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Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

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I got a great idea. Let's get Reggie killed trying to break a career record at home. 

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    • Charisma is a gift. Just like leadership qualities. Thats it. Russel Wilson has both. 
    • I took NCFs post as sarcasm. 
    • So you’re saying they all had the same idea at roughly the same idea?   Oh-Kay.....   Ive been wrong times before and I know I’ll be wrong again.   Perhaps thus is one of those times.   I guess we will find out tomorrow....   Perhaps you’re right.  There have been no tweets from players or media to confirm.   You’d think that would’ve happened.   OK,  I’m wrong!     
    • The OP says "What's everyone think? ..... What's everyone think?" meaning he's asking a question what other people think.  There is no factual basis to Superfly, John Hammond, or Scott P's posts -- they are just saying what they think.  Scott P. says nothing about NE  -- he says "Traded for a draft pick in the 5th thru 7th rounds this year or in 2021...." answering the OP's question by telling the OP what he thinks may happen with Wilson.  There are no 'details' there, and it says in this year or in 2021.   There's not a fact anywhere saying Wilson has been cut or that he's signed with New England (or any other team).
    • He ran a 4.94 second 40.  Very few LBs in the NFL are slower than that (heck, a lot of DL are faster than that - Turay ran a 4.65, Justin Houston is listed as a 4.62,  Banogu is 4.62.... etc.).     So no, he's not mobile.  He is difficult to take down, though, and as a couple other posters have said he did very well last year on QB sneaks in short yard situations.       Kelly's not exactly a burner with a 4.74 forty.  He's also quite a bit smaller than Jacoby.  Other than instances where the score indicates the game is over, the only packages I can really see Jacoby being better than Rivers are in QB sneak situations.  I don't see Kelly, due to his size, excelling there.     Peyton was actually faster (4.8 forty) than Jacoby (4.94).     I think we'll keep Jacoby through this season, unless we get a steal from a team like NE and can trade him for a decent draft pick.     After Manning missed that year and we went 2-14, Irsay made it very clear that he doesn't want that to happen ever again and publicly stated that the Colts would always have a solid backup from there on out.  I think Ballard sees that, as well.  Reich, being a backup most of his career, also sees that (and Reich won some very big games in Buffalo when Jim Kelly was hurt).  Reich states in the interview that he wants a backup that can come in and win 2-3 games if needed.  Jacoby can do that (maybe Kelly can, too, but nobody's seen him in a live regular season game to have any idea there).       I actually think we have solid depth in terms of we'll have guys who will be very good 4th/5th WRs.  TY's a solid 1-2 guy.  Parris Campbell is unproven (I think he can be a solid slot guy, but I'll have to see him get through a season where he's healthy to believe it).     IMO, we desperately need to get a 1A to TY before the season.  I also think we need (or could sorely use) a solid TE who can stretch the field.     When Reich says he's happy with the depth at WR, I don't think he's going to say the alternative "Our WRs are garbage."  I think guys like Fountain, Pascal, Dulin (maybe Ishmael, Adams, C. Williams) will be fine as 4th or 5th WRs.  I just don't think the FO should be trusting them to be solid #2 or 3 WRs.  Reich does say, right after he says he likes our WR depth, that they're 'looking very hard' at WRs (coupled with Ballard mentioning multiple times that this draft is loaded at WR), I suspect we'll draft at least 1 WR with one of our top 3 picks.
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