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    • Well if we keep 3 QBs then whoever is better in camp/training can be the back up.
    • I have no idea what to do with measurements and athletic testing from players this year. Do you ignore them altogether? How do you know which ones are real'ish?      
    • In reality they are probably right to point out that most GMs in the league don't have long enough track record to be free of small sample bias one way or the other. It's very likely if you gave every GM 100 drafts, their draft success will tend to converge toward the average. BTW, I wonder where Grigson would be on those graphs. I would guess pretty high thanks to drafting Luck and TY Hilton(similar to HOU in this graph thanks to Deshaun Watson). Just another reminder that even though those graphs might be useful in some cases you have to keep in mind their limitations and biases.
    • Doug...  these anti-Watson rants have gone from bad to worse.   Other posters here have noted you make it sound personal.   You have mischaracterized most everything that has happened.   Watson has a lot of support around the NFL.   I’d say far more support than dont.   I don’t pretend to know how this is going to finish?   But I hope you can lower the temperature here...   I don’t think it’s helpful.   Just my two cents...     
    • Yeah, if Miller or Haeg had the WHOLE resume and the talent of Godwin maybe we should. Worth pointing out that this was probably the worst stretch of Godwin's career (and it was mainly thanks to drops). I think he had like 7 drops in the playoffs while never having more than 2 in a whole season previously. I would personally consider that a freaky happenstance, and trust the much bigger sample of him being a very reliable catcher of the football. Also, it's not me that's taken it here. YOU just did.   I've already pointed out several times that this is NOT my 'take', but rather a guess on part of the explanation on the Bucs place in those graphs. So why do you keep going with this? At this point I am considering this bad faith exchange on your part. On the second part - yes, it would have to be taken in consideration(if they were up for trade and tied in similar contracts, rather than Godwin being a FA). BTW Godwin is one of the players we should consider breaking Ballard's bank on this FA. Insert Whynothaveboth.gif Agree with this. Evans is both better and more valuable than Godwin. Worth pointing out that both Superbowl teams had premier pass catching weapons as it relates to our discussion on the value of the position.  
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