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  1. Best back up in the league, quality guy, I like him.
  2. So far he hasn't proven to be above average.
  3. The other thing we are beginning to learn as fans is Jacoby seems to struggle with his pre-snap reads. We're seeing more and more teams blitz us with free runs. Point of that is, a lot of big plays come against the blitz since there's risk both ways. Currently it doesn't seem to me (I don't have stats) that we don't generate big plays against the blitz either, so a bit of a big play double whammie. We don't go down field much and we don't punish the blitz. If you recall, teams were loathe to blitz Manning and to some extent Luck because of the pre-snap read and subsequent audible. One of the biggest things a QB does is get into the right play or at least out of a bad one, this jumped out at me during the Titan game and I worry about the trend we're starting to see, tendencies are being discovered and we'd better adjust or it's blitzkrieg Indy.
  4. To my knowledge Lott is the only player in the history of the game to cut off part of his body so he could play but I get your point. I actually agree with you for the most part. So are you saying if Andrew said I want to play again, you'd say 'cool but go somewhere else and do it we'd rather keep Jacoby or draft a rookie and get some picks?'
  5. I get that and that's 100% fair. Never in the history of football as I know it has a 30 year old hall of fame talent QB walked away or have been available, although we still have his rights. I think if he announced the time away healed his mind and he wanted to play again this board would be mostly ecstatic. I too have made peace with him leaving but that doesn't mean we can't try to persuade him back, I see that as two different things. Perhaps an injured mind should be viewed the same way as an injured body. My gut is the guy is too much of a competitor and too much of a team guy to find peace snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada's when he could be a QB of an NFL team. Part of his equation I believe may have also been this team would be better or as good without him, that's clearly not the case. The simple question is, is Andrew Luck worth the effort, I say he is and I'd be willing to do put forth the effort.
  6. Ok man, gotcha., solid points. he's a total loser.
  7. Because: 1. He's an amazing guy with some issues to work out, I can forgive that... 2. He's a 30 YO Hall of Fame talent. 3. He can bring us a Super Bowl. Seems like three really good reasons off the top of my head or we can hope for the best the next 20 years because lightning won't strike the same place three times in a row.
  8. We all need encouragement from time to time don't we?
  9. I will 100% do it if the fans support it and we could do it well. Need funding of course...
  10. I'm thinking about pulling together a go fund me to take out a full page want ad in the Indianapolis Star (in the off-season) asking Andrew to unretire and give us 5 more years...bad idea? Who's with me? Could be fun, make up for some boo's!!!
  11. They are number 2 in the NFL in sacks brother.
  12. I haven't seen any replays but it looked to me we were in single high cover three. If that's the case the corner blew the coverage on the first TD, not Hooker. Maybe someone who has watched the replay can opine. We play a lot of C3 and Hooker didn't seem to have any intention of covering that back third. Either Desir completely blew it (he was playing cover 2) or Hooker did. Since Hooker was the only safety deep I assumed we were in cover 3 and Desir played the wrong coverage. Now that I think about it more since I recall Hopkins release was inside Desir's position and in a cover 2 you would push that to your safety, if he goes outside you'd go with him, just basic cover 2 rules. That might suggest to me Desir was thinking he had safety help. Given Hooker didn't react you could assume he thought Desir would cover the back third. sooo...unless we know the call we don't know who blew it. Now, if I had to guess I'd say it was Desir since there was only one safety playing deep as I recall. If anyone has the replay it should be easy to dissect, just look and see where the second safety was.
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