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  1. He "didn't flinch" and it cost us this time. He could have packaged our late rounds picks and moved up in round 2. Instead we have a couple practice squad guys we could have signed as UDFA's. CB couldn't part with the picks, he should have, in this particular draft we needed quality over quantity. Now, if we have a contract for Fischer sitting on the desk pending a medical, you can delete this post.
  2. I hope this is correct, I'd be ok with a legit FA LT.
  3. I was thinking more of when Autry lined up in the 5 tech, I agree he's not necessarily a 3 tech guy, he is similar in size to Autry yet stronger, I do see him paired with Buckner on the left side. That said he can play all over the line. We can create real match up issues with those two on the same side and then hopefully Turay comes back and we re-sign Houston for the RDE. Reference attached link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=062czSJhagU
  4. I think he's here to take the place of Autry, set the edge, push the pocket, play fast and physical. Plus he pursues extremely well which is exactly how we play. I like him next to Buckner, it makes sense to me. We should see Touray or Houston on the other side, that starts to shape up real nice if it play out that way. Never forget we prioritize culture fits, and he's exactly that, this pick makes perfect sense to me. On the LT!
  5. Spot on, Ballard does tell you what he's thinking if you pay close attention. Essentially he told us he wasn't going OT in rd1 when he spoke about how much he liked the guys we had and emphasized the guys we brought in. He also said there's still a long way until we start the season so I expect us to see more FA activity post draft, that could mean a FA OT, so we can can only speculate. I still think we sign Houston and I expect Paye is more of a replacement for Autry than Houston. He also mentioned how important is was for LT to be athletic to match up with these dynamic pass rushers, to
  6. Sidebar, you're a Stanford guy right? Davis Mills looks impressive to me, why isn't he getting more attention? Simi Frehoko seems good too. What are your thoughts?
  7. Indy media is good at two things, basketball and auto racing, anything else, not too in depth or insightful. Candidly, I'd much rather be us than Philly media. I don't need a bunch of media types trying to make a name for themselves getting in the head of my football team.
  8. Dude, this is sooo much work any response seems inadequate. I would say of we go LT in FA then I like us going rush end in Rd 1. My guess is Ballard would be interested in Eric Fisher as a known quantity in KC. If that happens, or some other FA at LT, then someone like Oweh makes perfect sense. Until we see FA moves it's really impossible to predict draft strategies. Your list is educational, thank you.
  9. I think we need to take a hard look at Vasili Borodin from Montana!
  10. I'm not sure that's true, I think he's very predictable. He pretty much tells you exactly what he's going to do, just not how he's going to do it. He's told us with absolute clarity he believes 100% in building the lines on both sides of the ball. He believes in building a specific culture and taking care of our own. Q will get resigned to a max type deal for the long term. He's a generational player, same will be true for Leonard. There is a question about does he play G or T, do we draft Oline in the draft, or do we pursue pash rush, what do we do in FA, this we do not know. resigning
  11. White, I don't really like the all blue that much...thought it would look better but it doesn't. I do want to see the 84's as a throwback uni at some point.
  12. I know, I was being sarcastic...c'mon.
  13. Yeah, probably an insulting offer just for fun to a Hall of famer, Ballard is in it for the kicks.
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