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  1. I think you are confusing Al Woods with Antauwn Woods.
  2. In all fairness, he was a Linebacker that is being converted to full time defensive end. I would think that would also mean him changing his body and playing heavier than he is used to. Last year kind of deserves a pass given the transition.
  3. I for sure remember reading that Hakeem Nicks wanted 88 and the Colts wouln't give it to him. I googled and found the pro football talk link from 2014. Oddly, in the comments, someone brings us the story of Collie refusing 88. That is all I can seem to find on it.
  4. Keep the wear and tear off of Mack. Great 1-2 punch. Wilkins at 3 and Hines....can't ask for much more. We're built to run and stop the run....we will be a handful in the playoffs.
  5. Jacoby did look good....I don't think he had a single incompletion in the whole reel.
  6. In all fairness, he only got to play 4 games last year and he played relatively well. Can't help that he was injured. He is showing an ability to live up to his 52nd draft position. I still think 10 sacks may be a little aggressive since he isn't a 3 down player. I'd personally say 6-8 with a high pressure rate would be a successful season. "He was beginning to really flash as a situational pass rusher this season — such as on this play, where he throws Cam Erving into Patrick Mahomes — before an early injury derailed his sophomore campaign. Across the first five weeks
  7. Depth player? You'd be disappointed with less than 10 sacks? You realize that none of Von Miller, Frank Clark, Vic Beasley, Khalil Mack, Bruce Irvin, JPP, Nick Bosa, or Harold Landry had 10 sacks last year?
  8. While this is partially true, Jacoby takes too long to get through his progression. He has zero ability to throw the receivers open. He doesn't hit them out of their break.
  9. Fixin' to do some lawsuitin'
  10. They were likely all in the Bud Light Zone
  11. IMO, teams would be throwing 1st round picks at us. A year off isn't a deterrent...and let's be real......no one is more shallow than an NFL GM. It's worth the risk.
  12. Grover Stewart's Defensive Snap Counts have been in the 40s the last two games. They've gone bigger next to Autry. Hunt must have dropped back to semi-obvious passing downs. Personally, I believe he is being used as he should be. It's no knock on him, just situational based on strengths.
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