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    • I wonder how Wentz is taking all this criticism? Fans, media, and even Ballard chimed in about QB play. Some say he is fragile, I guess we are about to find out (if we keep him). I believe we can be a playoff team with Wentz but as far as winning it all, he has to show me. My uncle says the same about Tannehill as he is a huge Titans fan - he lives in KY. He feels like the Titans are wasting away Henry's career because they don't have a QB that can just take over. I don't want to see Taylor's career wasted due to average QB play, that would suck.
    • I can see all of that but I don't see GB losing. Then again SF has a good D, Jimmy G has won some big games, and they can run the ball. Who knows. My upset is Bengals over Titans. I like Joe Burrow and they look hungry.
    • Yeah I agree. Last week on 1070 the analytics guy from PFF was on JMV. He mentioned that they have the Colts ranked in the top 5 of teams in terms of draft picks outperforming their position since Ballard became the GM. I don't know all the details in terms of how they calculate the numbers but the notion that the Colts consistently find good value on the draft picks is easy for me to believe. I think it's easy to think of draft picks in terms of boom or bust but it's not always the case. For example a guy like Tyquan Lewis was contributing until he got hurt. He doesn't solve the Colts pass rush problem but he was a nice part of the rotation. Anthony Walker wasn't given a second contract but he was a big contributor since his rookie year.   I also heard JMV's interview with Venturi last week and he summarized his criticism by saying Ballard has done a good job with the middle/lower part of the roster and depth but the very top tier players, particularly at premium positions, is where we need to do better. I don't live by every word Venturi says but I think it's a fair critique.     If Ballard can hit another home run it can quickly change things. The Chiefs went an entire season without a wide receiver touchdown back in 2014 or 2015. They land Tyreek Hill in round 5 a year or two later and how we view their receiving group is radically different. Obviously Mahomes really helped this too.   It's a big offseason for Ballard. The Colts have more holes and/or question marks and at important positions.  Hopefully he nails the offseason. You can't solve everything at once but just don't want to be sitting here next year with the same question marks as have right now. 
    • I don't think Ballard did his due diligence in assessing the trade with Philly. Simply took Reich's opinion and went with it it before evaluating the pros and con.  Well, they need to owned it, as we fans that are discontented as much, we will always echo the words, "Wait till next year" again and again and again...
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