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  1. Two that I've seen play already who have also looked good are Kenneth Murray, linebacker for the Chargers, and Antoine Winfield, Jr., also a safety for the Bucs. I haven't seen a lot of them, yet, though, so I don't know if there are any others (like the two linebackers for the Ravens, as just one example), but it's early.
  2. I'm glad this thread was created, because I was going to create one nominating him as an early front runner for NFL DROY.
  3. You're all going to make fun of me for this, which is quite alright, by the way, but what I've seen from this team so far has me even more firmly believing they can still finish 12 - 4. They may not, of course, but this team is extremely talented. Even against the best teams they'll play, they'll be in every game because of that talent. And the one thing that has my confidence increasing is that they have a number of these talented guys getting better each week. Plus they've done all they've done so far with far from complete rosters due to a higher than normal number of missed sna
  4. As any competent coach will tell you, it has very little to do with "Hines up the middle". The issue almost always has to do with sequence of play calls, formations and player execution. The one thing that has bugged me the most for about the last 35 of my 50 years watching all the oceans of analysis of this game has been the virtually complete lack of explanation of how sequence of play calls has led to the outcome of games. It's a whole science and art of it's own that is an extremely fascinating aspect of this game that people would learn so much from if it were only included as a consisten
  5. Really, when you realize the predicament the Titans have potentially put all the teams in because of this, if they intentionally disregarded the rules, they deserve to have the book thrown at them.
  6. Here's the big problem with forfeits. And it's not about paying the players, either. That isn't anywhere close to being any kind of big deal to figure out. Yes, if a team put everyone else in danger through intentional disregard of the rules, I agree that they deserve to be given a loss. But how does the other team deserve to be given a win? You see, THAT is the big issue here, and when you think about ALL of the teams affected by it, not just the two teams involved in the particular game, you then clearly realize how unfair forfeits really are, and just who they're really unfair t
  7. That then leads to the question of whether or not anyone is equally likely to have it happen, or are there things that could make a person more susceptible to it than others?
  8. No, you can't. They very clearly state that you get the full games (all of them, by the way) only after they have completed. The only games you can watch live via Game Pass are the ones you get for free on your local stations, anyway. You can, however, listen to each and every game's radio broadcast (either team's broadcast crew, too, by the way - your choice) live.
  9. I find it a tad more than "convenient" that their games against these two teams in particular (combined 7 - 0) are the ones they're missing. Hmmm.... Time for some good ol' conspiracy theories. Anybody got some?
  10. The belief of a lot of us that this team has a TON of young talent has almost entirely proven to be true. Which is a great thing, because the rash of missed snaps to injury across the roster has required it to be true. So on that front, so far so good. I can't stress enough, though, just how HUGE a game this weekend's has become. There are a lot of teams in this league that unfortunately really do believe that each game matters just as much as every other game. Almost none of those teams ever win anything of meaning, though. It's the teams that understand the heightened importance
  11. GREAT observation there. He's officially back to Hot Rod again for me . Hopefully his Mr. Clankenship persona never returns again.
  12. Curious why a tiny patch of SE GA/NE FL gets Colts-Clowns. East, being in Atlanta, that has to be even that much more irritating that it's that close to you. I have the same feeling living in the Memphis area with the game being shown less than 3 hours away in the Nashville area. GRRRRR....!!!!!
  13. I listened to the Bears game on radio, and Venturi must have said about 2 dozen times that the receivers were getting zero separation throughout the game. When I watched it later, although you see very little of the downfield battles prior to the pass being thrown on TV broadcasts, what you could see allowed me to understand what Venturi meant. Which leads to a two-fold question. 1. Is one of the primary reasons we continue to see stacked boxes to stop the Colts run game, despite their dead last in the league ypc average, because the Colts receivers right now can be pretty easily covered
  14. I keep going back to all the comments by a lot of the people with this team - players, coaches, management - and with Ballard here again about the high degree of importance to all of them of having the "right kind of people" on this team. And as I've said before, it really does show. These guys must have a ton of fun every day they come in to work. And so far, it's making a massive difference on game day, too.
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