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  1. The beauty that is TIBET!I'm going hiking in the lost world in a couple of hours!LIFE IS SSSWWWEEETTT!

    1. WoolMagnet


      Who else hopes he gets "lost" in the lost world?


  2. Going to TIBET!!!!!!!!!!I'm going to fish in virgin rivers!!!!SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!

    1. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      BTW:A virgin river is a river that's never been fished or polluted before.It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING PERVERSE.

  3. Andrew Luck reminds me of LENNY(John Malkovich)from the movie;'mice and men'."I'm a gonna tend them rabbits good..real good"!HAHAHA!The scary thing is RG3 is even worse!I hope we pass on both!

  4. Could someone PLEASE get rid of that annoying FACEBOOK POP-UP that appears everytime we read an article?!Its more annoying than LUCKLOVERS!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      Yes,you're correct.But from my viewpoint its always there.It makes reading every article difficult.

    3. Nadine


      shoot me a message with info about your screen and I'll let the web team know of the issue

    4. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      It might just be my screen,because its small(8x10).I'm not sure though.Has anybody else complained about this issue?

  5. Though,i never met him,i knew him just the same.He was a friend of mine.The leader of COLTSNATION for such a precious time.Peyton was a friend of mine~.

  6. Say 'YES' to JIM TRESSEL!

  7. Just say 'NO' to marty and his custom built chopper!

  8. I will have my family(since i live in china)tweet Mr.Irsay about keeping an eye on this site and forum for racism.I'm pretty sure he doesn't tolerate racism of any kind.The colts organization has fans all over the world(and now alot in china...thanks to me)...not just INDIANA.Our team embraces tolerance and acceptance...no matter where you come from.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      Since i've been here,i've had two racially motivated personal shots directed toward my family(wife).I take it VERY SERIOUSLY AND PERSONAL.

    3. WSO


      please show some evidence instead of making outrageous claims

    4. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      I already did.Its been reported.Its okay to talk football and joke around,but even mentioning family members is unacceptable and willnot be tolerated.

  9. I wish people would think before they post and keep all their comments football related.There's no need to be a bigot/racist.Don't take personal shots at husbands,wives and children.

    1. Peytongirl


      or disabled people.

  10. I'm so confident that we'll pass on LUCK and take COUSINS' in round 2 or 3 that i'm willing to make a bet with anyone.

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    2. That Guy

      That Guy

      Ha! On draft day, I'm gonna send you a picture of me eating Nacho Cheese Doritos, and let you drool!

    3. That Guy

      That Guy

      On second thought, I may send you the snacks anyway, out of pity. Seaweed crackers do not sound appetizing. How is the rest of the food there?

    4. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      It would depend on which region you visit/live.I live in jiangsu province,so the food here is usually spicy,but okay.The chinese like to EAT!They have food everywhere!Its really cheap and tasty.When i have free-time,i prefer to cook myself and make american type meals.

  11. Who should be our new 'GM'?

  12. Why can't people be civil?

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    2. MyBeautifulChineseDoll


      You're a sweetheart too susie Q.Its not intended for you.



      Agree, but there are some forum bullies that think they run it and anyone that disagrees they belittle. Sad really.

    4. MyBeautifulChineseDoll
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