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  1. I like him, change of scenery, our better coaching staff and Luck throwing him the ball. Big body wide receiver that has yet to achieve his potential. Should not break the bank to sign him. Could be a steal!
  2. If gets 12M a year it won't be from the Colt's, I must be the only one that likes Devin Funchess I think he has a lot of UP side and is way more affordable
  3. One thing for sure, who ever we draft or bring in as a UDFA will have a lot harder time making the 53 man roster than in past years. That is what Ballard wants, players competing at all roster spots except QB of course. Don't forget there is some pretty good talent on IR. Whatever happens it will be fun to watch. GO COLTS!!!
  4. Ignore all the Hype, How well did all these "draft Experts" do last year. Take-it-to-the-BANK, we are not drafting a WR with our #1 pick. Earliest I see a WR being drafted is the 4th round and I would be surprised if it was not later. THE FIRST 3 PICKS WILL BE ALL BE DEFENSIVE PLAYERS
  5. What I think these hires represent, are coaches that are great teachers and will not be the screaming in your face type. OL coach will need a assistant, we will see who they hire. I would like to see Matt Slauson retained as assistant OL coach. He played a important part to the OL turn around
  6. Since we all have our crystal Ball out, this is what I see. We trade Brissett , we swap first round picks with ******* and also receive their 3rd round pick. Then we trade out of 1st round, pick for team ****** for their 2nd and 3rd round picks. This would give us 3 2nd round picks (2 of them higher than ours) and 3 3rd round picks and we already have 2 4th round picks. We would have an opportunity at some very good players. Works for me
  7. He needs to be sharing that bankroll with scouts and people who evaluate/pick talent who help Ballard Todd make great decisions. It would not hurt to reward coaching staff too. Then maybe we can keep everyone intact for awhile
  8. Grant was not available last week either, Glad to see someone besides me thinking that is no big deal.
  9. Ryan Grant …… REALLY! How many games has he missed this tear from injury? How many catches does he have? How many drops does he have? Of all the great decisions this coaching staff has made this this year. I do not understand why he is still on this team. Go COLTS
  10. Mitchell needs to be permanently retained on our coaching staff
  11. I personally love Pepsi...…… as long as it has plenty of Myers Rum in it
  12. I would really be OK if P***** or G****** names never/ever appeared in any of our forums again
  13. OK I know I sounding like a broken record BUT why is Grant still on this roster. WE could being developing a young Tall receiver who could be getting some very important experience. I have posted this for 4-5 weeks now Grants production does not justify his roster spot. To make matters worse we started him against the Giants. This coaching staff has made many awesome decisions, but Grant is not one of them.
  14. I totally agree with not opening roof, but that is just my "gut" feeling. What are the facts, win/loss crowd noise levels or am I just making something out of nothing?
  15. I am very optimistic when it comes to our Colt's, that said I do not choose any of your scenario's. I am looking for continuous improvements in players and coaching staff. Do they learn from their mistakes? How are our young players developing? Play calling is suspect at times, so that needs to improve. I was disappointed last week, but all in all the Colt's are fun to watch again. I am looking to see this week's performance, so We can get a feel for what kind of Team we have. GO COLT'S
  16. I am a NO on Benjamin, Seems to have a injury history, and is not productive when on field. The talent/size is there,,, production is not. Anyone explain to me why Grant is still on the team?????
  17. The importance of this game to me is...… We will see what type of team we really have, what kind of coaching staff we have. Yes we played terrible on offense for a variety of reasons. I for one think we are missing Kelly and Doyle's blocking. We need to learn from Sunday's performance, correct it and come out and play Hard. Correct the obvious mistakes, get better and smarter. Or they can come out and stink up the place. We are supposed to be building a team with "BALLS". no more finesse. We will know come this Sunday night
  18. These guys are HORRIBLE, they seem to rattle on and on just to here their heads rattle. Witton may be the worst of the three. They hired the wrong Cowboy, I really enjoy Tony Romo, I think he shares some very insightful information. I actually muted the broadcast and just watched the game.
  19. You are just now thinking of thanking JM. That ship sailed more than 10 weeks ago. As far as DeGugglielmo and Eberus goes your selling Ballards part in these hires way short., and Frank had to bless these hires after he arrived. We are very LUCKY too have a man of FR's integrity, knowledge and football experience as our head Coach. It is easy to see how much the Football Community respects him too...……. Just Sayin
  20. I have been watching Alabama play and they keep talking about their secondary is using a "match up Zone" looks very interesting and effective. Is this something that would be successful at the pro level. There just has to be something better than our CB's lining up 10 ft away from the receiver.
  21. REALLY who cares????? THe best thing that has happened to the Colts is when he bailed and we ended up with FR
  22. One thing that I do not see anyone talking about is our Coaching staff. Not only are they reeallly coaching up our young players. But they are making 2nd half adjustments that are on the money. The staff and the players are getting better every week. It is fun to watch the Colts again
  23. He might just be the best healthy QB on their roster. I see this as a very smart signing and predict him to be the starting QB soon.
  24. I am always nervous about any game hat we are picked to win big. It would be totally awesome to go into the bye week with 2 wins in a row,, and more and more of our key player getting Healthy. GO COLTS!!!!!!
  25. I think there is a WR in KC named Conley that would be an outstanding addition to our receiving corps. Do not really remember all the details. I just remember thinking this kid could be a really good player
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