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  1. Rally5


    You're right, I was a little over my ski's, I was projecting a bit too much...
  2. Rally5


    Measurables have their place but there's no great measurable for just being a heckuva football player. Henteges is showing us that on field. I like him and he very well make Doyle replaceable next year...and I really like Jack but this is a very positive cap development.
  3. Chung Li = Overrated...was my sparring partner...didn't teach him everything.
  4. I've always said, you want to be peaking in week two of August...
  5. I've been waiting all off season for this!!! I know you're dying to know the grade I give your grades...last year's B+ is this years B+ again IMO! I'm glad you put some criticisms out there, I'm not sure this draft is quite as awesome as many are making it out to be. I do like all your grades except Okereke, I watched all his tape, there's a ton if it out there and I'm just underwhelmed. Of course, I want to be wrong, to be clear, I hope he's a stud but his instincts are just awful at times, not to mention the off-field stuff. It does seem like we fell in love with physical traits this draft, I hope we can mold most of these guys into something. Lot's of projects here which just lowers an already challenging success rate for draft picks. Anyway, thanks as always for doing this and thanks for having some honest takes on these guys. Go Colts!
  6. That highlight tape is impressive, runs all routes, wins 50/50, has top end speed, plays fearless, beat double and triple coverage, blocks down field, shows route savvy, what's not to like? If that package was against SEC talent he'd be a first rounder. The hard thing to know is how good he is versus that competition. Like you, I like the potential of guys like this for our team, if that talent translates against NFL competition he'll have a spot. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I call nonsense, online courses are hard!
  8. This is exactly right. The strategy works because of drafting...amazing drafts! You can't do this and be an average talent evaluator or not understand the combination of talent, team needs, and culture fits. To his infinite credit CB has crushed this to date...now can he maintain it.
  9. The best RB I ever saw was Bo Jackson. If rating over a career, then no, but if I had to have one guy for one season at his said best....I go Bo!
  10. Danny White was a great punter but would be the equivalent to say...Jim Harbaugh who isn't even on our list. That's honestly a big miss!
  11. I didn't like them as much as I thought I would, given my druthers I'd rather see just the pants in blue as an alternate or a nod to the 84's.
  12. I love articles like this. In truth all zones are match concepts, example, if you play a 'traditional' C2 corner and a receiver runs an outside go, you gotta go with him foresaking underneath and the backer has to stretch to the flat. Anytime a player enters your 'zone' you engage in coverage and better coverage players will even play a little off to try an coax a throw. In the second example with Beasley, I see an entire defense paying the QB and not the player in their zone. As the D flows with Prescott Beasley opts for the whip option on his pivot route and it's an easy TD. I'm not sure how the Jags are teaching zone concepts but that's not how I learned it. What's seems to me to be different today is mixing combinations of man and zone within in the same call, it's kinda like a box in one defense. On to part two .... thanks for sharing.
  13. I didn't think we'd prioritize WR but I like the Campbell pick. I thought we'd prioritize the lines and didn't and I'm totally cool with it. We guess about things as part of the fun, I'm usually right but on occassion, I get it wrong, that's why I have a wife and apparently you as well to remind me.
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