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  1. He ripped a few throws, meaning, he delivered some balls with more velocity than I thought he had left. He has big issues when he can't set his feet or get his core active in the motion, make no mistake. But he popped some pads Sunday and I didn't think he had that juice left. I'm working my way to cautiously optimistic, but I realize the upside is limited. We have to run and give him a pocket against top defenses.
  2. That's almost exactly what I mean, good example.
  3. Is it just me? I swear there was some pop on those throws?! I think with how he 'chucks' it, if he can step into a throw he can still deliver with some velocity. It also seems if he can't get his feet under him or his torso into the throw then he fires ducks. If we can protect him, he may yet be able to deliver, he knows coverage schemes so if he can surveil the field and step into throws dudes going to complete 80% of his passes. This is the way...
  4. I love the enthusiasm, don't want to dampen it. I really need to see them play against a quality offense or two or three before we start anointing them, nicknames are typically earned and become obvious, let's see what it looks like after game 8. -Go Colts!
  5. After a couple game sample size I would agree. To be honest, I like Carrie / Moore over Ya-Sin as well.
  6. He plays his role very well.
  7. Today was a really good win, save a few too many penalties that was near perfect execution. We ran at will, set up short yardage possessions. Our run game set up the pass, we protected Rivers and the D did their job, stop the run, get off the field and get a couple turnovers. This is exactly how this team needs to win. Blueprint this one Coach! I also think we played more man coverage unless my eyes deceived me AND I really thought the secondary benefited from having Carrie and Blackmon in there vs Ya Sin and Hooker. This was a winning formula, good job all around, let's not forget Blank
  8. Do we trust too much in analytics at times in lieu of football acumen. Meaning, positive outcome likely 'says the data' to go for it on 4th and goal but wisdom says take the points on the road. Where's the intersection of wisdom and data? Week one on the road, rookie kicker gets an easy rep, two score lead, put a little panic in the opponent...thought that was a no-brainer. Easy to second guess as well, I know there's a role for data to play but it seems like we are hueing towards an over reliance on analytics. Would enjoy hearing those thoughts. In Frank we trust!
  9. You kick the FG and go up two scores on the road, especially in game one. What's more, give the rookie kicker some easy kicks as a side bonus. Go up two on the road, especially against a non-explosive offense...an easy call!
  10. Yes. The only positive I took away from the game was the defense really flew to the ball, good pursuit, just always too late. The effort wasn't lacking to be fair, the game plan wasn't good, the decision making was poor, and we were physically beat on both sides of the line.
  11. We'll likely bounce back and we're going to have some great games this year, no doubt. BUT you have to win the one's you're supposed to and then win a couple you shouldn't. We consistently have these types of games and these types of starts. Either we have a talent issue or a coaching issue, both pain me to say. J'ville had an undrafted rookie RB and a sixth round QB beat us with the same training camp restrictions we had. We have nearly the same players, coaches, and scheme as last year, we should have benefited from a truncated camp, but alas....we did not!
  12. I view the defense scheme as a symbiotic relationship with the offense, works great when you have a lead and the front four can tee off, or you have HOF talent e.g. Freeney/Mathis and you can drop 7 in coverage. We're not doing either, we don't get home quick enough and of DB's can't keep coverage which is tough to do in today's NFL. Total system failure in terms of scheme and what we aspire to do, not a good day.
  13. For all the post game diagnostics, this sums up the loss: Minshew 19/20 190 3 TDS, Rivers 36/46 1/2. River can't carry a team anymore, you flip these two box scores Colts win. We were supposed to win up front and we lost on both sides of the line. Minshew took what the defense gave him and protected the ball and typically found himself in favorable downs staying on or ahead of schedule most of the game and threw but ONE incompletion. The new additions and the rookies didn't really show up, seems like the same team as last year. If this team is as talented as proposed at some p
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