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Wow, its been couple weeks since I posted anything, I will definitely make it up to you guys and make this long!


You ready? Lets go!








Now let us not forget how cowboys are....people like Michael Irvin saying they are the best team in the NFL, but everyone forgets that this happens every single here, don't believe me? See this:





Now back to the Patriots, first of all I want to congratulate the bills on their new owner....but oh wait!




Also Bucs new logo has now been exclusively been revealed for next year!












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It's wrong to laugh at these images I know, but that little girl's expression & the famous Rocky Balboa line are classic! Well played IWF. Well played. 


Then you will love this:




Now lets ask JJ about his thoughts of the last 4 minutes of the 2nd QT against the Steelers...



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Just on a separate note, its true that the Cowboy fans have finally come out of the woodworks because everyone I play against is using the Cowboys on Madden 15...



Speaking of AP & his spanking woes/legal issues, I thought of him as I watched the new ABC sitcom called "Blackish." It recently featured an episode called "Crime & Punishment" that dealt with how to discipline children today. It's a funny show, but mostly, I just really like actor Lawrence Fishbourne who brings gravity to whatever he does on screen. 


This brief clip of the character "Pops" reminds me of my own father growing up under his rules. There are 2 minor curse words in this preview below: 



My apologies to anyone who might be offended. I was disciplined this way & I think I turned out okay BTW. JMO. 

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  • 2 weeks later...















The 1 thing that cracks me up about the Chicago Bears implosion as a football team is that Jay Cutler always acts like he could give a crap what the score is or how many games they lose. 


He reminds me of when actor Chevy Chase used to do "Weekend Update" on SNL on NBC & he always slammed the TV audience making them feel ignorant & stupid. 


The wheels of the franchise have fallen off & the car is on fire & Cutler would yell at the media for not bringing Jay a stick & some marsh mellows to chew on. Ha! Ha! 


Jay's like "I got paid & now you want me care & win games? I hate to break to you fans but that ain't happening anytime soon. I'm missing my nap. Bye. See ya." 

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Beaker from "The Muppets" as Andy Dalton is priceless man!  haha  Maybe Marvin Lewis & Bengals should offer late night talk show host/comedian Conan O'Brien an NFL contract. He's got red hair too, he's intentionally funny, & he couldn't play any worse right?


You wanna know what the worst part is though? In 2011,TCU QB Andy Dalton beat my WI Badgers in The RoseBowl in CA with Russel Wilson on my side. I could get over the loss better if Andy played like a respectable field general you know. Sigh...Dalton's a national embarrassment man. End rant. 


Honestly, the Bengals are loaded with incredible talent on defense & a killer ground game & Andy still can't win? What the hades is wrong with you man? Just don't turn the ball over dude. It's not that hard. Seriously...



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That Eagle quietly asking if he's gone is priceless IWF. If GB outperforms NE this year, will he take all your musket rifles away? Just Kidding! 


Actually, Brady vs Rodgers would be a spectacular SB. I'm kind of pulling for that to happen in February TBH with you since INDY won't be in AZ this year. 

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I was so angry when that Saints fan stole the ball away from that lady. How classless are you sir? A Bengals WR tosses the ball to a woman with a Cincinnati jersey on & this person just takes it. Grow up man. It's obvious who he was giving the ball too. So disrespectful...It's not like a baseball that flies into the stands & is fair game to anybody in the vicinity. There are rules to observe & protocol to follow at a football game man. She was the only Bengals fan in that section. Wow...


I respect the Saints organization & I do not hold an entire fan base liable for the actions of 1 lone selfish fan BTW, but that self absorbed act really made me mad. 


Plus, the surroundings inside that SuperDome setting are not a live concert so you can't claim that it's just enthusiastic fans fighting over a guitar pick, a necklace, or a drumstick either. 

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BTW Rob Ryan after the loss yesterday...


You know the more I look at that Rob Ryan baby the more it grows on me. I have no idea what happened to Saints this year. I can't figure it out both the offense & defense are struggling at home. 


What in the wide world of jazz bayou voodoo is going on man? 

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