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Jay Kirk Baseball Thread since 2017: The 2021 season, Dodgers Repeat?

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Just wanted to let everyone know I still feel healthy, just working a lot. Hozer and I miss doing play by play of Cubs games on here and commenting on the games. Everything will be back to normal soon

I just got an anonymous call on my phone which I usually don't answer when I don't see a number I recognize. I answered it and the person said SOX and hung up.  I have no clue who it was  

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1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

6-1 Cubs! Happ with a GrandSlam, Rizzo also with a HR. Brewers lost as well, Cubs will be .5 out of first place here shortly. The nutty Professor Joe Maddon switching things around with the lineup and it has worked.

Means this could be a regular 

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Just now, PrincetonTiger said:

Good question did the Cards and Mets make a trade of Managers



:facepalm::lol: I was beginning to wonder myself , but for some strange reason Matheny changed his managing style

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1 minute ago, NFLfan said:


We are all wondering the same.

I remember that scene in the Color of Money, Where Grady Seasons is killing everyone in Pool. He said "It's like a nightmare isn't it, it just keeps getting worse and worse with each shot". In all seriousness glad to see the bats come alive as yesterday was bad!

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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

According to The Baseball Reference site he has pitched in 10 games and signed May 16th


Ah... yes, I forgot him. I know him by face, not name. I keep calling him Rodriguez but it is Ramirez. 

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    • Not sure if we're better, but I think we have more hope. I for one, am just happy we checked the box. And I'm growing more confident it works out.
    • Not sure if it was ever a "character" issue. Sounds more like attitude to me. Purely my opinion, but he's a smart guy, has likely read everything written about him, and knows he needs to embrace this chance. If he chokes at Indy, he's likely done. Hoping he's self aware, and comes in with a fresh perspective and attitude. Regardless, I'm not sure fixing him, is really a monumental task the more I read, and the more I think about things. If his mechanics fell apart in one year, he should be able to fix them in an offseason. Sounds like he just got sloppy, and that was compounded by a lot of external things. Or one could say a lot of external things created a negative situation, and he became sloppy (perhaps stopped caring).   Whatever it is/was, I'm just not near as worried as I once was. Like I said, I think he'll return to at minimum 2019 form, and not sure Reich will have a lot to do with it. I think the freshness (new team, new city) will create a new attitude. And the OL and overall quality of the team in Indy will resonate.   I think I'm back to being more concerned about Reich lol... I don't buy all the QB whisperer stuff. Sure he's had musical chairs to deal with, but overall I credit his conservative scheme more than anything. And that's great when you're working with chaos or musical chairs. Not sure it'll be good enough to go deep once the chaos and musical chairs stop.
    • With some of the stuff that was going on with the Eagles it's not unreasonable of me to think it didn't have an effect on the whole QB/coaches/GM relationships with each other. And none of it being good for the team. Regardless I am not going to point a finger at anybody. I don't care. All I care about is from now forward.  IMO we are a better team right now that we were a few days ago.   
    • I think Reich will turn him around and beleives in him. If Reich had a real issue with his character, I doubt the trade would habe happened.
    • Ok...   that’s an interesting position and certainly not unreasonable.   I can think of many high quality posters here who would agree with you.      But how do we measure this?   Which position(s) could Ballard pick that would make someone say he clearly picked BPA over need?    Let’s say the first three rounds, and yes, I know we currently don’t have a 3rd round pick, but we might.    Personally...   I don’t see us taking a QB in the first 3 rounds.   I don’t see us taking a running back with the first 3 rounds.   I don’t see us taking a DT with the first 3 rounds.  Nor do I see us taking a safety in the first 3 rounds.    Otherwise...  OL, WR, and TE are all possible for me on off.   And DE and CB are possible on def.    I’m iffy on LB, could go either way.   Blue’s Girl, what do you say?   What does everyone else think?    
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