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  1. Yeah, I agree with the consensus that this is a pipe dream list. I do think we’ll bring in a couple mid-range FAs as typical under Ballard. I think they’ll want to improve the depth at DT, OL, and offensive skill positions. Here are a few guys I could see us being interested in. Maliek Collins - Productive player that knows Eberflus’ system. He was top five in ESPN pass rush win rate last year among interior defenders. Can play both three and one tech. Should be well paid but hopefully not at the top of the market. Shelby Harris - There’s already rumors connecting him to the Colts and I can see the fit. Solid veteran interior DL that would seem to check a lot of the boxes Ballard looks for at that position. Derek Wolfe - Word was the Colts we’re interested in Wolfe at the trade deadline. Had 7 sacks in 12 games last year and is an all-out effort player that would seem to be a good influence on younger players. Nelson Agholor- Was just not good at all in 2019. But he had almost 1500 yard and 12 TDs combined the prior two seasons and he knows Reich’s system. Should also be pretty cheap after the way last year went. Probably depends on what the Colts do with Funchess. Hunter Henry - This is probably more wishful thinking given the market he should have, but Ballard has given out good money at the position before. Plus Reich’s offense runs a ton of two TE sets — and this year’s draft class at the position looks pretty weak on paper.
  2. Agreed. It’s easy to forget how talented some of those mid-decade Bengals teams were. At one point they not only had peak A.J. Green but also Marvin Jones, Mohammad Sanu, and Tyler Eifert. Plus Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard and a pretty good OL that featured Andrew Whitworth among others. Much easier for a QB to excel with that caliber surrounding cast.
  3. His lack of lower body usage on throws definitely stands out on film — particularly when he’s off schedule. Also noticed the sloppy footwork at times and weird arm angles/actions on certain kinds of passes. Love is absolutely my guy in the first right now — even with a modest trade up — but I think it’s fair to say he’s going to need a decent amount of coaching on fundamentals at the next level.
  4. Ehh...it’s hardly an egregious overpay, even for a TE going into his thirties. Before any other signings this offseason he’d be the 12th highest paid TE in the league — between Tyler Higby and Cameron Brate. It’s basically an 11% raise over the last deal he signed while the cap is projected to increase about 20% over the same period. The skills he brings to the table — blocking, short/intermediate routes — are also likely to age pretty well. It’s not like he’s ever been particularly fast/explosive. I’d guess most of the guaranteed money is in the first two years of the deal too.
  5. Dunno. To my untrained eye the play fake looks like it did exactly what was intended to — freeze the DE and linebackers at the line of scrimmage and open a lane for Costanzo as a lead blocker in front of Hines. If Pascal makes a better block or the DB a lazier fill, it looks like you’d have Costanzo in front of Hines with a single DB to beat.
  6. Agreed. Some of the draft media who actually talk to evaluators (Tony Pauline, Dane Brugler) still have Love pegged in the early teens. My guess is he’s going to kill the pre-draft process enough that Ballard might have to execute a small trade-up to get him. Which would be justified in my opinion. Great arm, great athlete, and, given his background, seems to be a tough kid as well.
  7. In fairness to Tell, those are two of maybe the 5-10 fastest WRs in the league. Chark ran something like a 4.35 at 6’4” and 200 pounds and Fuller was sub 4.3. They create separation in man from plenty of CBs, not just a rookie who’s a half season through the transition from safety.
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