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  1. Even with that 12 year contract, he will be released next week.....only to be re-signed to a 13 year contract.....released the following week.....and so on...and so on. Poor guy must sign 4 day contracts.
  2. In all fairness, Bowen writes for the casual fan.
  3. When I saw the reports that we were in on Collins and then the contract, I assumed that 6th year and guaranteed (related), were what put them over the top of us. Nothing to substantiate that thought; just my assertions.
  4. KC often rushed 4 down lineman out of the nickel. This isn't that much of a transition for him.
  5. Agreed, but he does bring a different dimension to the run game. Reich likes to rotate players anyway, so they will just be used differently.
  6. I enjoy FA after the tampering period is over. I enjoy following the FA visits and the anticipation of the potential signing. Tampering period......miserable as a fan and on the forums.
  7. Every year.......and every year, it is proven that these contracts that are handed out, typically don't pay off.
  8. Nowhere yet, but we also tendered Chester R. at a 2nd round level. Already have over 30 million in the WR group. The competition will be good in camp. I just don't see him coming back with Funchess in the mix.
  9. IMO, Ballard wanted a 1 yr. rental while they see what they have in Cain. He has been clear that he wants to draft his talent. Personally, I'd have rather brought Inman back, but he likely wanted a 3 year deal.
  10. If you are surprised by this, you haven't been paying attention.
  11. I thought Ward earned his spot in the rotation prior to his injury. He is quick. I hope he is able to get back to form.
  12. I really liked him. He has another year on his deal, so hopefully he can come back strong.
  13. He signed with the Titans as a Free Agent.
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