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  1. He is very compact in his movement and his change of direction is incredibly abrupt. Slides right on through a crease.
  2. I wouldn't get too attached. He is practice depth. Would be a solid practice squad stash.
  3. There is actually a worse scenario. If Luck has to miss the first game, we have to sign a 4th QB. Chad Kelly is suspended for the first two games. If Luck is out, that only leaves Jacoby.
  4. Inman was a solid possession receiver for us. I was disappointed to see him go. I'm excited to see what they do with Funchess. We have some size running routes this year. The way we utilize or TEs paired with what we potentially have on the outside.....we should be a matchup nightmare for most teams. TY is absolutely an advantage as long as you have at least a reliable second option. He makes the field bigger for other receivers. Still on those other receivers to make the plays when they need to be made. Cheers to what could be a really fun season!
  5. Ha....completely failed to notice that. I was just giving him a hard time about "two". All makes sense now!
  6. Touchdowns? Field Goals? Sacks? Interceptions?
  7. Ah yes, the ling arm......a rare, but sought after trait.
  8. ColtJ82

    FA workouts.

    Google "Tryout Tuesdays"
  9. I haven't looked up the numbers and I'm just thinking outside the box on here. I wonder if this is one method Ballard will use to get us to the cap floor. Regardless, it's not like we are up against the cap. I do get the issue with setting that precedent. I would consider him a little different since he was an UDFA. He was making relative pennies and is teetering on the Pro Bowl. May as well lock him up before that first Pro Bowl is on his resume. On the two years, wouldn't it really only affect one year of those two years? It's an extension, so won't it tag on the back of his current contract, only negating the RFA year?
  10. I not only accept it, I 100% support not being active in the first wave. I meant it's annoying on the forums because so many people lose their minds.
  11. That's cool. Terrence Wilkins live in the apartment above my mom. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. He always called me "little man". I was 6'4", 200 back then....towered over him, lol.
  12. Even with that 12 year contract, he will be released next week.....only to be re-signed to a 13 year contract.....released the following week.....and so on...and so on. Poor guy must sign 4 day contracts.
  13. In all fairness, Bowen writes for the casual fan.
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