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Colts @ N.Y. Jets Preseason Game Night Thread


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I liked what I saw from Herron, Tipton, studebaker, muaba. I like that prices size and length also. He puts on some size and time he will be good

Tipton didn't really get much room to work. I don't think he will be on the team when the smoke clears.

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    • All I saw was that he was super indecisive in high school as he transferred twice and kept changing his commitment. Then when he was with Bama in 2022, he shoved some woman after the Tennessee loss who was trying to film him, but Saban said there was a deeper story to that.
    • He looks like a legit option, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere there are some character concerns with him. 
    • Cam Hart is a CB I think Ballard would like that we could take in rounds 3/4 if we don't go CB on day 1. He has 32 5/8 inch arms if I remember right.
    • I don't know about necessarily challenging for it this year. Pascal Siakam was a very big pickup, and he's only played 17 games with them. They were 3-6 in his first 9 games in Indy. They are 6-2 in the last eight. I think a player of his magnitude takes some time to get accustomed to. But I think where they are situated in the standings right now is far from where they should be and are more than capable of being. I think they can easily be a top 3 team in the Eastern Conference, which would certainly give them a good shot at competing for a title. While not a huge basketball fan, I have longed for the Pacers to be back in a title fight. I grew up watching Reggie and have vivid memories of the brawl in Detroit. Which I knew at the time was going to be detrimental to what was the best team in the league at that point, in my opinion. It's been said that they may have some serious players looking to come to Indy to pair with Siakam and Haliburton. They have a pretty young talented roster as it is.      I respectfully disagree. Women's college has been poorly attended, for better or worse for some time. Never has a single player been a draw like she has. Iowa just lost in Bloomington a few days ago, and it was a complete sell-out, 17k, with Vic Oladipo sitting courtside. If she declares (still debatable if she will) and she is Indianapolis, people will pay to watch her play. Maybe not sell-outs, but major increase in attendance. Opposing teams are currently experiencing 150% increase in attendance when she is in town. tv ratings sky high. 1.5 million plus. When they lost to Ohio State in overtime, it peaked at just under 4 million. Last year's national championship game? Up 100 plus % to almost 10 million viewers.    I think you grossly underestimate the draw. She's the steph curry of women's basketball. 
    • Personally I think it’s the opposite. Fact they haven’t franchised him tells me they are close. They will franchise him at the last minute if it doesn’t get done.
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