for the NFL network. So yes I am shopping
  13. I would keep Travis Kelce, With the new platoon system for RB you can RB production elsewhere
  14. onebad150

    TC day 6

    The better the Defense, the better the Offense will be, and the better the Offense the better the Defense will be. Very exciting time to be a Colt fan
  15. I chose to draft from the 10th position
  16. In my opinion/experience is the fear of being injured is the most sure way to become injured. Enjoy life, be smart, stay in good physical condition and be prepared.
  17. I am very flexible on this topic. What ever you all decide will work for me. Tell me what position I will draft from and I will make it work. Looking forward to another fun season
  18. I would like to be in, last year was fun
  19. onebad150 email is mholderman@embarqmail.com
  20. He often plays hurt, high ankle sprains, ribs and still insists on playing and being there for his team. He makes many sacrifices that he does not get or want recognition for We are very lucky to have him as a Colt
  21. I was just thinking that we now know how he injured his calf
  22. Thank you, looking forward to a fun fantasy year
  23. Yes I am very interested, available and willing in playing. Thank You
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