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  1. Qwiz

    Jacksonville (+6.5) at Houston (12-30-18)

    Yup. We already split so it could go either way if we meet again. Should be fun
  2. Qwiz

    Jacksonville (+6.5) at Houston (12-30-18)

    Ever since we got Deshaun we’ve been a bigger thorn in their side than we ever have before ha. It hasn’t translated to a win yet but he can score on that defense.
  3. Qwiz

    Jacksonville (+6.5) at Houston (12-30-18)

    Yeah, there was just no way in hell we were gonna lose to Blake Bortles at home. Maybe we’ll see you guys for a third match next week..
  4. It’s football. Guys get hurt. But if he does come back his speed and route running will be a factor as it has in the past.
  5. Coutee and Miller will be back this week. DeAndre Carter is playing. Watson can elevate guys on offense and last week was another good example of that. Our defense just couldn’t hold up on their end.
  6. Meh. Considering the hell the secondary has been through at times this season I’m not surprised. We beat them pretty handily the first time we played. Yes things have changed but I would trust Watson vs their D more than I would Bortles against ours.
  7. But surely you realize how hypocritical you sound considering we beat the Jets and the Colts gave up way more points to them, right? And no. The secondary has not been a problem. Kareem Jackson has had a career year, Reid has balled out as a rookie and Tyrann Mathieu is Tyrann Mathieu.
  8. How many points did the celebrated Colts defense give up to Sam Darnold? And if you watched the last game you would’ve seen how many in-game injuries to the defense (and that particularly nasty one on offense) the Texans suffered. I’m not saying the Jacksonville game will be a gimme either but come on...Blake Bortles is starting.
  9. Qwiz

    5 quarters of offensive funk

    Good game guys. There was some good and bad on both sides, but it was entertaining all the way through. I guess the win today was poetic justice considering how the streak began
  10. Qwiz

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    I’m doing pretty good, and you? It’s been too long, I knew I was gonna poke my head back into this forum at some point this season lol.
  11. Qwiz

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    So many different ways this could go in the off-season man...who knows. But I think QB is a given, and of course their main priority.
  12. Qwiz

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    Yeah, and while the crop coming out this year isn’t as impressive as years past, who knows...imagine if they sign Bridgewater or Tyron Taylor or something. Would be wild. The AFC South hasn’t been as unpredictable as recent years but Jacksonville getting a QB and becoming stable would certainly make the conversation a lot more juicy. If they somehow stick with Bortles again, then, well...like I said it’ll be between us and you guys
  13. Qwiz

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    Yes sir! I know you guys have been waiting for a worthy rival for Andrew. Mariota looked like he might be it for a while but there’s just something up with the Titans. I fully expect the Colts and Texans to be the main two teams battling it out for the division for at least the next decade.
  14. Qwiz

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    Hey, Let’s not get too hasty now! We ALL know how things like this typically go when it comes to the Colts and Texans There’s nothing like a team with their back against the wall fighting for not only a playoff spot but pride. I believe in my team too but I’m not counting the guys in blue out yet. You are right in that the Ravens will probably lose this week, which would benefit the Colts big time. These last few weeks are gonna be exciting
  15. Qwiz

    Can we please stop..

    His name really is too much of a stigma to be considered seriously in these kinds of conversations. When guys like Nathan Peterman are getting starts like he was the beginning of this season rather than Kaepernick...well...that’s saying something.