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Colts @ N.Y. Jets Preseason Game Night Thread


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I'm waiting for him to pull a Satele, and blame negative comments on his brother. Setele called out people after he was sent packing.

What's weird about this kind of behavior is that this kind of thing only repels any second chance they may be offered. Truly bizarre. 

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    • Baseball is such a long season, so I know better than anyone to just give up on my team before mid-July. Here we are mid-July and the Cubs have won 4 in a row but now go to St. Louis for a 4-game set. I don't expect a sweep (that is asking way too much) but if we can get 3 out of 4 then we need to stay the course. We are currently a half game out of 3rd place behind the Pirates in the Central and 4 games behind the Cards for a WC spot. If the Cards tear us a new one like win all 4 or even 3 of 4, it's over then IMO. We need 3 of these to prove keeping this team together is worth it. 
    • I can’t remember what thread it was, but I posted some stats regarding our defensive line and Supes had actually came to the conclusion that Lewis should get more pass rush snaps (based on data).     And to be honest, I’m not sure how effective Paye is at stopping the run because he doesn’t show up in a positive way on a lot of these metrics.  Now I’m not saying he sucks, but he’s solid enough to where I think other ends on our team should get some snaps and see what we have.  Is it that Paye is the best run defending end we have and that’s why he gets majority of those snaps over others or are they trying to allow him to develop?   Idk, but I was ecstatic that we grabbed Latu because it meant Paye will fall back to a rotational player.  People disagreed with me, which is fine, but I’m sorry, Paye just doesn’t pop off the screen.  It’s the same with Pierce.  Some players just don’t pop and the metrics show that.     We’ll see.  I know Paye has improved every year he’s played.  But in this scheme, we need more.  Hoping that Paye indeeds prove me wrong because then it would mean we have more talent on the line.
    • 100% agree.  To add, for those out there worried about the youth of our corners and FS and if they will perform…here are some vets still unsigned out there:   Justin Simmons  Xavien Howard  Patrick Peterson  Stephon Gilmore  Quandre Diggs Micah Hyde  Adoree’ Jackson  Eddie Jackson  J.C. Jackson  Tracy Walker   So no need to worry right now.  We have options to fill holes.  And I don’t think other teams are rushing to sign these guys.  Simmons is the only one I’d want us to sign now.  Also, plenty of vet CBs who could fill in and play immediately if needed.   i will say, I agree with those who’d want to sign people now.  But it’s not my money and not my team.  Nor are we in those rooms with the coaches.  So all we can do is hope for the best.  At this point, if Shane wanted someone, I doubt Ballard wouldn’t go get them or try to.  So maybe Shane is in on this “let’s see what we have” train also.
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