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  1. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    Those rookie QB contracts really are great…San Francisco in particular is living the good life paying Purdy essentially chump change for the impact he’s having.
  2. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    Yep, it’s either Ravens or Chiefs…Man if we’re able to pull off a win against either and punch a ticket to the AFCCG for the first time, I will get a Stroud or Meco tattoo 😂 And I’m not saying where!
  3. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    True, true…once you’re in anything can happen. That’s what’s great about playoff baseball and football, I lament that the NBA tends to be so predictable on that note though 😂
  4. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    If only I would’ve had the confidence early in the year to try and grab him to be my starter in fantasy 😂 Thanks for the good wishes, the AFC is loaded but hey, we’ll see how things go!
  5. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    Thanks, I’m sure the boys will be up to the challenge. I’m not saying that the Colts can’t beat us; I’m just saying give credit where credit is due. What starters did this incredible Cleveland Browns team with their terrifying defense and Cool Joe Flacco rest? We beat them fair and square, quite handily, after everyone and their mom said (and hoped and prayed) that we wouldn’t stand a chance. Hey, we won the important games and earned a playoff spot. Jacksonville losing was just a Cherry on top. You’re right, strange things happen every year. Wouldn’t be the first time a team imploded the last game of the year with the playoffs on the line…
  6. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    Thanks! And you’re right, iron sharpens iron. Playing against good, familiar competition multiple times a year can help make a team better. Like the days of the Steelers/Ravens/Bengals during the Roethlisberger and Reed years….
  7. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    This. No one thought the Texans could pull it off, that the Browns were going to demolish us again. So much for that. Stroud is the OROY and has played damn good throughout the year. His poise and maturity is enough for me to believe he will continue to get better going forward and not randomly fall off a cliff like some people seem to think.
  8. Qwiz

    CJ Stroud

    Um…the Texans made several stellar plays throughout that game, actually, which is why the Colts needed to make the 4th and 1 (and to score, too) in the first place. We can nitpick plays and play what if, but Stroud and the Texans did what had to all game to win. And let’s not be revisionist about this Browns team. Most thought the Texans stood no chance against Flacco Reborn and the number one vaunted Browns defense. But now that we made them look silly, they’re bad all of a sudden? Nah.
  9. I know he won the Heisman, kind of came out of nowhere like one of his predecessors, Burrow. I still need to look at his film.
  10. Penix looks great, but as someone else mentioned, he’s been playing for a long time. Bennett last year had the same issue but Penix looks like a better prospect in my unprofessional opinion. I like Quinn Ewers but something about him is…I don’t know if I can see him as an actual franchise QB. Williams looks like the real deal despite his attitude problem but I haven’t seen enough of Maye to have a real opinion on him.
  11. This upcoming draft class is supposedly very deep, so I wouldn’t doubt that you guys look into a possible heir apparent to Cousins.
  12. Thanks. Yeah it turned out to be a dogfight, more so than I expected given how things went at the beginning. Congrats on a good season that was better than anyone predicted or expected y’all to have. And yep I’m keeping tabs on the Jags game at work as we speak 😂
  13. Hey how’s it going! Yeah I’ve been busier than usual but I checked in earlier this week in advance of the game to see how everyone was feeling. Good and mature responses from the posters here, I was anxious but this team is highly improved with Stroud and Meco and it shows! I thought you guys were gonna be playoff bound when Josh Dobbs was showing out despite it being his first weeks with a new team! Sad to hear it didn’t work out, Jordan Love has come into his own it seems…
  14. Let’s go Tennessee! Hold onto this lead 😤
  15. Yep, finally a VERY meaningful game between the two of us. I think the last game with stakes like this was our playoff game where Andrew torched us for 222 and three touchdowns. Good to be playing for something again! May the best team win 😤
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