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  1. I do remember hearing he ran a sub 4.5 but I couldn't say where. Don't I recall him tracking down a CB after a pick last pre-season? Dude has wheels, his physical skills are fantastic. This article puts at a 4.7 https://nflmocks.com/2016/07/03/chad-kelly-qb-ole-miss-2017-nfl-draft-scouting-report/
  2. Thanks, I thought so too, that top post isn't mine either. Now, on to better things...
  3. You 100% took out of context what I said. That's the best statistic. I also didn't compare Hooker to the rookie Willis. I also didn't call him a bust. There's absolutely no stat that says busts are scheme fit issues either, you made that up. Your response is off by a measure of 90% according to my research on smartfan.com. You don't need to go data mining in search for a winning argument. Here's all the data you need to know, Hooker needs to play better.
  4. Following a QB's eyes and "lurking" in college is much different than in the NFL. Those opportunities are simply not the same. Pass rush is without question the key to a successful C2 approach, that's a fair point. Candidly most people don't get good looks at the FS play on game coverage as they are often off-camera, so you have to see the coaches tape to really know. So it's hard to know if people aren't throwing his way, which is an argument I hear as well. I know this and if you played you'll agree, when my free walks off a grass field in a pristine white uniform after giving up 38 points, I have questions. To me, he really hasn't been an impactful player and I think Ballard agrees or we would have picked up the option in a heartbeat. He has this year to show his value, I hope he does.
  5. Any virtue taken to an extreme becomes a liability, his job is to throw it to his receivers not through his receivers. So many drops on short drag routes thrown as if they were 20 yard in routes. He'll have to learn how to modulate the throttle, even in the NFL. He does have a big arm.
  6. Rally5

    A Day Later

    I like Kelly too, I think Ballard just can't make peace with him...I hope he gets a fair shot as he's the best play maker at the position we have but his past simply haunts him. Ultimately as a Colts fan, I think we can be excited that we have four guys who can play the position, let's see how it plays out, the cupboard isn't bare and that's really good news!
  7. I posted a long write up on the guy, his mechanics are a disaster, he's not just a project, he's a massive project with limited upside. I just think people who were big on him didn't know what they were looking at, all I saw was a mess.
  8. It's a good highlight reel! I don't know how good he will be but I love the trade!
  9. I have no issue with you liking Eason but kindly the Drew Brees comparo is pretty far off. I've watched his games in there entirety. A better comparison would be Joe Flacco. Throws a great deep ball, fantastic actually, tall but not necessarily athletic, and not overly accurate yet improving (Georgia v Washington). He's not a natural leader (I live near UGA so I saw that first hand) and a bit immature. He has a gun, if you made a physical cut out of an NFL QB, he is it. He has a long, long way to go and frankly he needs to make the team before anointed 'the future'. There's an outside chance he doesn't make the cut depending on how he performs in camp. We currently have 4 real QB's on the roster, this position will be interesting to follow. PS. Did anyone notice Frank didn't mention Jacoby in the presser, I think only Ballard did...just seemed a little odd to me, could be reading too much into it.
  10. Of course it's possible and yes, there will be a competition, that doesn't require explanation. The good news is we have two good kickers in camp, a position that cost us meaningful wins last year and should prove to be an upgrade.
  11. This could be our kicker of the future. Smart UDFA signing, if it counts, I thought we would draft him...I was almost right about something! Really solid effort by the front office this year, hope it works out to its full potential! -Go Colts
  12. The formula contemplates more than just playing time. It values both what you lose and what you gain. There's also post-season implications in the equation. It would be very difficult to effectively 'draft manage' a player in a current season to impact compensatory picks the following year, especially your key guys. The system isn't set up to be manipulated so easily, as I understand it. PS. It should be noted I'm not am expert.
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