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  1. While this is partially true, Jacoby takes too long to get through his progression. He has zero ability to throw the receivers open. He doesn't hit them out of their break.
  2. Fixin' to do some lawsuitin'
  3. They were likely all in the Bud Light Zone
  4. IMO, teams would be throwing 1st round picks at us. A year off isn't a deterrent...and let's be real......no one is more shallow than an NFL GM. It's worth the risk.
  5. Grover Stewart's Defensive Snap Counts have been in the 40s the last two games. They've gone bigger next to Autry. Hunt must have dropped back to semi-obvious passing downs. Personally, I believe he is being used as he should be. It's no knock on him, just situational based on strengths.
  6. Happy Trails Chad Kelly. Guess he'll have to wait for the HOF induction some of you are clamoring for.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, they were all DE edge rush too. Encouraging!
  8. Vinny isn't what he used to be, but let's be real....kickers apparently aren't easy to come by. He had a bad game, no doubt. All players have bad games, but kickers are on an island. Yeah, he missed some kicks last year. He still has range. I think he has earned the right to a bad game. Colts showed a lot of resolve tonight. Incredibly gutsy run call for the 2 Pt. Conv. I thought Jacoby manage the game extremely well. It was a great team effort. Let's rally around Adam.
  9. That was just Jacoby acting shocked so Andrew wouldn't know that he was the leak.
  10. He is very compact in his movement and his change of direction is incredibly abrupt. Slides right on through a crease.
  11. I wouldn't get too attached. He is practice depth. Would be a solid practice squad stash.
  12. There is actually a worse scenario. If Luck has to miss the first game, we have to sign a 4th QB. Chad Kelly is suspended for the first two games. If Luck is out, that only leaves Jacoby.
  13. Inman was a solid possession receiver for us. I was disappointed to see him go. I'm excited to see what they do with Funchess. We have some size running routes this year. The way we utilize or TEs paired with what we potentially have on the outside.....we should be a matchup nightmare for most teams. TY is absolutely an advantage as long as you have at least a reliable second option. He makes the field bigger for other receivers. Still on those other receivers to make the plays when they need to be made. Cheers to what could be a really fun season!
  14. Ha....completely failed to notice that. I was just giving him a hard time about "two". All makes sense now!
  15. Touchdowns? Field Goals? Sacks? Interceptions?
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