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  1. The conversation was about Watt v Houston. If I said player it was meant to be implied to the topic being discussed in the thread, sorry if I confused you.
  2. I like Houston, I'm very pleased if we re-sign him. Watt is in a different league, there are questions certainly around age for both, durability for JJ and price. If you pair Watt and Buckner that is a massive issue for offenses to contend with, especially on the right side. We've learned if you want to win a Superbowl against an HP offense you have to do it with your front four, full stop. Houston doesn't quite bring that level of juice in my opinion, Watt does. As for lifting up teams your not part of, check with Manning and Brady, Watt has that type of lift in my opinion. Look, I full
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/espn-says-j-j-watt-170223933.html
  4. Funny, you're an admin, go check the date...keep pulling stats.
  5. 100%. I don't want NE style reporting either but sometimes the Indy press corps are just not athletically inclined.
  6. Isn't Watt the most double teamed player in the NFL? That's a vital stat you missed, there's so much more here, how does he impact the players around him, do you have that stat? Great players lift up those around them nd Watt does that in spades. The two guys I said the Colts should get in October, Wentz and Watt. Deals can be done and money can be worked out. The organization has to compel the player, I imagine a world where teams have to handle both Watt and Buckner coming off the right side. You then have to keep extras in to block which means fewer guys releasing in routes. If Watt
  7. Thought the exact same thing.
  8. I'd focus on re-signing as many of our guys as possible with priorities and solid short term deals for Rhodes, Houston and Autry. Then I would draft a LT. It's important we make good on taking care of our own guys, Ballard preaches it and it's part of our current culture. So, that means he has a long list of guys he has to try and make good and show a commitment to the locker room culture that has been built. I'd prioritize maintaining the culture over any one free agent at the moment (except maybe Watt which would be amazing but likely impossible).
  9. Time is now for them to start throwing together!
  10. I think it was one of only a few options. He's a perfect fit and the coaches know him. He's capable of putting up MVP numbers and he's taken teams to the playoffs. He's 27 and could potentially play here for 10 years. Are you willing to bet a 1 and a 3 against that, my answer is yes. If he's a bust it's like losing with three of kind, it's a bet you have to make. Candidly, I think it's our very best option going into 2021. When Ballard spoke with Dakich, he said the team (players) expected him to come through with a QB, he had to get this done...in my opinion, this makes us a Super Bowl
  11. I thought this was an obvious move in October, not surprised in the least. I'm very interested to see what the cap implications are, this was the only viable move that made sense from a player perspective outside of Stafford. Wentz can play, there's no doubt, now will he? I think so, Frank will need to reprogram him. Massive kudos to Ballard for getting this done without sacrificing the future...this is exciting! Now, where's JJ?
  12. That's not how it went down though. Taylor was the starter and the plan was for Herbert to sit a year and learn until Taylor got his lung punctured by some witch doctor. Then everyting changed...
  13. Here's what I heard, reading into the nuance of what he said. They are 100% in the mix for Wentz. Every option explored, can't discuss it, solving the QB opening is job #1. Players are watching, the guys have a taste and want to win now. They know we need a QB and I'm expected to handle it mentality. He doesn't know if Eason has it between the ears, he has all the physical traits but isn't willing to bet the season it. Watson isn't coming to Indy, the price tag is too high, every player has a value and Texans wouldn't do that deal anyway. Darnold is in the mental abyss. Our QB option f
  14. So Darnold who has done nothing but lose over Garoppalo who took a team to a Super Bowl and Wentz who had an MVP type season and helped lead a team to a SB before injury? That's an interesting take, tell me more, is it just because he's young and was drafted high or do you see something special? I'd be all for Stafford but I think that may be a bidding war...
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