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Broncos and DRC

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Fx Stryker    2,705

Okay now I am wondering. Where are they getting their money. Does anyone know what their cap situation was before FA?


EDIT: Oh I see. They have a $14M rollover from last year.

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dgambill    3,009

Solid veteren signing. Not a shut down corner but certainly an upgrade to that secondary. I tell you...add a rb now to that mix they have and barring some injuries they are going to look mighty tough.



I think DRC is really overrated.  Please, Elway, don't turn the Broncos into last year's Eagles

I personally don't see that....they have yet to overpay...and been very strategic with their moves. These aren't all "STYLE" pick ups. These guys all have substance and none necessarily the top guy on the board at their position. Vet guys with a proven past on short contracts. They are positioning all in for the next couple years....and when Peytons done....they will have cleared all this cap space as well to

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