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  1. Wow. He had a lot of hype and potential coming into the league but it didn’t pan out. I’m sure Titans fans are feeling deja vu (Vince Young)
  2. True, but this guy’s been lighting up the league and racking up wins in spite of the defense. These past two games are different than what we’re used to with him.
  3. The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities...
  4. HUMONGOUS contest at the Oil Drum next week. I’m looking forward to this. You guys give us the most trouble out of anyone in this division for sure
  5. Yep. Nothing’s ever set in stone in the NFL. Three cheers for parity
  6. It’s not like they have a guy named Patrick Mahomes or anything...
  7. I like it. I don’t think the Steelers would’ve went after a QB in this draft anyway.
  8. Lamar has certainly improved but I wouldn’t put him in the top two in the league. No way.
  9. Minshew is the QB now and they traded for another young guy to back him up.
  10. Your guess is as good as mine man. I understand them playing deep but giving up chunk yardage like that? It definitely left a lot to be desired. You’re right on about Watson. I’m glad we finally found the one after the dark years at QB
  11. We had a GREAT game against a team no one gave us a chance in. I’m not upset. It sucks to lose the first one, but they showed us that they have hella fight in them.
  12. Don’t forget about his backs. Michel, Damien Harris and James White too. Even with the loss of Gronk the O is loaded.
  13. Well this is completely out of left field. Patriots offense just got even more insane.
  14. Yup. This is reminiscent of Brandon Marshall acting out earlier in his career before his diagnosis.
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