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Congrats On New England Earning Their 2Nd Bye Week (Merge)


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Getting scared...are we?The tebow train rolls into 'NE' country soon.The broncos will jam welker at the line of scrimmage all day,and go after brady.I don't think 'NE' has any hope of actually winning this game.Their only advantage is they're at home.The broncos will win 31-17.I was exactly right about the pitt game(look at my past comments).I'm confident that i'm right again.


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No excuses.The pats played a perfect game and hats off to them.They came out on fire and denver never had a chance.Their TE is a special player(gronk).I hope we can develope his brother into a special FB/TE as well(he plays for the colts).

They pretty much have three clones - Wesker, Gronk, and Hernandez. All three are like Dallas Clark - they're too quick for LB's and too heavy for defensive backs. If you double-team one, you expose the other two. They're like every defender's worst nightmare. They're insane after the catch, which really adds up with Tom Brady's quick release and pintpoint precision. Now add in the fact the Patriots have the best o-line in the NFL (Denver rarely touched Brady) and you have a recipe for success.

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Well, the more I hear "Tebow this" and "Tebow that," the more I think the Patriots will end up handing the Broncos a walloping tomorrow night. They're not a team that buys into hype much, even if it's about them.

It's rare that I'm this right, so I'm going to take a minute to puff out my chest and pat myself on the back.

OK, all done. Thank you for my moment of self-congratulations.

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What does that even mean?

The Dolphins have a winning record against the Patriots. Does that mean they have a solid chance when going against the Patriots?

Nope, didn't think so.

Mind applying what actually happened a few weeks ago when the Patriots started off slow and won by 18?

I didn't put any money on the game,

Don't hate Tebow...

He's gonna cure cancer...

& some people have a sense of humor and others don't...

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You can't cover Welker, Gronk, AND Hernandez. Why teams aspire to even try this is beyond me.

The ONLY way to beat NE is to beat their O-line. This is easier said than done when it's the best O-line in football by a mile. Still, it's the ONLY feasible way short of a wing and a prayer the Patriots all show up intoxicated or Brady has his one token bad game a season. (Everyone has at least one)

Teams like PITT, HOU, and BAL have the means to beat NE's line. (As do the Giants, not sure about SF)

I really wanted to see PIT/NE instead of DEN/NE. My eyes rolled to the back of my head at the thought of Tim Tebow VS the Patriots. Results were as expected.

NE's total D is underrated. They're very good at getting turnovers so Flacco needs to be careful or he'll literally throw the game away.The Ravens' putrid passing game might come back to haunt them as they'll need one to expose NE's secondary on top of slowing down NE's O. The Ravens will need to keep the Pats under 21 - I can't imagine Flacco airing it out (successfully) in a shoot out VS GRONK and friends.

Both AFC and NFC games should be outstanding this weekend.

PS: GRONK must always be spelled in all caps. ...........Or he'll find you.

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