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Welcome back everybody, and Colts football is  finally back in action on the playing field for the 2014 NFL season!  :)   Our  2014 Indianapolis Colts officially begin their both  62nd season in the NFL, and their 31st season in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Tonight's play also commences third season with the Colts franchise for Head Coach Chuck Pagano, General Manager Ryan Grigson, and veteran star QB Andrew Luck.  Colts are also the two time defending AFC South Division Champions, and seek to better their 11-5 record later in the regular season.


Colts are in New Jersey to play the host New York Jets with  kickoff right after 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time from MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands  in East Rutherford. Colts @ N.Y  Jets game also lead off Week One of the 2014 NFL Preseason Schedule with the rest of the NFL teams through Saturday Night.


Don Fischer and Barry Krauss are announcing the TV commentary and analysis on all the Colts televised preseason games locally on WNDY My Network Channel 23 in Indianapolis, live on HD. Tonight's Colts/N.Y. Jets game will also be replayed later on national cable on The NFL Network on Friday afternoon August 8, at 1:00PM EST,  early Saturday morning, August 9, at 3:00AM EST, and Tuesday afternoon, August 12, and 4:00PM EST, all game  replays also televised  live on HD.


Veteran broadcaster Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Indianapolis Colts,' also announces the live radio game play-by play. Joining Bob providing the live radio game analysis for the third straight NFL season is former Wisconsin Badger, Colt, and N.Y. Giant QB Jim Sorgi, the live game coverage simulcast tonight on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM, and WLHK 97,1 FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.


Clear and sunny skies at 81 degrees, feels like 80 degrees, is the local weather forecast inside  MetLife Stadium for the 7:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with  36% humidity, 10% precipitation, and mild northwest winds at 10 miles per hour.


Colts are wearing their road white jerseys and pants on the playing field, while the N.Y. Jets wear their white jerseys and pants.


Most of the reserve players, including rookies, undrafted free agents, and veterans may take the majority of the playing time and action as all the players begin to audition to earn themselves into the final 53-man regular season roster.


NO injuries to both of the players from both the Colts and New York Jets, as they play  to impress their coaches worthy to play in the upcoming regular season later next month with the starting players. Continue to stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!!    :thmsup:   :coltslogo:  :nfl:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshorse:  :helmet:  :pass:  :coltslogo:  :D



Colts @ N.Y. Jets  Preseason Pregame Press Release  (Adobe PDF Reader):




Colts @ N.Y. Jets  NFL Preseason Game Center:




2014 Indianapolis Colts Season From Wikipedia:



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    • I read something that said the leaked scores were only partial. And now that I'm thinking about it more, I think they were saying the low score that was published was from his first attempt, and he might have retaken the test and done better. It's kind of fuzzy, but that might be the case.    Either way, my point was that I remember notable pushback against the leaked scores, and their importance. So if certain people are now saying that they didn't care about the S2 scores a year ago, that doesn't sound like revisionist history to me. One of those unnamed execs could be Ballard, who was very vocal about not liking how Stroud was talked about. And we know the Colts subscribe to S2...     Some suggestions... basically unsubstantiated rumors that get repeated enough that they begin to be accepted as fact. Who knows what the Panthers were doing last year, but if they let the S2 test decide which QB to draft, they deserve all the dysfunction they've experienced. I don't think even the Panthers are that lost. More likely, Bryce Young was the guy they decided on, and maybe the higher S2 was in his favor, but would have just been one of several factors that they used.      The way it's described, there's potentially value in the S2 testing. But using Stroud as the example, if you watch him play, and then look at a low S2 score, and can't figure out how to reconcile the disparity between the tape and the test score, then you don't know how to evaluate. Overall, I think way too much is being made of the S2 thing, similar to how way too much was made of Wonderlic scores. It's just one piece of info, and probably carries a small amount of importance overall.    But if a team wants to use S2 testing to prepare a development plan, especially for a QB, there's no real reason they can't have him take the test after the draft. If that's really part of the value, and the player declines the test before the draft because he doesn't want to be scrutinized over it, then ask him to take it once you've drafted him.
    • Ask Philip Rivers to give him advice on parenthood, AR should stick around in the NFL for a while then. 😉
    • Yes, I think so too.
    • It's very telling that nobody actually came out and said that Stroud's published test score was inaccurate. Yes there was pushback about the scores, but they all were very general and non-specific. "I've seen published scores that aren't correct", "Those scores miss a lot of context", etc.    And especially when Stroud himself was asked about those scores. Do you remember what his answer was? He didn't dispute any of it. He just said he's not a test-taker, he's a football player.    I think several big time reporters/analysts reported it. I think I first heard it from Zierlein. But can't find the original. Here's Pelissero reporting on it too: https://www.nfl.com/news/2023-nfl-draft-pro-execs-scouts-coaches-rank-and-evaluate-the-qb-class           There have been some suggestions that the Panthers took Bryce Young over Stroud partially because of the S2 test, because they valued it highly.    Yeah, I don't remember if it was reported as players refusing it or their agents not allowing them to take it, but this is what one of the podcasts I listen to reported. Not 100% sure which one it is because I consume a lot of those draft podcasts.    They probably can... not sure if the players would do it. But if the teams knew it in advance they might have better idea of whether development in certain areas is even possible. 
    • I don't think I agree that it's revisionist. Last year, some scores leaked, and then Stroud's scores got aggregated and the story was sensationalized. But all along, there was pushback about the scores -- were they accurate, was there missing context, was there an incomplete leak designed to make people discount Stroud, was someone trying to gain leverage for a trade, etc. There was skepticism from reputable people, and even though it was noted that many teams value the S2 test, I don't think anyone ever expected or predicted that Stroud's draft stock was significantly affected by whatever his score was.    I don't remember reading that he took the test multiple times. That's an interesting variable, if it's true.   There can be value in the test, but like with any other piece of information, how do you apply what's learned to your evaluation process? Like you said, there's a lot of work to figure out how this testing correlates to a player's ability to perform in the NFL, same as with any other datapoint. I don't know if it should be dismissed, but I don't think any team is letting S2 scores rule over their scouting process. Not even for QBs.    I haven't heard that any QBs are refusing to take the test, but I have read that agents are recommending that they don't. I think that's alarmist; Stroud went #2, which is basically what most people expected. Is it established that the scores hurt him? I'd say they did not. But I might not want a player I represent to be subjected to the media/Internet scrutiny, especially since it's clear that players pay attention to what's being said about them, and sometimes react to it.   To the bolded, if a team wants to use S2 results for planning, why can't they draft their QB, and then ask him to take the test? Now there's no pressure, he can test under controlled circumstances, and the team can use the data to help develop their player. 
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