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  1. I forgot about Ricky Jean, lets hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't expect us to be some stout run defense without a dominant player. We might be average though.
  2. Everyone says our D-line is going to be tough, it may be, but last year it was pretty poor, and we haven't had any major signings to it. Sure we are getting Chapman back, but he hasn't done anything in the NFL yet, so lets wait and see how they play before crowning them the next great defense.
  3. http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/article/Colts-Indianapolis-agree-on-stadium-improvements-4418869.php
  4. Yeah I guess you could say that, but I wouldn't say its all because of Florida. I think the idea came up then, but there has been many quarterbacks who didn't win a national championship when they were in college, heck Andrew Luck didn't.
  5. My point is basically what you just said, he has great stats, but for whatever reason, in the playoffs the team didn't do too great. Whether or not that's how you judge a Quarterback or not, thats how most do it.
  6. Well no duh that's what I was saying. That's what his legacy will be remembered as if he doesn't win anymore, so thanks for provoing my point even more.
  7. Peyton threw 9 pics all year that year.
  8. I agree, but judged off of his past decade plus of playing he hasn't had great post seasons. Even the year they won super bowl, he was terrible, but hey I'd love for him to win one more.
  9. The guy who got amazing stats, one of the best Quarterbacks of all time. Couldn't get it done in the playoffs.
  10. My favorite Andrew Luck video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc76MACbahA
  11. Don't really pay much attention, especially now that there is a rookie cap, so there will be more trades than ever.
  12. I'm not mad/angry. I was saying we are the only ones playing it, which I stand by that statement, because sure Canada plays, but no one pays attention to it. Every so often you'll hear of a player who makes it to the NFL from Canada. Like Freeman from the colts, but its not like he's a super star. Sure other countries play it, but it will never be as big as American football. Obviously the NFL Europe failed, and CFL is pretty poor as well. So sure other countries do play, but no one can mimic the popularity and skill of the USA for years to come.
  13. That was a joke of course. But I could see us going guard, or even wide out if the mystery guy isn't traded/signed by draft day. We are also in the position to trade out of the pick if we wanted to.
  14. Obviously there is an execption to every rule. Oliver Luck was a back up quarter back, Andrew looks to be great, but he also played highschool ball in America.
  15. No one else plays it, so therefore we are the best in the world. USA. USA. USA
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