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  1. Not a lot of haters around here... it's pretty similar to when Manning left Indy for Denver. I'm still a Patriots fan first but my expectations for the team this year are fairly low, and that was a 56-yarder that I didn't think Folk was going to hit anyway. If anything I was surprised he was that close. Guy is consistent but doesn't have a huge leg. Outside of that, I'd still like to see Brady do well. As for the whole "luck" angle, you don't "luck" your way into what Brady has accomplished as a player, in my opinion.
  2. It's not Kraft's book, it was written by Seth Wickersham. Speaking in general on the topic, you can dislike someone as a person/human while still acknowledging that they're good or great at what they do. I don't think Kraft and Belichick have a warm and fuzzy relationship but I also know that, as a businessman, Kraft is not going to fire the most successful head coach in the history of the sport. When Belichick leaves, it'll be mutual, or on his terms. If he doesn't retire, the only coaching gig I can see him taking would be the Giants job. Don't know if you guys saw the "30 for 30" special but he's got a soft spot for that team and respects ownership.
  3. My bad on those records, I meant anywhere from 9 wins to 11 wins (records listed yesterday would be for a 16-game season, not 17... this is going to take some getting used to).
  4. What news outlets, exactly, are you following? I read/watch everything I have time for and have seen nothing that's even close to what you described. They beat the Eagles' 2nd and 3rd stringers 35-0, so if you heard the phrase "big win" I would assume that it was in reference to the score. Most of the media outlet predictions I've seen in our area have them finishing anywhere between 9-7 and 11-5. They have the potential to be a playoff team but nowhere have I seen lofty predictions like you described. Patriots fans are excited about Jones' potential and most aren't fans of Newton, so if people are getting pumped up about the rookie I think that's only natural.
  5. Honestly, as a lifelong Pats fan, I have to - at this point - admit that the Dynasty was 70% Brady, 30% Belichick. Great coaching is essential, but no coach says, "OK, make sure you go out there and throw a critical interception at the worst possible time to ensure that we lose this one," LOL... Maybe that'll change in the coming years, but one season removed from the divorce, I don't see how anyone could logically disagree. Also worth noting that Belichick built his reputation on defense, not offense. Brady just epitomizes the "it" factor. Not something you can measure or quantify, and not something that statistics will bear out. It's throwing an 11-yard completion on 3rd-and-9. It's converting a 2-point attempt in a critical moment. The dude is just money, and like him or hate him, it's hard to deny that at this point. I wouldn't want any other coach in NE, but I'm pushing 50 now and have seen some really, really bad teams. Players make the plays, and there's only a certain extent to which you can "coach up" guys who don't have it.
  6. Manning is definitely (IMO) ahead of Montana. As you guys hopefully know by now, I'm 100% in the Brady Camp but have a ton of respect for Peyton.
  7. I had every intention of stopping in with an olive branch. Sorry if you think I'm off-base. Didn't intend to come here to pick an online fight. I'm too old and tired now to argue with strangers online. I don't expect a "warm welcome." But I started posting on this board in 2003 and I like a lot of posters, and their knowledge, very much. But, for some reason, there are people who get enjoyment or satisfaction from trying to devalue the achievements of athletes who don't play for their favorite teams. I don't get it, but that's OK. It's just ironic since I've been told repeatedly what a total scumbag I am just for being from NE, lol... Anyway, I chimed in on another thread, and will repeat some of it here. I'm still a Patriots fan, but of course I was pulling for Brady in the SB, just like most Colts fans pulled for Manning when he was a Bronco. I can't root against a guy who brought two decades of happiness to our fan base. I wish the Colts good luck... and I'm pretty sure the Patriots won't be a threat in the AFC for at least a couple more years. We had our time, and it's over, and I'm fine with that. Wishing you the best, Lucky.
  8. I applaud and appreciate those of you who are realistic about this whole situation. When Manning went to Denver, most of you were instantly Broncos fans. I never said anything was wrong with that, and I can totally relate with Brady having gone to Tampa and accomplishing what he did this year. I'll always be a Patriots fan, but once they were clearly out of contention, I was rooting for Brady all the way (and Gronk as well). Whether people like it or not, Brady IMMEDIATELY brought a winning aura to a franchise that has traditionally been known as a perennial loser. He is not the most physically gifted QB of all time. Not the best arm, or legs, or any of that. The guy just wins. As a Patriots fan it's somewhat bittersweet, but I can't root against a guy who brought two decades of happiness to us after four decades of frustration and futility. I don't really post here anymore, but I was curious to see what the general take was on Tampa's SB victory. There is a mutual admiration thing between Tom and Peyton, and I think I share the same with a lot of you, as fans. Best of luck to the Colts moving forward, I don't think the Patriots will be a threat in the AFC for at least a couple more years, LOL... Cheers. -GoPats
  9. So bitter, and so obviously slanted... despite facts. I actually feel legitimately so very sorry for you living this way. Seriously. It's just a sport. At this point, you just look ridiculously silly for spewing this type of garbage.
  10. Sshhhh, sshhh... don't worry. Brady is poised to set new records in virtually all significant statistical categories. Except interceptions. That's one Favre record that is 100% safe.
