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  1. Fire Ron Meeks! Oh, he's gone already
  2. Make that 4 off guys in a row to start and 7 out of first 8 total, 8 of 10 overall
  3. Speaking of UFAs, I'd have loved seeing the Colts making a push for Winston. He sure would've been a nice add, a huge upgrade.
  4. Heh, so much hype, so much noise... for this? Not that its surprising. I just dont get who they think they are. At least this year, Ryan hasnt spoke about winning the SB. Not yet. With Sanchez and Greene, they must've 1 of the worst 5 qb/hb combo in the league. Sanchez has always been bad. I'm not sure what he did to get that nice contracts. Its not like he didnt had weapons in the last few years. That plus that defense, there's no way he shouldnt have looked better. It'll actually be fun to see the turmoil in NYJ this year. Not that I like seeing a team struggling but they made it quite easy
  5. I'm amazed on most of the replies, sorry to say. A dominant D starts with a great DL. Ray Lewis himself, about 6-7 years ago, while mic'ed up (during SNF I think), whined non-stop, during a game, about lack of DT play (or quality) on the Ravens. He was whining non-stop (was quite easy to hear) about how he was double and triple-teamed on every plays (ok, he wasnt but hey, he was trying to get a point accross). Ravens ended up drafting Ngata. The Ravens had a very nice group of DBs and LBs but it was all useless without a dominant DL. I fail to see the relevance of comparing Freeney/Mathis stat
  6. Its not out of 1000, it was /26 on ILB rankings. Teams using 3-4 got 2 starting ILbs, teams using 4-3 have 1. Its far from 1000 ;)
  7. Out of the top 40 they did, there are 6 ilb between 40 and 27 (below Angerer) that I'd rather have if I could choose, over Angerer. Of the guys ranked above him, there's about 3-5 guys that are about the same as Angerer. Rest are clearly better, sorry to say. Angerer has a great asset and its his range. However, he has several weaknesses that keep him outside of the top 20 ilb in the league. I dont see the issue with him being so low.
  8. Sorrry to say but thats irrelevant. There's more to being good in the NFL than speed. Forget being good, if Hughes is only half-decent, it'd be a huge improvement.
  9. That, I actually wouldnt mind watching. <=perv.
  10. Fottball isnt either. At least thats what the Colts D has been thinking for years.
  11. I sure dont want it. I mean, he's hot, but not that hot.
  12. Sadly, the forum only allows for increments of 1, either positives or negatives. Upon further review, it appears we have a problem: "An error occurred You have reached your quota of negative votes for the day."
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