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  1. Don't care for 18 games. The 16 game schedule works perfectly, the playoff format works perfectly...just let it be.
  2. Yes, the natural reaction of an immature person when somebody is accused of something is 'yeah but, you did this'. I will, however, say that it isn't just some Patriots fans bringing up Irsay. Many of the national talk shows have mentioned Irsay's situation as a way to compare because it is so seldom that an owner gets punished for something. There just isn't any precedent for this, so people go right into trying to find someone or something to compare it to. Unfortunately, that lands on Irsay in this case.
  3. The problem is that you are all jumping to a conclusion that he was involved in the human trafficking element of this story...and granted, the way the headlines were written did him no favors. This could quite literally be nothing more than a case of an old rich guy paying for a quickie...the point is we just don't know yet...but come here for your news and you would be convinced that Kraft was selling underage asian girls out of the Gillette Stadium locker room. It's an embarrassing situation for him, but to be honest, its starting to sound less and less like reality and the narrative playing out here are one in the same.
  4. The leap from 'paying for sex' and 'involved in human trafficking and knowingly soliciting under age girls' is what I'm referring to. Go ahead and judge away that there is evidence of multiple visits and video evidence. But the 'rushing to judgement before facts are known' and the 'he must have known' crowd need to take a step back...because once that narrative gets out, regardless of its level of truth, then there's no coming back from it and that simply isn't fair.
  5. Patriots fans here have not defended anything. Instead we are choosing to wait for the facts before judging.
  6. Embarrassing for him and just another thing that opposing fans will point to for why everyone associated with this franchise is a scumbag. Sounds like simply a case of an old guy just trying to get a beejer. The deal with the human trafficking most likely has nothing to do with him. Not defending him...but not really worried about it.
  7. Did I just "remove" you as a friend? LOL... didn't mean to do that, but I don't see the "add" button anymore.

  8. Hi! Glad to see you!

  9. Welcome back to your non-Patriot home. haha

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