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  1. I just don't see it. I now believe Philip is just cursed. Seriously, no matter how talented this team was, the EXACT same thing happened that always happened with the Bolts. I mean, look at this list. * Taking the OBVIOUS bait and jumping offside on a 4th down attempt to draw them offside, leading to a TD instead of a field goal attempt. * Numerous dropped passes, especially by normally reliable backs on routine dump offs with tons of open space in front of them, each of which could have led to additional points. * I don't know how many runs right on the goal line that we
  2. As the saying goes, I have no skin in this game. If Philip comes back for one more year, great for me. If he retires, it's been great for me to get to watch him all this time, especially this 2020 season. So I can offer a completely unbiased and objective opinion here. To me, assuming the two guys below become available this offseason, here's my take on them. Wentz To me the most important question to ask with him has been missed by everyone on this board so far. And that is this. Do you want him as your guy if he's primarily a pocket passer going forward. Does his skill set i
  3. Nail hit squarely on head. And it's not just the offense, either. Both offensively and defensively this year, they've had games where they've made in-game adjustments that have been outstanding, and other games where they've made some that have been equally horrifying. And that spells exactly what you said - very inconsistent in-game adjustments. You can look at that one way or the other. If they go on a run in the playoffs of great in-game adjustments, they certainly could win the whole thing. If they have one game, though, with awful moves, they're likely done for the year that d
  4. Apologies, as I haven't read the rest of the thread, and I didn't want to start a new one for this question, as it seems to belong here. But assuming that Herbert wins the OROY award this year, where does everyone think Taylor should finish in the vote? I know Justin Jefferson has had a great rookie year, and there are others, too, but I have to put Taylor 2nd. What do the rest of you think? Thanks.
  5. I firmly believe that they had 1 game where they had the game given to them (in Houston), 2 games where they gave the game to the opponent (in Jacksonville and in Pittsburgh), and the rest turned out as they should have, with the other 10 wins being games they outplayed the opponent, and the other 3 losses being games where they were outplayed. How you look at those (which ones are the negatives and which ones are the positives) depends on your point of view. What it says to me is that 13 of their 16 games were decided by how good (or bad) the teams playing really were that day, and to me that
  6. Seems from the rankings like this season had the most balanced offense (passing vs. running) of the three, but numbers tell you far less than a lot of people think they do. So since I didn't follow this team's every game before this season, what do those of you who did think about that? Is that true? Was this year's offense the most balanced of Reich's three here?
  7. Do this year's more liberal weekly roster rules set by the league get changed for the playoffs, and if so what are those changes, and how might they affect the Colts in particular?
  8. I had the Colts finishing 12 - 4 when the season started, and they should be playing for that tomorrow, but they're not. So my feelings don't mean anything. I'm just disappointed that after a full year with this new team full of real NFL talent across the entire roster for the first time in his career, Philip doesn't appear to be able to rid himself of the bad habit he developed over 14 years of being surrounded by crap, as he's still throwing balls up for grabs into double, triple, quadruple coverage ON FIRST DOWN, when he should be taking the sack and coming back again with 2 more downs to m
  9. I have to hand it to you, Andrew, you did a lot more research on my N.C. State quarterback question than I would have done, so thanks for that. I had thought that with Glennon playing for the Jags, and the relatively few Wolfpack quarterbacks in NFL history (that I could think of, anyway), this week's game may be providing a first in league history. Especially if Glennon plays, as he has a lot for them in recent weeks. But I never even thought about Finley with the Bengals, so there has already been such a game earlier this year between the Colts and Bengals, as you indicated, even though Burr
  10. OK, just to make you work, ha ha, and to try to lighten the mood a little from the doom and gloom around here, how many times in NFL history has a game had at least 3 quarterbacks on the two rosters who all started at N.C. State? For that matter, how many times has a game had at least 3 quarterbacks on the two rosters who all started at the same school?
  11. The problem is that there are too many rules that depend on judgement decisions by officials, which causes each game to be far too different from every other game than they should be. Now, you can't eliminate that entirely, but football has way more of it than it should or needs to. And that is what leads to this problem with the game. The play I have always HATED the most in all of sports is when a quarterback just tosses the ball up as high as he can deep down the field on a 3rd or 4th down, hoping for exactly what we're discussing here - a flag. Little or no expectation of an ac
  12. The Raiders next GM. I mean, they gotta hit on one eventually, don't they?
  13. So? I hear he has bad breath. So there. Nanny nanny boo boo.
  14. Looks like his kid's comforter converted into a parka.
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