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  1. Black on black crime isn’t a thing, as much as white on white or Hispanic on Hispanic aren’t. That implies that they are killing the other person solely because they are that skin tone, and that makes no sense. It’s not about numbers. It’s about the reality this group in particular faces on a regular basis and asking for ANYONE to listen, especially considering this country’s history. And there are those who refuse to listen. I’m all for peace between all races, but pretending that terrible things aren’t happening because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t help the march towards peace.
  2. You’re still missing the point. Those who cry ALM don’t want or fail to understand the problems a black persons faces with their society and identities, hence the true reason BLM came to be. Choosing to be willfully ignorant about a certain group’s POV and or experiences is more divisive than anything.
  3. “All Lives Matter” completely misses the point of Black Lives Matter. Let’s use a metaphor. Tigers are being hunted to extinction, but let’s not pay any particular attention to their plight. All animals matter so no need to pine over those silly tigers, right?
  4. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but the McNairs are allowing him to build the roster in his image. It should be noted that we apparently tried to grab the Patriots guy a couple years ago, but that didn’t work out and now here we are. I don’t know if they think BOB has really learned to be like Belichick or not but the Hopkins trade smells funny. There must have been something going on between them. I’m okay with the acquisition of Tunsil, but they did Hop dirty. The team had better be damn competitive this year. If we regress or make an early playoff exit Bill will be in tr
  5. I had to find out about by seeing a meme first on Instagram. Then I was in denial, then shock, then, yes, I may or may not have fallen....into a bottle of whiskey
  6. I’m here to adjust that slant in a different direction
  7. Probably the Redskins. I’d bet Ron Rivera has his eyes on one of the potential QBs in next year’s draft.
  8. Allegedly the Lions backed out of a trade during the third round I think. I didn’t see it live and don’t know the full story
  9. Jordan Love was a good prospect, but that pick was a head scratcher. Then they went on to draft zero receivers in a loaded draft...unexplainable.
  10. JJ Watt. I went against my better judgment and looked at the picture...he really is a blessed man. That was one horrific infection.
  11. Apparently he didn’t violate any rules. Moving on...
  12. This. Anymore insane meltdowns like the playoff game against KC and I will lose my mind.
  13. Oh yeah, I loved Keenum when he was in Houston. A hometown hero. But if it’s between he and Teddy then Teddy will give you the best chance to win no doubt. He needs to knock off the rust anyway.
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