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  1. You're a good guy so I'm sorry... this isn't directed at you. I'm just tired of having my character called into question because I grew up in New England. I can only hope that you and others - who have my utmost respect - understand. I wish you all the best.
  2. Yes I'm here because of my psychological insecurities. You nailed it. I mean "clockwork" is a bit of a stretch, since I don't bother posting here anymore because of the ridiculous nature of this board as it relates to the Patriots, but whatever. If it helps you sleep better at night, go with that. I've been personally attacked more times than I can account for, so I won't apologize. The people who knew me 10 years ago on this board know who I am. The rest of you are fair weather, Johnny-come-lately fans whose opinions are meaningless to me.
  3. Yup, this is part of my 10+ year plan to troll you guys. Has nothing to do with the overall quality of your typical Colts fan since 2004. Haha, nothing passive-aggressive here. The funny thing is, Colts fans have basically created what I am at this point. I'm tired of being judged as a human being based on my football rooting interests. I started off being a more balanced and objective fan. Tried to be respectful, tried to be reasonable. But... the overall hostility and nastiness I've received in return has made me realize that being a "nice guy" means nothing to you people. You are, in general, a bunch of sore losers, and that's all there is to it. Maybe someday your franchise will rise to greater heights. Maybe not. But if it doesn't... I'd say you guys are getting exactly what you deserve, based on the petty, nonsensical reaction most of us have seen here over the years. The crazy thing is that I once respected Indy as a rival. Now? You guys are a sad bunch trying to vindicate your underachieving franchise. Way to go. PS - Even if you're joking, the idea of the Patriots getting "inside info" from Inman is laughable. It has literally been a decade since the Patriots lost a game to the Colts. I can only hope those posters who mentioned it were being sarcastic. You haven't been a true threat in the AFC in over a decade. Sorry. Truth hurts, I'm sure.
  4. Yes. You guys know everything about me as a human being from a few message board posts. Whatever you do, don't actually learn the facts about Jim Irsay and some of the things he's done (at least Kraft hasn't been complicit in anyone's death). It would be way too much for your heightened sensibilities to deal with. He's truly an upstanding human being and I'm just a big, meal old Patriots fan, trying to set you guys straight. My bad.
  5. You guys nailed this on the head. The Patriots signed this guy so they could get some inside info on a team that hasn't beaten them since 2009.
  6. The best part of this is how you guys assume Irsay is above this kind of thing. He's far more of a classless human being than Kraft has ever been.
  7. GoPats

    Gronk is retiring

    Ben Coates called and was wondering why you didn't bring him up in this post. Since you're ALWAYS so free with the history lessons, interesting how you didn't bring him up. Google failed you this time!
  8. Just out of curiosity, are you guys talking about the Colts trading Brissett as a "sell high" kind of thing? Or is there some level of dissatisfaction with him? I don't think they would get as much in return as some of you are thinking, and I also feel like not having a capable backup in this league is extremely risky.
  9. Did I just "remove" you as a friend? LOL... didn't mean to do that, but I don't see the "add" button anymore.

  10. Wallace! Good to see you my friend. Hope you're well.

    I know your NE trip is upcoming, but will be in NY and then FL from around 8/15 to 8/26. Am I going to miss you? What were the dates again?

    Best to you and yours... cheers!

  11. Hey! I'm new here and kind of lost... does anyone know which way it is to Gillette Stadium? :-)

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