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  2. Going through progression s didn't help Luck versus chiefs. Brissett will get better.
  3. The Patriots are beatable, but it will take a team with a defense like the Bill's with a good offense
  4. There is quite likely a torn ligament here, as well (the MPFL or medial patellofemoral ligament). We will see. If so, he could return in a few weeks (probably with a brace) but would likely need repair surgery in the off season. OTOH, he is more susceptible to a re-dislocation until then. Also, there is heightened chance of suffering damage to the articular cartilage with some long term implications. And his play style will be dramatically altered. So he might be done for the season if surgery is needed and opted for now vs. later. Surgery is around 6 to 9 months recovery and rehab. I feel bad for the guy, especially if the MPFL is involved.
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  6. It shouldn’t of taken them that long to put them away. I know it seems every year we talk about NE offense regressing. It’s going to happen. They clearly miss Gronk. Until I see them beat a good team I am holding off how good they are. They play Houston in Houston I believe next week.
  7. Doesn’t mean much. Jets will score about 10 to 13 points. Jets don’t have the weapons to put points on New England. Only about 5 teams have a chance to put up 20+ on New England. Their defense is better than it was in 2014 The score was 19-7 with 11 minutes left in the 3rd quarter the game was already over the Redskins couldn’t move the ball. 26-7 with 4:35 left in the quarter.
  8. I think he just had a X-ray checking for a fracture. There was no fracture so mri tomorrow will show if their is any ligament damage.
  9. Occam's Razor would be that Brady is just another cheater in an organization full of cheaters. See? You're assuming Manning used HGH, and you're assuming Luck did too, but you're assuming Brady had nothing to do with over-deflated footballs. You're making assumptions all the way around. But you KNOW nothing.
  10. It could. If Indy wins the division and the raiders also win and they have the same record raiders would have the tie breaker. Right now the colts and Texans have the tie breaker over KC. It could have a impact on who gets the 2 seed and a bye.
  11. It's literally painful to watch the Broncos offense. On a side note, they are not a very well-coached team. The whole organization is giving off a very amateurish vibe right now. Really bizarre to witness. To call Joe Flacco a statue in the pocket would be an insult to statues; they're more mobile than Joe. I would be shocked if the Broncos don't start a fire sale.
  12. They only scored 9 pts in 3 quarters against the redskins. It took them until the end of the third and 4th to pull away.
  13. The jets are much better with darnold back.
  14. They seem to be able to tear Luck apart to. The oline and running game we have I would not count them out. Even if we can’t the Texans or ravens might. Let’s see what happens when they play real teams. Their oline looks bad and is injured.
  15. With what money? They are smashed against the cap. Vic Beasley is due as well.
  16. And if he had done it while he wasn't still an active NFL player no one would have a problem with that. Again, I have no problem with Andrew Luck probably doing the same thing while he was injured and inactive I have no problem with former NFL players using whatever means of therapy helps heal their bodies and keeps them as pain free as possible. But there's rules against using HGH to recover from injuries as an active NFL player. And in 2015 when the story broke, Manning was active. After the career is over, sure, do what you have to for your QOL, but while you're still competing on the field? No.
  17. How do you figure their offense is a weakness? They are currently #8 in DVOA on offense. They will likely trade for a WR at some point...to add some a solid group...and they have a good group of RBs.
  18. Uhh no. First of all, you're operating on the naked assumption that there were deflated balls, and without that bit the whole argument shrivels up and dies. There were 2 balls below where weather effects and the math of people I trust suggest the PSI should have been. You can allege stuff based on that, but all by itself it doesn't prove anything. Especially when 1 of those footballs spent time on the opposing teams sideline. The equipment manager was fired, but here's a cool fact. The equipment manager despite no longer working for the Patriots in any capacity never gave evidence to the NFL to support the idea balls were deflated, despite the fact that he had nothing to lose from doing so. As I understand it, he was fired because of improper chain of custody with some of the Patriots footballs, which was exposed as a sideline to the whole fiasco. Which, again, it creates allegations but proves nothing. That leaves the phone. And we don't know everything that was on the phone because it was destroyed, all we actually know is that Brady talked to the ball guy a lot more in the days after the story broke than he ever had before. So bottom line, we have plenty of reasons here to start an investigation, published as the findings at what was supposed to be the end of an investigation. If I was trying to prosecute someone in a court of law based on that kind of evidence I'd be in for a bad day. Which is probably why the federal court threw out the suspension before it was reversed on appeal over a technicality in the CBA Oh one more thing worth noting, Brady wasn't technically suspended for deflating footballs. A lot of people say he was, but in the strictest sense they're wrong. Brady was suspended for interfering with the investigation by destroying his phone. It was the only thing they could actually prove he did wrong.
  19. Jets are going to beat the Pats on Monday. They aren’t invincible and their offense is a weakness.
  20. Deflated balls. Deflator nickname for pat equip guy. Phone texts. Brady destroys phone as part of his “routine”. Brady grins the whole time at presser and plays dumb. Equip guys fired. They win and take the hit next year. A pattern? That’s Occam’s razor. Simplest explanation. if Manning we’re guilty which he isn’t.but if he were.... He is a guy with an unbelievably bad injury with no feeling in parts of his body trying to get back to average. Brady is not injured and is manipulating the system so his smaller hands can grip the cold damp ball in a big game.
  21. I agree,but it's fair to recognize that we don't stack up to them talent wise right now. It would have been tough to match them even with Luck. With Brissett... no. I think Brissett is a very good QB, but... no. The Patriots secondary would take the Brissett we have right now apart. Not his fault the Patriot secondary is simply historically good and Brissett... isn't. The way we beat the Patriots right now is to batter their offensive line, get pressure on Brady, and for our own secondary to return the favor on the Patriots' depleted receiver corps. Teams have had some limited success against that team with the run, if we can get a few scores that way and keep them off the board like the Bills did we have a chance. It's not much but it's a place to start. Until we get some maturity across the board in defensive personnel, a chance is all we're going to have anyway. Until then I'll stick with what I said in the other thread, "never say never, but it would take a miracle."
  22. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dislocated-kneecap/ looks like average recovery if no ligament damage from a dislocated knee is 6 weeks
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