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  1. Rally5

    Desir a test for Ballard?

    Could be, no telling how the draft will fall, I just listen to Ballard and he tends to be pretty transparent. Great news is, we have depth so we can truly look for the best deal on the board and do whatever drives value and need, I like how we're positioned very much.
  2. Rally5

    Desir a test for Ballard?

    You could bank the farm last year we were going Oline, you can just about bank the farm this year we're going Dline unless there's a huge run on talent.
  3. Rally5

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    First thing, how he played with the Browns and his draft position matter absolutely 0% to his current value to this team at this time. By re-signing Desire Ballard allows himself increased draft flexibility, it's similar to the Funchess deal, he's positioning his draft flexibility while at the same time fulfilling a cultural proposition that states "we take care of our own in Indy." That makes his word matter and position Indy as a destination of choice, so re-signing Glow, Desir, Hunt are all very good for the team. Now, to your concern, this in no way precludes us from drafting a CB or a WR in the first three rounds, in fact, it allows us to move up and down the board and jump on opportunities without being oppressed by 'position of need' which is a perfect draft position. This entire process isn't nearly as linear as it appears. Getting hyped up about big names in FA is the same mistake many posters made during last years draft when we picked a Guard early or guys nobody heard of or no-name school players and completely flipped out. This a sophisticated game of positioning and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone do it as well as Ballard. So, think beyond the obvious nature of the move, look around the corners and I think at the end of the entire process I bet you like what you see. Go Colts!
  4. Rally5

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    Good Stuff!
  5. Rally5

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    I take that deal all day long! Good job on this CB and I think we still hunt a corner early in the draft! So far so good!
  6. Rally5

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    I'd be surprised if it's 10M. Ballard sets a value, I don't see it at 3/30. 3/21-24 feels right to me.
  7. Rally5

    Poll/Debate: Funchess

    Spot on.
  8. Rally5

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Good post. I don't think you'll get the full open heart confessional at the presser either as I suspect Funchess (as previously stated) is an insurance policy with a high premium. He's not a long term solution (right now) or it wouldn't be a 1 yr deal. Ballard can't say that...
  9. Rally5

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    My hunch is Ballard agrees with you and that's part of the Funchess signing. Funchess is a 10M insurance policy in case the draft doesn't fall the way he expects and there's no receivers in R2 or R3 that meet the WR2 standard.
  10. Rally5

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    I think you're right on the fourth dimension bit (not the band). If I'm Ballard I go ahead and secure a need pre-draft so I'm not held hostage to drafting a receiver which I don't really want to do (at least not in desperation). This is a D-Line draft and Ballard is pretty transparent about wanting DLineman. This to me takes Harry off the board as a first-rounder and frees up Ballard on draft day at basically zero risk in a one-year deal, if Funchess performs, great and if he doesn't we move on. So, my hunch is this is about draft flexibility in some ways. I'm not in love with the deal mind you, but I think I get it. He's also looking to the future, we have cornerstone guys we need to re-sign next year as well, so we as fans need to understand some of the bigger picture at play here. All the conversations so far are 'need receiver/pay receiver' and I think Ballard is playing more chess than checkers at the moment and I'm really good with that. All that said, if we spend long term real money somewhere it will be at pass rusher not receiver.
  11. Rally5

    A few thoughts about Desir....

    I agree with all of this!
  12. Rally5

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    I can't stand Trey Wingo.
  13. The entirety if this thread is high quality. Good job Colts forum!
  14. I totally get your point on play action is a weapon unto itself and doesn't require the run game to be competent to do so. I can buy into that, my opinion would be, by the numbers I can agree. However, if you play defense against a team where you have no concern or respect for that run threat and it can be handled by the front four/five then your passing lanes get real tight because I'm slow to commit, as a backer I start to I cheat the pass, this becomes pick city! So, the offense will find itself in a chokehold, passing lanes get tight, can't run, game over. Death by gridlock! The same holds true in reverse by the way which is why people always talk about making teams one dimensional which is why all the Baltimore Raven hype is just that until the guy can throw...no matter. So, it's kinda like you can drown in a puddle of averages if that's all you look at but I would agree on balance the argument has merit and makes sense, I would just caution to leave room for exceptions, I'm not sure I would view it as a universal truth. Great stuff as always, man, good to see you delivering content again!