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You can add to the QB list,  Jason Love.


It's not on his bio at Utah State and that threw me.    But @Stitches found it elsewhere on the Utah State website.    So, Love WAS a captain for his team.


Oh, and GREAT work by you to find all this.   I think you'll be right that a good number of players will have been Captain's on their college teams.    Thanks for doing this.    I suspect many of us will cross-reference your list with the players we end up drafting and signing as FA's.



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This is fantastic work. I think this will be nice to refer too once the draft is over to see how many of our drafted players came from this group. 

If I had to do a quick mock based only on these guys, here’s how’d I go:


2: Michael Pittman, WR

2: Jeremy Chinn, SS

3: Matt Peart, OT

4: Michael Ojemuda, CB

5: Dalton Keene, TE

6: Malcolm Roach, DT

6: James Morgan, QB

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20 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

You can add to the QB list,  Jason Love.

Ahhh, Jason Love. The long lost brother of Jordan Love. 




On a serious note, good addition, especially with how often he's mocked to us by a lot of us.

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