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  1. Although Colts fans have always said the Peyton WAS the system...that he WAS the coach ;)
  2. I'm not discrediting Peyton for his championships, nor did I say it was easy to win a Superbowl as a starter for two different teams. I just don't see why he somehow gets 'bonus points' for the fact that it was with two teams. Every situation is different...you referenced Montana who ran into Marino come the playoffs and Warner who did make it to another Superbowl. The fact is that many Superbowl winning quarterbacks don't change teams, and more recently if they do, it was because they were traded and not always sent to as good a situation as Peyton was able to pick out in Denver.
  3. I've always wondered why this 'fact' seems to hold so much weight...or any at all...for some people. What is so impressive about winning with two teams if it happened the way it did: being released, hand picking your next team, and then being Trent Dilfered and Brad Johnsoned to a championship. Don't get me wrong, Brady and Peyton were 1A and 1B during this generation and the all time conversations will always be fun...I just don't understand why the 'he won with two teams while the others only won with one' sentiment even enters the debate. Is it supposed to somehow tip the scales
  4. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate, I agree. I just don't think anyone in their right mind would go on a national broadcast to say 'poor patriots' right now and actually mean it ;)
  5. Honest question here....how is this behavior any different than Elway forcing a trade after refusing to play for the Colts? Or Eli forcing a trade after refusing to play for the Chargers? We all know how you guys feel about Peyton's little brother....but never once have I heard anyone here call him a spoiled brat or prima donna. Antonio Brown didn't want to be in Oakland...so he essentially pulled some spit to get out.
  6. It was Collinsworth yeah...but I thought he was being sarcastic.
  7. Don't care for 18 games. The 16 game schedule works perfectly, the playoff format works perfectly...just let it be.
  8. Yes, the natural reaction of an immature person when somebody is accused of something is 'yeah but, you did this'. I will, however, say that it isn't just some Patriots fans bringing up Irsay. Many of the national talk shows have mentioned Irsay's situation as a way to compare because it is so seldom that an owner gets punished for something. There just isn't any precedent for this, so people go right into trying to find someone or something to compare it to. Unfortunately, that lands on Irsay in this case.
  9. The problem is that you are all jumping to a conclusion that he was involved in the human trafficking element of this story...and granted, the way the headlines were written did him no favors. This could quite literally be nothing more than a case of an old rich guy paying for a quickie...the point is we just don't know yet...but come here for your news and you would be convinced that Kraft was selling underage asian girls out of the Gillette Stadium locker room. It's an embarrassing situation for him, but to be honest, its starting to sound less and less like reality
  10. The leap from 'paying for sex' and 'involved in human trafficking and knowingly soliciting under age girls' is what I'm referring to. Go ahead and judge away that there is evidence of multiple visits and video evidence. But the 'rushing to judgement before facts are known' and the 'he must have known' crowd need to take a step back...because once that narrative gets out, regardless of its level of truth, then there's no coming back from it and that simply isn't fair.
  11. Patriots fans here have not defended anything. Instead we are choosing to wait for the facts before judging.
  12. Embarrassing for him and just another thing that opposing fans will point to for why everyone associated with this franchise is a scumbag. Sounds like simply a case of an old guy just trying to get a beejer. The deal with the human trafficking most likely has nothing to do with him. Not defending him...but not really worried about it.
  13. The interesting thing is that all week heading into the Pats/Chiefs game, everyone was saying 'the team with the ball last will most likely win'. Well....that's exactly what happened....so why is everyone so surprised? Not to mention, there were two overtime games that day: In the other one, the team that had the ball first lost, in this one, the team that had the ball first won. Play defense, it's just as important as offense.
  14. Well that's a bummer! This has been one pretty awesome offseason so far for the boys in Foxboro...
  15. No moral value? See, this is where the conversation heads south. Peaceful marches and protests by women with signs that contain language no more vile than that used by the man being protested against to stand up for something they believe it is not the sign of a lack of morality and integrity. But regardless, and as Buck mentioned above, I am fairly certain that moral character is EXACTLY what the refusal of going to the White House was based on.
  16. The narrative of what was ACTUALLY being protested was out there, yes. But come on, you don't think that as soon as Trump tweeted that the players should be fired for disrespecting the flag and country and that the NFL is weak and has no leadership by employing these guys, that the message was lost and the perception changed? The second that tweet went out, MORE players protested and then it blew up. He was the catalyst, and then staging the Mike Pence walkout at the Colts game only furthered that narrative and now here we are.
  17. What I don't like is that Trump has managed to totally change the perception of what the kneeling was supposed to represent...and as a result he has riled up the masses and cause further division in the country. I don't blame the players for not wanting to attend, I don't think it's as much to do with them disagreeing politically as it is the way they felt attacked with the way Trump has and continues to talk about how these protests should be handled. As has been brought up, many teams in the past had players that disagreed politically, and yes in some cases it was a big deal but
  18. The problem is that this White House, and by extension FoxNews, is so incredibly disingenuous when it comes to 'judging' Patriotism. The guy didn't even know the words to God Bless America yesterday, and he sure does go out of his way to praise Roseanne despite her stirring performance of the National Anthem all those years ago. The President is using the protests as a way to stir up those he knows he can...they are the ones creating these big scenes and stories and creating these false narratives in order to instigate...everything from calling out the players, to the staged 'Pence leaving the
  19. Then just don't make a big show of it and let those who are interested come and enjoy it. Instead, he's trying to use the situation as propaganda to make it seem like something it's not. I'm sure he could have spared an hour out of his very busy day of watching FoxNews and complaining about the media to give the players a tour of the white house. This has everything to do with him...not the other way around. He is still spending the time letting people come to 'celebrate the flag' or whatever they're calling it.
  20. He's a baby, it's as simple as that...he can't help but make it about him and he didn't want to look bad by having a smaller crowd there. His obsession with crowd size and how he thinks it reflects on him is well-documented. Regardless of how people feel about him and his policies, there is no denying that this issue is about him, not the team. Players from previous championship teams have elected not to go in the past, whether a democrat or republican was in office, and it's never been a big deal.
  21. I say let them waste time on fake game plans and fake walk-throughs. Sure, they beat us...but that isn't why and usually when teams are pre-occupied with this kind of anxiety, it works in the Pats' favor.
  22. Hahhhha that one's actually pretty funny. Well done!
  23. I'm so happy that you all seem to know us so well and what our 'east coast mentality' is. Please remember that we are talking about professional athletes here and not our elementary after school program where we are all worried about the virtues we need to instill in our youth.
  24. I'm not assuming anything. I was simply reacting to the insinuation that talking 'under oath' would be taken as truth as long is it was them doing the talking, all while simultaneously ignoring the fact that Brady already spoke under oath but isn't given the same acknowledgement. I'm not saying anything about the situation itself, I'm just responding to about the way that different fans choose to react to it.
  25. Just a simple question, no more no less. Would you find the testimonies of those guys under oath more credible than the testimony already given under oath by Tom Brady? And just to be clear, I'm making no reference to which side of this I'm on or what I believe or don't, I'm simply asking why you would automatically believe one under oath testimony over another.
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