  11. The Patriots are coming up on the more difficult stretch of their schedule, so we will find out just how good their defense is. But with the exception of Buffalo (5-1), they haven't played a close game all year. You play whoever is on your schedule, teams don't control that. But their defense has dominated these weaker teams. I've been a fan since the 1970s and so far this is the best defense I've ever seen in New England. That includes the units in the early 2000s that gave the Colts such big headaches. As for the AFC East... it doesn't matter: The Patriots are 71-19 since 2003 in the AFC East. That’s a .788 winning percentage. Outside the division, they are 118-32 (.786). https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/patriots-win-same-rate-vs-rest-nfl-they-do-vs-afc-east
  12. Bummer. I just feel bad for him as a person. To have (apparently) gotten a handle on his personal demons, just to end the season this way, is a tough break for him.
  13. The problem with this logic is that it assumes backups are all created equal. In 2008, Cassel played himself into a multi-million dollar contract with KC and made a Pro Bowl. Garoppolo is something like 14-2 as a starter with most of those games being played as a 49er. Teddy Bridgewater is a former #1 pick with a lot of inherent talent. Point being, none of those guys were awful, and they've all enjoyed relatively successful NFL careers. Curtis Painter and (the corpse of) Kerry Collins are not in the same category as either of those guys as far as backups are concerned. The Colts were ill-prepared the year Manning sat, and that - more than anything - is why the team performed so poorly. It's also worth mentioning the prevailing thought outside of Indy that the Colts didn't try very hard to right the ship that year... "suck for Luck," right? Also, FTR, the Patriots weren't 4-0 when Brady was suspended, they were 3-1. The loss was a shutout loss, at home, to Buffalo, with Brissett starting. I'm done with the debate, personally. You guys will believe what you want to believe, and so will I. It's all good.
  14. You're a good guy so I'm sorry... this isn't directed at you. I'm just tired of having my character called into question because I grew up in New England. I can only hope that you and others - who have my utmost respect - understand. I wish you all the best.
  15. Yes I'm here because of my psychological insecurities. You nailed it. I mean "clockwork" is a bit of a stretch, since I don't bother posting here anymore because of the ridiculous nature of this board as it relates to the Patriots, but whatever. If it helps you sleep better at night, go with that. I've been personally attacked more times than I can account for, so I won't apologize. The people who knew me 10 years ago on this board know who I am. The rest of you are fair weather, Johnny-come-lately fans whose opinions are meaningless to me.
  16. Yup, this is part of my 10+ year plan to troll you guys. Has nothing to do with the overall quality of your typical Colts fan since 2004. Haha, nothing passive-aggressive here. The funny thing is, Colts fans have basically created what I am at this point. I'm tired of being judged as a human being based on my football rooting interests. I started off being a more balanced and objective fan. Tried to be respectful, tried to be reasonable. But... the overall hostility and nastiness I've received in return has made me realize that being a "nice guy" means nothing to you people. You are, in general, a bunch of sore losers, and that's all there is to it. Maybe someday your franchise will rise to greater heights. Maybe not. But if it doesn't... I'd say you guys are getting exactly what you deserve, based on the petty, nonsensical reaction most of us have seen here over the years. The crazy thing is that I once respected Indy as a rival. Now? You guys are a sad bunch trying to vindicate your underachieving franchise. Way to go. PS - Even if you're joking, the idea of the Patriots getting "inside info" from Inman is laughable. It has literally been a decade since the Patriots lost a game to the Colts. I can only hope those posters who mentioned it were being sarcastic. You haven't been a true threat in the AFC in over a decade. Sorry. Truth hurts, I'm sure.
  17. Yes. You guys know everything about me as a human being from a few message board posts. Whatever you do, don't actually learn the facts about Jim Irsay and some of the things he's done (at least Kraft hasn't been complicit in anyone's death). It would be way too much for your heightened sensibilities to deal with. He's truly an upstanding human being and I'm just a big, meal old Patriots fan, trying to set you guys straight. My bad.
  18. You guys nailed this on the head. The Patriots signed this guy so they could get some inside info on a team that hasn't beaten them since 2009.
  19. The best part of this is how you guys assume Irsay is above this kind of thing. He's far more of a classless human being than Kraft has ever been.
  20. Ben Coates called and was wondering why you didn't bring him up in this post. Since you're ALWAYS so free with the history lessons, interesting how you didn't bring him up. Google failed you this time!
  21. I just like the way y'all selectively look at evidence when it comes to things like solicitation, harassing trainers at Tennessee, and using HGH that's delivered to your house in your wife's name.
  22. I'm sorry that you find it repulsive. I guess it comes down to one question: "Did Robert Kraft knowingly support a human trafficking organization/operation?" If you believe that the answer is "yes," you're making assumptions. If you believe that the answer is "no," you're making assumptions. But I get it... I'm a Patriots fan, so my opinion (no matter what facts I have to support it) is not as of much value around here as the opinions of other posters. Enjoy your Indianapolis Colts love-in, then. Just don't come here expecting any reality.
  23. Go back and actually read my posts. I didn't say a single word about getting off on a technicality. All I've said through this entire thread is that soliciting prostitution is not human trafficking.
  24. I don't know, but I bet you it's accurate.
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