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Training Camp Day 8-August 8th

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Just now, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

Yesterday was fun with fans there. Looks like media is laying down on the job again.

It's odd. I guess we're just not that exciting anymore. Lots of reporting from Washington lately... 

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21 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:



I like Reggie's coaching right after the catch, telling Pierce to use his hands against the defender. He used to do that against the Steelers' Ike Taylor, slap the hands to time it while the body of the CB covers the refs' vision, and the hand of the CB that is raised for the defense to contact the WR is slapped at the last moment to get that extra margin for error for the catch. :) 

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16 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:


What Pierce is doing this early in his career is impressive.  This kid might be good enough to factor in year one.


Also I am getting excited about Hines in the pass game.  Gonna wait and see if he can consistently beat his draw in preseason but I am hopeful.  And I'll note again that a back like him becomes far more dangerous when you have a QB who can get to that final dump off read quickly when nothing else is there down field.  That ball has to come out on time for best effect.

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