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  1. this is based on them playing catch in June right.
  2. fans will remember the Pats were too cheap to pay...... Milloy, Branch, Givens, Law, Mcginnest, Seymour....... and Pats fans won't care as long as the team keeps winning. I wish we paid them all they all retired in the Pats uni. but thats why I'm a fan and BB makes the tough decisions and keeps winning
  3. revising history based on the rule change is a net wash. On the play Brady is hit in the head which would now be a 15 yard penalty giving the Pats even better field position
  4. Bellichick was the offensive coordinator the year mcdaniels left. billy o'brien took over the role a year later
  5. the problem is with 8 one and done's it seems to backfire more for him than others. the 8 one and dones are just impossible to ignore for a guy of his caliber
  6. 21 TD's 18 INTs and qbr 75. Luck is having a solid rookie year and will be a very good qb in years to come. but i wouldnt say he got snubbed.
  7. I feel like we've been hearing about this "new generation" of QB's since the early 90's. Randall Cunningham to Vick and now to RG3. and every year its a QB who can throw from the pocket who wins the SB and has a long successful carreer. sure, the mobile qb can do well in the NFL but the pocket passer isn't going anywhere
  8. watching that game made me really miss romeo crennel. i know manning still had a decent game but you could tell he could not find a rythm against that D. every route was altered which made manning hesitate and look elsewhere. reminded me of the good old days here in NE
  9. Sims made a good point about this. when offenses use a lot of motion the snap is dicateded by the guy in motion getting to the right spot. defenses can pick up on that and if the motion is consistent its an easy tell
  10. Bill does have a lighter side. he just doesnt show it around the beat writers who are asking the same moronic questions day in and day out. he'll talk peoples ears off when discussing the old days and former players. if you've seen sound FX on NFL Network you'll see he jokes with his players a lot. he also has a radio spot every week as well as a TV spot that he's very cordial with. he just has no use for the daily stupidness that goes on with the beat writers. he's not going to discuss anything about the game or opponent. he does not see how it helps his team win. as a fan i couldnt care any
  11. didnt marvin cost the colts a playoff game against the chargers by fumbling?
  12. i assume this means you disagree? did you watch the game? any attempt down field was a balloon, no zip
  13. I thought manning looked very accurate and in control of that offense yesterday. what would worry me if i were a broncos fan was the fact his passes of more that 10 yards down field have nothing on them. they are balloons. he's lost A LOT of arm strength
  14. I think it's really up to the networks. The NFL doesnt designate games. since it's an AFC game CBS had the rights so they'd have to give NBC the rights. i think there's a odd process that allows netwroks to choose the games. If NBC wanted to take this game for sunday night they'd have to give up rights to something else later on. of course it all comes down to business and not really whats best for the fan
  15. sometimes I feel like Irsay is more of a fan than the owner
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