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  1. Yup. We already split so it could go either way if we meet again. Should be fun
  2. Ever since we got Deshaun we’ve been a bigger thorn in their side than we ever have before ha. It hasn’t translated to a win yet but he can score on that defense.
  3. Yeah, there was just no way in hell we were gonna lose to Blake Bortles at home. Maybe we’ll see you guys for a third match next week..
  4. It’s football. Guys get hurt. But if he does come back his speed and route running will be a factor as it has in the past.
  5. Coutee and Miller will be back this week. DeAndre Carter is playing. Watson can elevate guys on offense and last week was another good example of that. Our defense just couldn’t hold up on their end.
  6. Meh. Considering the hell the secondary has been through at times this season I’m not surprised. We beat them pretty handily the first time we played. Yes things have changed but I would trust Watson vs their D more than I would Bortles against ours.
  7. But surely you realize how hypocritical you sound considering we beat the Jets and the Colts gave up way more points to them, right? And no. The secondary has not been a problem. Kareem Jackson has had a career year, Reid has balled out as a rookie and Tyrann Mathieu is Tyrann Mathieu.
  8. How many points did the celebrated Colts defense give up to Sam Darnold? And if you watched the last game you would’ve seen how many in-game injuries to the defense (and that particularly nasty one on offense) the Texans suffered. I’m not saying the Jacksonville game will be a gimme either but come on...Blake Bortles is starting.
  9. Oh yeah, I loved Keenum when he was in Houston. A hometown hero. But if it’s between he and Teddy then Teddy will give you the best chance to win no doubt. He needs to knock off the rust anyway.
  10. Yeah all these non-contact devastating injuries are mind-boggling. And this happens literally the day after Houston finally wins the World Series. The Texans are cursed.
  11. Thank you! I went out last night and could feel the triumph in the air. It’s been a long time coming!
  12. Hahaha lmao, no problem! I'll be back looking at the scenery as well soon! Lol the holiday is almost over hahaha

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    2. southwest1


      I usually don't release cut redheads like fish back into the river, but there's always a first time I guess. If I send her back upstream, I'll let you know okay. Just Kidding!!! My banishment resulted from a blogger attacking my friend for no good reason. It was worth it. I have your back too QB BTW, not that you need any backup of course. Nice to see you back!!!

    3. Qwiz


      haha I got your back too bud. I guess I'll be checking the river for a few weeks lol.
    4. southwest1


      If I do sent her back upstream in a few weeks, I will send up some penicillin too just in case it rains & she needs penicillin. Only teasing of course.

  13. Hahaha, yes, you can have the margaritas and the ladies in the fort while I am gone...but when I get back you better unase the chair! haha

    1. southwest1


      To the victor go the spoils QuizBoy. Just Kidding!!! SW1 will relinquish the chair & it's attractive occupants upon your fort return. The carefree holiday was fun while it lasted anyway. Thanks for the pleasant scenery QuizBoy & I'm not talkin' about the trees & shrubbery if ya know what I mean. HA! HA!

  14. Hahaha no Southwest, I wish. Just an island of banned solitude...I'll be back soon though!

    1. southwest1


      Great back soon my friend the margaritas & pretty girls will be here when you get back. I will do my best to hold the fort down in the meantime. It's a tough job drinking margaritas & entertaining the ladies, but I'm willing to make the crucial sacrifice. HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

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