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  1. Rally5

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    I can't stand Trey Wingo.
  2. The entirety if this thread is high quality. Good job Colts forum!
  3. I totally get your point on play action is a weapon unto itself and doesn't require the run game to be competent to do so. I can buy into that, my opinion would be, by the numbers I can agree. However, if you play defense against a team where you have no concern or respect for that run threat and it can be handled by the front four/five then your passing lanes get real tight because I'm slow to commit, as a backer I start to I cheat the pass, this becomes pick city! So, the offense will find itself in a chokehold, passing lanes get tight, can't run, game over. Death by gridlock! The same holds true in reverse by the way which is why people always talk about making teams one dimensional which is why all the Baltimore Raven hype is just that until the guy can throw...no matter. So, it's kinda like you can drown in a puddle of averages if that's all you look at but I would agree on balance the argument has merit and makes sense, I would just caution to leave room for exceptions, I'm not sure I would view it as a universal truth. Great stuff as always, man, good to see you delivering content again!
  4. Rally5

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    It's like someone dug you up out of a long slumber, look at you go!
  5. Rally5

    Ballard press conference

    Whys are you so passionate about meaningless stuff. The whole world knows the line in aggregate was terrible last year (several years) yet a couple players remain and he's trying to respect that while being honest with fans, it's not hard to understand. This is not even a story.
  6. Rally5

    Ballard press conference

    I appreciate a draft post that understands the reality of these situations. Thanks, some of the draft posts are astonishing to me. You're right about the Mike and the Dline, look for another olineman as well, note, this doesn't contemplate FA acquisitions and losses.
  7. Rally5

    Colts draft spot

    Slauson on a one year deal as a back up is smart if he's healthy.
  8. Rally5

    Colts draft spot

    If we re-sign Slausen and Glowinski along with Haeg and Boehn I like our depth. We need speed at CB, and a WR with hands and route running ability and an edge rusher. I'd put edge rusher as #1 priority. DO NOT be surprised if we draft OLINE/DLINE again early. That's Ballards montra, I'm ok with it frankly but I see needs in other places as well. I imagine we will align the talent available with the needs of the team. Should be a fun draft and FA season!
  9. Rally5

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

  10. Rally5

    Trust Ballard

    Is this one of those joke threads that I don't get right away only to find out 10 responses later you're just trolling?
  11. Rally5

    What players should the Colts resign?

    For the right price I agree with your picks, what we don't know is who will command what in terms of dollars in the market. I do want to see us keep this core together, that was our investment this year was to see what they can do and develop talent. Doesn't make sense to let guys walk. So where we have a lot of cap space we have a ton of guys to sign. We may not have the amount of funny money we think in the end.
  12. Rally5

    Trust Ballard

    What Ballard wanted was for the youngest team in the NFL (if you takeout Vinny) to get playing time. He wants a young team with experience by year 2 and 3, that's why we parted with some good vets and didn't sign guys. It's brilliant really because we don't go into next year with a bunch of 'what if's' we know the holes to fill and the young guys know exactly what to work on to improve their game. It's advanced level GM'ing, color me impressed. I truly enjoyed this season. Next year, expectations will be high for this group!
  13. Rally5

    So who wins the “chess match “?

    Well, it's not the only thing, what may be the X factor is pressure on a young QB in his first playoff game. If he has time this will be a shoot out and that makes me worry a little. Weather depending.
  14. Rally5

    So who wins the “chess match “?

    I think it will come down to which team can generate pressure.