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  2. The bolded is right on. Colts certainly have the ability for big plays, stretching the field, and so on. Running the ball effectively when we are 3rd and 2.5 to 3 yards out, has been one of our biggest challenges. The Pats at that same down and distance, have created the ability to do several things effectively by being proficient and consistent with all of them. You know that Edleman/Welker/Amendola types can get that 3 yard pass, and it seems you have to defend it to the point of weakening your run defense. The Colts had something similar with Manning/Edge/Marvin.
  3. We paid $12 million per for a past his prime Justin Houston. I could see the Colts paying that much for McCoy if they really want him. It wouldn’t sink our cap at all to do a 2 year deal for that amount. Should be enough to slap a Shoe upside his head and improve our D-line.
  4. The "patriot way" is just another way of saying shut the bleep up and do as we say
  5. The Browns are an enigma. In many ways, they are last year Jags- pre season favorites. They could fall like the Jags did, or escalate. Under old regimes, they fold like a cheap lawn chair. Under Dorsey, I think they compete/ possibly win the AFC North. The $$ almost always win, no matter what players say about championships. If a player in his last stages is truly serious about playing for a champ, he goes to Belichick, takes a pay cut, checks his ego at the door, and applies his skills in the Patriot way.
  6. Probably a nice guy, and I wish him well with the Raiders, but the Colts had to cut their losses and move on. He was always a "project" guy who just never really made much of an impact with the Colts. His career stats, through five years (23 receptions, 384 yards, 4 TDs), barely add up to one passable season for an average NFL tight end. Experiment over. Now on to Mo Alie-Cox who may be on a much shorter development timetable to prove that he's worth a roster spot.
  7. Well I'm kinda going by what you said in another thread about our signing bonuses being smaller percentage wise than other teams and Irsay not being in top half of wealth of other owners and Indy being a small market etc.... I think you made some sense there and possibly on to something. It would explain our cap space last few seasons. But hoping we do get McCoy. It would be better to play with him than play against him if another team signs him.
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  9. Oh, I do! We adopted him 5 years ago and he knew nothing about football. I quickly made sure he became a Colts fan! He was here just 2 weeks and I took him to the Fan Fest in Louisville and we met Adam Vinatieri and Matt Overton...and Blue, of course! He's been hooked ever since. He's 13 and was more stoked meeting the cheerleaders
  10. Cherish these moments Sir, your son looks super stoked!!!
  11. do you see the level of interest? Mccoy is gonna go with the highest bidding. All players do. The locker room and culture is secondary.
  12. Yep!! SUPER-NICE guys!!!! My son and I had a blast meeting them.
  13. And I repeat......he wants to play for a champ before he hangs up the cleats. The Browns haven't been to the playoffs in forever. And they very well may not get there this year either. The Colts are a different story. If the money is close, I like the Colts' chances.
  14. We really missed Bryant in the infield yesterday, as well as his bat. No more breaks for MVP!!!! And yes, was wondering where Jay is, hope everything’s ok.
  15. That's what I posted a couple days ago. I think 20 for 2 years would be the highest the Colts would go.
  16. Teams wouldn't trade for him as he would come with the over 13 million salary.
  17. Ten teams with offers approaching or at 11m yet The Bucs couldn't trade him for a 7th. I can see a handful of teams being interested but 10? I don't think so. This is all smoke and mirrors to get the Browns to panic and sign him today. Which could easily work. That said I like our chances if he gets out of Cleveland.
  18. there are so many of the story lines that could be true that i listed. good Lord this is the most optimistic I've been since the Manning years (on our O).
  19. I don't totally ignore the pass blocking rank, but like others have pointed out, it relies almost solely on sacks. I look at run blocking and TT (time to pass). Good run blocking and a short TT typically always equate to a good pass blocking rating. Good run blocking and a poor TT (holds the ball too long), typically means the pass protection is good or at least decent, but the QB is simply holding onto the ball too long. In GB's case, they were top 10 in run blocking, and Rogers held onto the ball 5th longest. PFF ranked GB's line 7th overall, and had this to say. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-17 and
  20. Exactly..... and complicating the situation, I'm sure, is Dak feeling he has vastly outperformed his later round rookie contract, and deserving to get paid for performance "retroactively" basically..... trying to recoup value lost, in his eyes....
  21. Tagging him for two years would cost about $60M or so. So signing him long term would probably cost them another $30M or so for the 3rd year. And that is when most if not all of the guaranteed $$$ would run out. If Cousins is worth his deal (nope) Dak is in the ball park. Thanks to our GOAT, QB pay is ridiculous.
  22. Yeah I think it's way too many heads trying to sway this man to play for them. We would have to come out of the pocket with some coin above whatever our value is for him.
  23. Who said he’s making the roster this year? That’s not what the discussion has been about. The consensus has the PS being the best case scenario
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