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Poll: Is Reich the best Colts coach since Dungy?

Is Reich the best Colts coach since Dungy?  

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  1. 1. Is Reich the best since Dungy?

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19 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

I will throw out a shout out to Ron Meyer.

His time was short but he was a pretty good head coach that at the time was fired to prematurely. 

I have an autographed Ron Meyer (coach) football card.

Any takers?  A VERY hot item.

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LOVE Reich.

Liked Dungy and Caldwell.

And i REALLY liked Marchibroda.  He got this team finally respectable (in Indy).  That '95 playoff run run was a thing of beauty! My 2nd favorite season behind 2006 (of course).


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My top 3 still remains:

1. Dungy

2. Reich

3. Marchibroda but after Reich we are really splitting hairs. I have Marchibroda 3rd mainly because of the 1995 season. Marchibroda, Meyer, Caldwell, Mora, and Chuck were all pretty even IMO. Caldwell rode Peyton in 2009. Hard to judge Arians because he only coached 12 games and that was Chuck's team. Kush, Dowhower, and Venturi flat out stunk lmao 

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5 minutes ago, Mburner1969 said:

Pagano was a great man...absolutely!   But as for great coach, I say that Pagano comes in after Reich and Arians, since Dungy.

I think Pagano is much better suited for being a coordinator.  


Honestly if you look at what they have done after leaving Indy you could argue Caldwell is behind Dungy and Ted as far as best coaches the Colts have had in Indy.  He had some success in Detroit, something others have struggled to have at all since the early 90’s.  Arians really had two good years in Arizona but has done little since then.


Frank needs more than a year and half before I am going to call him one of the three best coaches in the Indianapolis Colts history but if he keeps this up he’s going to be right up there.  

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