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  1. That's a lot of work, I'm always appreciative of the people here that put that kind of effort into the forum. So thank you. I just wrote a post on a different topic that touches on this a little bit. I'm not sure what to make of the receiver carousel but typically receiver production is a by-product of the QB. Rivers has a lot to do with it as it relates to schemes etc. We're way to shotgun dependent (75%) which takes play action out of the equation which we're built for. To me, that's because Rivers like to read the defense but it also works in reverse and makes routes and pa
  2. Exactly right, play action from under center also lends itself to taking the big shots. We're way too shotgun heavy for a team that wants to lean on the run game and set up play action. That's part of the reason we're not getting the deep ball as much as we like. Some people think that we need faster receivers, that's not the issue. It's two fold, it's what Rivers wants (shotgun) so we cater to it because he's the qb and he's so slow afoot by the time he hits his drop in play action the short route windows have already expired, meaning crossers and slants have entered the coverage zone, too
  3. You just never know it's week to week, 4-2 to me, is right where I would've expected us to be right now. Yes, we can beat everyone in our division but only of we execute A LOT better.
  4. I'm not sure I subscribe to all that, NFL is a brutally tough league, everyone can play. If we come out of week 6 at 4-2 I still contend we are on schedule. Let's hope!
  5. I said it's not a must win but a gateway game meaning, it setting the stage for the next several games. It allows for breathing room, where a loss puts you at 3-3 and then the season starts to become a real grind.
  6. There's such a big difference between 4-2 and 3-3. This has likely been the easiest part of our schedule. One win in this case is a huge difference for the team, I would consider 4-2 on schedule and ironically I would consider 3-3 well behind due to the balance of the schedule and an undefeated Titans team. I hat to call this game a must win, so I won't but it is a gateway game.
  7. I like to see more of this guy, that's an interesting highlight package.
  8. Meh, I regret posting this...mods feel free to delete.
  9. I'm not putting way too much stock in a few highlights, that's what the OP was about. I appreciate your in depth knowledge of Blackmon's college career, I'm just not sure I care about what he did at Utah. I don't mean that to sound as snarky as it does, how he's coached and plays here is what matters to me. The second highlight, shows his vertical ability, so we know he can get vertical and I do expect him to make mistakes at safety as a rookie. It's a so far so good story for me. It seems like you always had a scheme defense for Hooker and that's fine, I'm willing to concede the point if
  10. Clark is terrible, having him start at LT is terrifying. Thrilled to be wrong.
  11. Losing AC and DL are massive for us, not sure I like us in Cleveland this week, want to be wrong.
  12. Drafting, even for the best, is a 50/50 proposition. Hooker seemed like a great pick but wasn't, it happens. Overall, I really like Ballard's drafts, my only real gripe is not getting depth at OT but at least AC never gets hurt. So I guess we don't need to worry about that...
  13. Quick, somebody get Coronavirus and let's push this game to another week!!!!
  14. You really like Hooker, I don't. It's not about the scheme, if you look at the Baldy highlights it C1, C2 and C3 calls. His play is instinctive and aggressive which Hooker simply wasn't. Blackmon is coming up and hitting guys, Hooker didn't like to get dirty. Hooker is one of those guys with measurables and no instincts, no toughness. He'll be somewhere else next year and have the opportunity to decide if he wants to stay in this league. My guess is he gets a minimal deal based on his tape. Blackmon is the story here, a rookie, coming off significant injury playing like a vet...really g
  15. Two people I simply can't stomach: Max Kellerman and Trey Wingo...complete clowns.
  16. He ripped a few throws, meaning, he delivered some balls with more velocity than I thought he had left. He has big issues when he can't set his feet or get his core active in the motion, make no mistake. But he popped some pads Sunday and I didn't think he had that juice left. I'm working my way to cautiously optimistic, but I realize the upside is limited. We have to run and give him a pocket against top defenses.
  17. That's almost exactly what I mean, good example.
  18. Is it just me? I swear there was some pop on those throws?! I think with how he 'chucks' it, if he can step into a throw he can still deliver with some velocity. It also seems if he can't get his feet under him or his torso into the throw then he fires ducks. If we can protect him, he may yet be able to deliver, he knows coverage schemes so if he can surveil the field and step into throws dudes going to complete 80% of his passes. This is the way...
  19. I love the enthusiasm, don't want to dampen it. I really need to see them play against a quality offense or two or three before we start anointing them, nicknames are typically earned and become obvious, let's see what it looks like after game 8. -Go Colts!
  20. After a couple game sample size I would agree. To be honest, I like Carrie / Moore over Ya-Sin as well.
  21. He plays his role very well.
  22. Today was a really good win, save a few too many penalties that was near perfect execution. We ran at will, set up short yardage possessions. Our run game set up the pass, we protected Rivers and the D did their job, stop the run, get off the field and get a couple turnovers. This is exactly how this team needs to win. Blueprint this one Coach! I also think we played more man coverage unless my eyes deceived me AND I really thought the secondary benefited from having Carrie and Blackmon in there vs Ya Sin and Hooker. This was a winning formula, good job all around, let's not forget Blank
  23. Do we trust too much in analytics at times in lieu of football acumen. Meaning, positive outcome likely 'says the data' to go for it on 4th and goal but wisdom says take the points on the road. Where's the intersection of wisdom and data? Week one on the road, rookie kicker gets an easy rep, two score lead, put a little panic in the opponent...thought that was a no-brainer. Easy to second guess as well, I know there's a role for data to play but it seems like we are hueing towards an over reliance on analytics. Would enjoy hearing those thoughts. In Frank we trust!
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