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  1. Did I just "remove" you as a friend? LOL... didn't mean to do that, but I don't see the "add" button anymore.

  2. Wallace! Good to see you my friend. Hope you're well.

    I know your NE trip is upcoming, but will be in NY and then FL from around 8/15 to 8/26. Am I going to miss you? What were the dates again?

    Best to you and yours... cheers!

  3. You need directions to Gillette Stadium??? It's easy. Just take a shovel and start digging. You'll get there sooner or later.

    Just kidding! You know I luv ya and visiting Gillette is on my bucket list.

  4. Hi! Good to see ya'

  5. Hey! I'm new here and kind of lost... does anyone know which way it is to Gillette Stadium? :-)

  6. Hey, GoPats, what took you so long to get here? Welcome, hope you enjoy the new site!

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