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  1. We’ve never played in one before. Just imagine that...Watson and Jackson dueling for a SB berth. We’d have to play a hell of a lot better than we did last time against the Ravens.
  2. I am hoping for more than just the division man! I had faith that my guys could get this done. Obviously New England is no spring chicken and this win is certainly special for us.
  3. Lamar Jackson is turning out to be the real deal. What’s really crazy is that all these young QBs are balling out and lighting up the league before they’ve even turned 25.
  4. I see what you’re saying now. You’re right. Reich is a great coach and the Colts managed to slay the Chiefs first with a bevy of backups playing. Hopefully the word “injury” doesn’t come up anytime on Thursday lol.
  5. Being upset at losses and doing Superman poses when he’s winning. The horror
  6. He doesn’t “have to ball out.” He put up 280 yards in our win against the Chiefs. 201 yards when we blew out the Jaguars. And when he does get big numbers, he gets them because he’s a damn good quarterback. Not trying to take a shot at Brissett, but he isn’t as athletically gifted as Deshaun. I wouldn’t expect him to “ball out” with 370 pass yards in addition to 60 on the ground. I don’t get your argument, though. Do you fault the Chiefs because they have an MVP? Or any other team that has a player who puts up big numbers and gets wins?
  7. Meh. Our secondary has been depleted all throughout the season unfortunately, but I still didn’t expect the shellacking that we got. We’re pretty damn good against the run and they still were hella effective against us. I don’t ever undersell the Patriots either, and they decimated them as well.
  8. I didn’t believe the hype either until I saw it for myself. The Ravens are definitely the most dangerous team in the AFC, and Lamar is one of the biggest reasons why. They are going to be a tough out for whoever faces them in the playoffs.
  9. Maybe you still could. This case may be a little more extreme. Hoyer is a known turnover machine as opposed to the more conservative Brissett, which is a clear factor into how poorly the offense performed.
  10. Take away any team’s top three players and they are bound to struggle more than they would if those guys were playing, of course. He wasn’t just talking about the quarterback position.
  11. And the Packers as far as Rodgers takes them, and the Chiefs as far as Mahomes takes them, and the Colts as far as Brissett takes them, as we saw when Hoyer was forced to play... You can use that narrative with every team.
  12. This. Oakland has climbed out of their hole but I still think they will miss out on the wild card.
  13. Yep. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one since he doesn’t have a history. But anything remotely like this happening again and I wouldn’t doubt the NFL makes that move and gets rid of him for good. It was definitely bizarre. I remember looking up at the TV and wondering how things got so out of hand when the ball was already gone, and the shock of seeing someone actually swinging a helmet at a fellow player. Definitely insane.
  14. Pretty sure this is a first offense for him. He’s never been known as a dirty player like Suh or Incognito
  15. Yeah we do as well. First you guys, then Colts on a short week, then New England...things are heating up down the stretch. This is where teams show who they really are.
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