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  1. Although Colts fans have always said the Peyton WAS the system...that he WAS the coach ;)
  2. I'm not discrediting Peyton for his championships, nor did I say it was easy to win a Superbowl as a starter for two different teams. I just don't see why he somehow gets 'bonus points' for the fact that it was with two teams. Every situation is different...you referenced Montana who ran into Marino come the playoffs and Warner who did make it to another Superbowl. The fact is that many Superbowl winning quarterbacks don't change teams, and more recently if they do, it was because they were traded and not always sent to as good a situation as Peyton was able to pick out in Denver. And honestly, that's fine...again, I'm not discrediting him for it...I just don't understand why it's somehow more impressive. If I wanted to, I could make the argument that Brady HAS won with two different teams, since no player from the 2001/03/04 championship run was still on the team for the 2014/16/18 run. Literally the only difference is that the uniform didnt change color and it was the same head coach. If Brady was released and signed with that Denver team, do you think he would have won? If Aaron Rodgers was released and signed with that Denver team, do you think he would have won? Roethlisberger? Russel Wilson? There's a good chance of it, but as I said, most Superbowl winning quarterbacks don't get the opportunity to find a situation like that, so we just don't see it often. Winning the Superbowl is freakin' hard, let alone doing it twice or more. I just don't understand why someone would get more credit simply because it was with two different jerseys.
  3. I've always wondered why this 'fact' seems to hold so much weight...or any at all...for some people. What is so impressive about winning with two teams if it happened the way it did: being released, hand picking your next team, and then being Trent Dilfered and Brad Johnsoned to a championship. Don't get me wrong, Brady and Peyton were 1A and 1B during this generation and the all time conversations will always be fun...I just don't understand why the 'he won with two teams while the others only won with one' sentiment even enters the debate. Is it supposed to somehow tip the scales more for a guy if he wins 2 titles with 2 teams than if he won 4 titles with 1 team or if he won 6 titles with 1 team? Brady hasn't even been on 2 teams...why should Peyton get credit for it?
  4. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate, I agree. I just don't think anyone in their right mind would go on a national broadcast to say 'poor patriots' right now and actually mean it ;)
  5. Honest question here....how is this behavior any different than Elway forcing a trade after refusing to play for the Colts? Or Eli forcing a trade after refusing to play for the Chargers? We all know how you guys feel about Peyton's little brother....but never once have I heard anyone here call him a spoiled brat or prima donna. Antonio Brown didn't want to be in Oakland...so he essentially pulled some spit to get out.
  6. It was Collinsworth yeah...but I thought he was being sarcastic.
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