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  1. That was was a pivotal part of that game, but the turning point was absolutely Mathis strip sack of Alex Smith to start the comeback. Remember watching that game at my best friends family reunion. Heard how much we suck the whole first half up until that moment.
  2. Have I been a ghost on this forum for idk five years now maybe? Yes. Did I sign in legit just to quote this and second just how much that was a missed opportunity? Also yes.
  3. Jim Caldwell a couple years back for Baltimore begs to differ.
  4. All this Andre Johnson hate is totally out of line and really shows just how blind the average forum member is on here. Yeah the first two weeks he really wasn't all that good but they were his first two weeks in only his second offense in his 10+ year career. Ever since the Texans game he has consistently been getting open Luck just hasn't been finding him.
  5. I agree with this on everything except the Sergio part. While he was fantastic for us on special teams he wanted starting safety money. You don't give that to your third string safety at best who is only a special-teams player.
  6. He has been good. Imo exactly what you want out of an LT. Nit quite elite demanding top lt money strapping your cap, but good enough to be relied on to not get your an killed. Yeah he has had some terrible mental lapses. Mental errors are easy to fix in a short time. I trust him to right the ship before Luck does in all honesty.
  7. Green Bay game in 2012. I can't remember if we were down at half or how much if we were but I do remember not thinking we were out of that game. Your point is valid though we have stunk up the joint in the first half of way too many games.
  8. We have our share of problems. Some of them are suspected issues a.k.a. Grigs control over personnel decisions. He has been fine at bringing in talent. We just have not been utilizing the talent(though I think a solid pass rusher needs to be grabbed early in the draft). We are a damn good team our biggest problems have been utilizing our Tallent via poor game planning and playcalling. If we played the beginning of the season the way we would be at best 5-1 no less than 4-2.
  9. Nice! Right off town point road if your familiar with that area of churchland lol.
  10. Did most of my school in suffolk at Kings fork lol
  11. Without jones going down we wouldn't be seeing Anderson work his magic. It sucks but hey blessing in disguise.
  12. The league as a whole had more talent in it back then iirc. Bottom line is anything can happen come playoffs. Just look at our Super Bowl run. You calling it a season after a division win with a backup qb in a season that our d is playing its best football during the current regime is simply comical. Our offense will fix itself and when it does the league will be on notice.
  13. I've always lurked(check here at least a few times a day). Was a time when I couldn't remember my login information but mostly the drivel that goes on here is usually not worth me taking part in.
  14. I can think of two years the Giants said the same thing *sigh*
  15. What part of the 757 you in? Born in chesapeake but living in the good side of churchland right now lol.
  16. Good god some of you are flat out ridiculous. That's the nice way of putting it that doesn't get me banned. We came into this game without our starting quarterback. How many teams can ride a 40 sum backup to a win? Yes it was ugly at times but guess what? Games without your starting quarterback often are! We won a division game with our backup and outside of a few plays our defense played fantastic against a promising young quarterback.
  17. Auto correct changed grigs to frog. If you're gonna be an butt at least be good at it.
  18. was supposed to say grigs auto corrects faillllll
  19. I remember reading an article that frogs phone was blowing up for teams to trade back into the first. Ironically likely to draft Dorset.
  20. While it's not out of the realm of possibility belichik has always had the utmost respect for Reggie. As all of you should he wants to play one more year and get a ring. Why not go with the champs? Yeah it'll suck seeing him there but grow the heck up. That last part wasn't directed at you was towards the crybabies and jersey burners.
  21. My list except swap 2 n 3 and 4 n 5.
  22. Ty against the Chiefs hands down. Number two would be between his throw against gb with clay Mathews draped on him, the winner to Reggie against gb, or the td throw to moncrief against the bengals this post season.
  23. The only team I can honestly say I saw him succeeding with was the Cowboys.
  24. I actually dreams that av did that last night lol.
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