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  1. I wonder how having a solid NT next to him will affect his pass rushing ability. I don't disagree with you at all, but perhaps with some added pass rush help from the LBs, and now Hank sucking up blockers, it may help him in that department.
  2. Honestly, I was born and raised in Indiana from 91-02, and grew up a huge Favre fan. Loved watching him. I probably never would have gotten an interest in football if not for Favre.
  3. Breaks my heart that the Boomstick is calling it quits, but I sure did love his time here, and his antics. Major blow to the team, in my opinion, but in the name of his health, I understand.
  4. There were quite a few that were, but there were some really cool ones, too. The ones I had the most trouble with weren't even wearing gear, and they left before the game was ever over, so, I'm not sure I clasify them as true fans.
  5. We took my nephew (8 at the time) to the Texans/Colts game a few years back in Houston. He was dressed by his father, a huge Texans' fan (no worries, I've converted my nephew back to the light side). He still got somewhat scared of some of the threats I received, simply by wearing blue and white. If you are going to a home game, I wouldn't worry as much, but every team has some a******.
  6. I really just want to drink a few beers with Pat. Seems like an awesome dude.
  7. Madden is enough to satisfy my football gaming needs, but for the last few years, we've been playing the same game, just with minor tweaks and a roster update.
  8. 1. Denver- I still wanna see Peyton get another ring. 2. Houston- I can't help, but root for Watt. He seems like such an awesome guy.
  9. He is tied for my top favorite with Anderson. I think Geathers will be eased into a role to begin with, but if he puts in the hard work, he could be an outstanding player.
  10. I have high hopes for Geathers. He looks pretty damn athletic. I still think Lowery starts, at least for a bit.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Definitely love what you are saying
  12. Thanks for the insight. Seems like this kid really has it together, and is mature for his age. I have high hopes for him, from what I've seen on some highlights. He reminds me a lot of MJD, and I love that. I'm also not worried about the offense that he ran at Miss. State. I think as long as Pep is calling the right plays, and not making it completely obvious that we are going to run, Robinson will be fine. I did read an article that said he doesn't like to pick up his feet too much when running and that he is subject to be ankle tackled a lot. Thoughts on that?
  13. I love watching John Gruden talk up players. He gets so excited, and I'm even more excited about this pick now.
  14. I think it could be interesting. Some of those games scare me. The Bills could be legitimate this year, that defense is stout. The NFC South is completely unpredictable year in and year out. The Jets could be interesting with Revis back. I don't see this schedule as easy by any means.
  15. The injury gods have been kind to us. Luck hasn't missed a game, and we really haven't had any sort of decent o-line for him since he's been here. I'm not sure I trade for Barkley, but I'm not opposed to having someone come in on the PS for when Hasslebeck is gone.
  16. I'm rooting for the guy. From everything I've seen, he lives the way he is portrayed. I don't recall him getting in off the field trouble, or anything like that. So, good luck Timmy.
  17. Hit the nail on the head. I think the one thing that sets the BB apart is that he is very active in the draft. He stockpiles mid-round picks. When you are getting around as many picks all over the board as the Pats get, it's no wonder they hit on a lot of players. As much as I don't like him, Bill Belichick and his scouting department have done pretty well. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nwe/draft.htm Some of these drafts are pretty darn good. They have been hitting far more than they've been missing since 2009, especially.
  18. I'm neither shocked or appalled. I mean, Pags has been a great players coach, but doesn't strike me as an X's and O's kind of guy. I don't know what it is about this organization. It's like as soon as you put on the Colts uniform, run defense goes out the window. It's been that way forever now. It just seems that now Irsay is more inclined to make changes.
  19. I think that is playing with fire. I hate that phrase. What really is a passing or running down/situation in this league anymore? Teams are throwing at an unprecedented rate. I think a good qb would see our personell and think that the middle of the field is open if we kept two run stopping LBs in together. I say you mix and match.
  20. I think he could push DQ for that spot. I think Freeman is too serviceable in coverage to bench.
  21. Didn't we have Matt Hasslebeck do a coin toss at some point in the last year? I don't know how weird it'd be to have two qbs as captains, but it seems like everyone loves Matt. If not him, then Castanzo. On defense, probably Davis, Jackson or Adams.
  22. If this holds water, I think if I'm the Bucs, I pull what San Diego did with Eli. Draft Mariota get Bradford, and some extra picks/players. Just my thoughts.
  23. I think it's clear cut that Boom is the two, now. Hopefully, he can cut down on the fumbles, because he is a fun back to watch. His acceleration is what sticks out to me. It seemed like if he was running full speed as soon as he touches the ball. I wouldn't mind giving Ballard a camp shot. I doubt Bradshaw is re-signed. Too many injuries, and now the arrest, but weirder things have happened.
  24. Absolutely. We have 3-4 decent to great pass rushers. Rotation is everything.
  25. I'll be okay with whatever happens, really. I think our o-line will be better this year. Our front seven on D concerns me, but I do not want McPhee. He seems like the typical Grigs signing, full time back up with potential, rather than a proven talent. I'm not sure how I feel about Knighton, Langford, or Fairley, but as long as we don't break the bank I'm fine with either. I just can't really put a finger on much of the talent in this Free Agency class. It seems the big names have signed back with their home teams, which is fine, but it seems to me like much of the rest of the pool are somewhat underachievers (Crabtree, Spiller, etc.). I'm intrigued by Searcy, and Gipson, though. I think they could be a shot in the arm.
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