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Saints And Colston Agree To 5-Year Deal


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That's about what he was asking for, isn't it? And only slightly better than what we reportedly offered Garcon, in terms of dollars per year. Now that the table is being set, I continue to believe that he made a mistake in not accepting our offer.

I'd like Meachem or Manningham.

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    • https://www.instagram.com/ma_xii_/p/C9xXTpmOsDS/?hl=en&img_index=1   Photographic proof...
    • I like this. As a way to refine my thinking on your question, I'm bolding the players that I think have a reasonable chance of a) being on the roster next season, and b) have a reasonable chance of getting a meaningful second contract from the Colts. Starred players are those that I think have a good chance of being Pro Bowlers within the next 2-3 years. And italics are rookies, on whom I'm not yet taking a position.   To me, the bolded are the projected young core of the roster. And the starred and bolded -- Richardson, Taylor -- represent the potential stars on the roster (Taylor already being a star-level player).    Mitchell and Latu deserve recognition as well. I think highly of their prospects, they could be star level players in the future.
    • I know there was questions about TE bring there. Cox was there. Don’t know if any others were there.
    • I often go through an exercise I call "Tomorrow's Colts", in homage to the Star Trek episode "Tomorrow's Enterprise", where I look at the roster counting only the young players.  Just those 25 and younger.  This gives me an idea of the shape of our team when it comes to asking the question "If we have only a 4-year window, or a 6-year window, who would still be here at the end of that window?  Who would our foundational players be?  And which of today's players would determine the boundary of that window, because of their retirement?"  Also, which positions should we draft, simply to backfill for those rounding out their careers. As you look over the list, please note who is missing.   Tomorrow's Colts QB Anthony Richardson (age 22) QB Sam Ehlinger (age 25) RB Jonathan Taylor (age 25) RB Trey Sermon (age 25) RB Evan Hull (age 23) WR Alec Pierce (age 24) WR Josh Downs (age 22) WR Adonai Mitchell (age 21) WR Anthony Gould (age 23) TE Jelani Woods (age 25) TE Drew Ogletreen (age 25) TE Will Mallory (age 25) T Blake Freeland (age 23) T Jake Witt (age 24) T/G Matt Goncalves (age 23) G/C Tanor Bortolini (age 22) G Dalton Tucker (age 24) DE Kwity Paye (age 25) DE Dayo Odeyingbo (age 24) DE Laiatu Latu (age 23) DE Isaiah Land (age 24) DT Aditomiwa Adibawore (age 23) DT Jonah Laulu (age 24) LB Grant Stuard (age 25) LB Cameron McGrone (age 25) LB Jaylon Carlies (age 22) CB JuJu Brents (age 24) CB Jaylon Jones (age 22) DB Jaylon Simpson (age 24) DB Ameer Speed (age 24) S Julian Blackmon (age 25) S Nick Cross (age 22) S Trevor Denbo (age 25)   Note anybody missing?  And how they would affect the length of our current window?  
    • All I can say is if Jamal Adams makes a positive impact for the Titans, or Simmons or Diggs make a positive impact for someone else I’m gonna be upset with Ballard. It’s nice and all to trust in your young guys to step up, but you can still do that while covering your butt in case they don’t. 
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