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  1. Omg no!!! This is devastating news!!!
  2. @southwest1yooo man, where you at??? this one for you!
  3. Yep, KC might have been the winner if they would have done a better job at protecting Mahomes and if his receivers if they would have at least catched the balls.
  4. This 100% I couldn’t put my finger why Mahomes was struggling, he needs to do a better job setting up his protections if he wants to last in this league, if you don’t then your career will be short lived.
  5. Let’s hope he stops doing dump taunting stuff. But an excellent player.
  6. Winfield an *. With that said congrats to Tom Brady and TB! wow...As a Pats fan I am sad that both Brady and Gronk left, but happy they won.
  7. Wow, poor Mahomes getting killed out there!
  8. Holy crap with the time of possession!
  9. Looks like the KC tackles are absolute trash, they just can’t hold off Barrett and Mahomes foot is bothering him, he is not looking to run anymore. I think they giving up on the run game.
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