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  1. Exactly right, we have to hope he does have a renaissance, Philip can be magically effective and absolutely atrocious all in the same game. If this works it will because he has time to throw and a quick passing attack. He'll be able to make reads at the line, get into the right plays (or get out of the wrong ones) and win with some combo of experience, protection, and efficient passing. I don't love the deal but now that he's a Colt, I'm in! JB has to be out, can't have 46K in QB salary, so that's the next axe to fall...
  2. That's what I was trying to process as well...
  3. Do I understand it right the Brissett gets a 9M roster bonus? If so, would it not be true that if he doesn't make the roster that 9M is free'd up in terms of total cap space? Or am I wrong? If so, I can't see JB getting 9M as a roster bonus while Kelly is 750K? Could the resident cap expert here help me out? Just trying to connect the dots to what's about to happen...
  4. Confirms what I thought, none of these QB's coming out (that would be available to us) are better than what we have in the stable or we like FA better. DT then is clearly our top need and we just filled it with a big time stud. I didn't see it coming and I think it's great. I'm not big on Phillip Rivers but that seems to be the next big thing, not a fan of that move but I like the Buckner move a lot!
  5. The draft strategy can completely change based on the Free Agency period, so they may have a soft plan of course, but I can assure you if it includes free agents, that impacts the draft strategy. Then we don't know how the draft is going to fall so it's still a crap shoot.
  6. Thanks, I hate this time of year, overwhelming speculation based on zero actual knowledge. The team itself doesn't even know what their going to do yet...the arm chair GM'ing is incredible.
  7. Where does Josh Rosen go in this scenario?
  8. Straight up best 10 football players? Ok, I'll play, this going to drive some of you a little nuts but we could use some excitement in the off-season so I'll do it! Problem is, your QB needs to be a top 3 player and preferably #1! 1. Quenton Nelson 2. Darius Leonard 3. Anthony Castonzo* 4. Justin Houston 5. Chad Kelly 6. T.Y Hilton 7. Marlon Mack 8. Jacoby Brissett 9. Braden Smith 10. Ryan Kelly ________________ 11. Kenny Moore 12. Kemoko Turay 13. Jack Doyle 14. Pierre Desir 15. Malik Hooker 16. Khari Willis 17. Jabaal Sheard* 18. Denico Autry 19. Anthony Walker 20. Mark Glowinski
  9. Don't put me down as a 'no', put me down as a 'please no.' Arm is shot, zero mobility (possibly negative speed) and couldn't win big in his prime loaded with talent. I'd rather play the cards we have at the moment.
  10. Okereke was good in space, lost in traffic. Willis did it all, super impressed with him, looks to me like a 10+ year pro. Okereke has a lot of sizzle because everyone sees the plays he makes in space but don't recognize when he gives up a 6 yard run that should have been a 2 yard run. Okereke has to be able to run detect and fill holes better. Willis is a starter now.
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