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  1. Well there is no question about it. Ballard likes to draft based on uniform color. Offense = Blue, Defense = Red
  2. Is Breeland Speaks a priest in waiting? I am not sure what Priest Holmes was talking about for Sundays... consider me confused
  3. my google search also shows he is 6'9... seems kind of tall for a OLB
  4. You called it. nice work with that Leonard
  5. Good: Brissett coming up big to start a win streak; Hilton for being his normal self Bad: The win streak will get Pagano an extension, pull us to 8-8, miss the playoffs, and we turn into the Rams
  6. 2nd. Rivers / Bowser 3rd. Tankersley / Jourdan Lewis
  7. I would rather just make our pick at 15 since we are rarely this high in the draft
  8. Locke to replace McAfee as the person holding Vinny's balls. Edit: rethinking my statement before I get banned or warned... it was a joke from McAfee's retirement speech
  9. as well as he should ask that much some team will pay that
  10. Projected late round draft pick, pass rusher, has the last name of Mathis... I like this idea and support it, even though I know absolutely nothing about him besides those 3 things.
  11. tell me about it... I am a Badgers fan and experienced the same exact thing last night
  12. Just checked my locals. Yup, just as I expected. Vikings at Titans
  13. awesome way of Adams to help Green become vocal
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