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  1. I've been looking into it as well.. But want to know where the seats are more than anything else
  2. This. Would like to see Reggie get CBPOY, but he won't match the numbers Julio will put up
  3. I don't disagree.. And that is unfortunately the reason that he doesn't get the majority of the carries
  4. if a team needs pools to bring fans to the game... Can't help but think they are a complete joke of a franchise
  5. If you can get pressure on a QB.. Then you have my apologies for the yelling
  6. Bradshaw runs SO much harder.. Would love to see him get the bulk of the work and see how he looks
  7. Anyone that can tackle a QB.. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
  8. IMO I think that might be one of the best overall games I have seen us put together in the Luck/Pagano era... Sustained long drives all day and Vontae came up with 2 nice INTs.. And the Karim KR touchdown was beautiful
  9. He coached 2 games after coming back.. And we went 1-1.. Wouldn't call that "dominating" And to say we would easily be 2-0 is complete speculation
  10. I don't think he is a bad player, just gets too many tick tack penalties when he doesn't need to.
  11. Watching Eli I can't help but wonder how this dude has 2 rings
  12. Really just don't see how some are writing off the season.. The defense stepped up in the 2nd half last night at Denver WITHOUT MATHIS.
  13. If someone gets me 9 for 98 first game back from an ACL tear I would go that way too
  14. Huge blow, but we will be fine as a team. Stop with all this "season is over" garbage
  15. Doesn't happen. Adjustments will be made and I don't see us losing our home opener on Monday night.. LOS should be poppin
  16. Really hoping this is Vontae's year where he plays great football week after week. Would love to see the top 5 CB I think he can be earning that paycheck
  17. Maybe he will start using a playbook from Madden
  18. I have always thought Fleener has looked a little bit soft or timid whatever you want to call it when he has the ball.. If it comes down to it, Allen better get the cash at the TE position
  19. Landry is terrible in coverage. All that needs to be said
  20. I would argue that saying that Mathis wouldn't have added much is boarder line *ic. Don't care who he is matched up against. You add one of the best pass rushers in the game to a defense and they are much improved..
  21. Me either. Went from throwing to the top of my tv for a full quarter then would switch to throwing to the bottom of my tv for a quarter..
  22. I know teams are not going to attack Sherman, but I think the Pack did more harm than good last night by basically only using one side of the field in the passing game. Allowed much more help by the safeties and backers on Maxwell's side.. Have to use the whole field IMO
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