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When Skip Bayless goes from this ""This is going to be the year. I believe in him," he said. "The point is, the Chicago Bears will make the playoffs [this] year" to this "I'm sorry, Jay Cutler, I'm done defending you. No more being true to my school -- our school -- Vanderbilt. Time for some tough love." 


Your career is near extinction. Remember: Skip still defends Tim Tebow, but he has cut ties to Jay Cutler publicly now that speaks volumes. When Bayless runs away from you, say goodnight Gracie it's officially over NFL wise. 

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"Unknown powdery substance" Seattle are you using performance enhancements again? FBI luggage inspections at the airport are such a bonding team experience right Pete Carroll. LOL! Oh, you meant the Black Hole? I thought you were talking about the Saints & their strange sensation over entering foreign territory called the end zone. An honest mistake right? Just kidding IWF! 

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That Brett Favre one was so bleeping funny it hurts IWF. Maybe that's because I can so see that call going down in real life. 


Just when you thought #4 was a distant memory, he returns to Lambeau Field...Dramatic music...Followed by a weary GB collective fanbase cry. Son of a...Not this darn merry go round again!  :lol: 


Pay close attention to this commercial at the 32 second mark. Truer words have never ever been spoken man....


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You know your Jim Harbaugh picture is funny too. Not the trash one; the other one. I love how 49ers ownership acts like replacing Jim & his winning record is gonna be so easy. Are you delusional? I mean Rex Ryan could do good things on the defense with Gregg Roman on offense sure, but if Rex soars to the Falcons, San Fran is in a bind picking his replacement IMO.


Can't you just seeing QBs across the NFL mailing Suh thermal socks to keep his feet warm now & daily frostbite reminders on email, twitter, & all over social media for the rest of his career now? I sure can.  


Have the words "No Comment" & "Next Question" from his press conference after the suspension was lifted monogrammed on all the items of clothing too. 


Is Suh happy with his footprints in this league? Wes Welker any thoughts on Suh's frozen feet? 



Yeah, I know it's old & about the NY Jets under Coach Ryan, but now Wes needs to do a feet rant for Suh's little piggies on ice right? 

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Can't you just seeing QBs across the NFL mailing Suh thermal socks to keep his feet warm now & daily frostbite reminders on email, twitter, & all over social media for the rest of his career now? I sure can.  


Send Suh a new ipod loaded with the following songs on it:
--Get On The Good Foot by James Brown
--Stink Foot by Frank Zappa
--Footloose by Kenny Loggins 
--Sensible Shoes by David Lee Roth 
--Baby It's Cold Outside by Dean Martin
--Cold As Ice by Foreigner
Look, if Suh would man up, admit he knew what he did was deliberate, & show me he has changed his dirty methods on the field, I might consider cutting him a little slack, but until then I'm gonna rake him all over hot coals & hold his feet to the fire forever now. 
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Sorry colts fans, but this had to be done today!










I am sure most Colts fans felt like this after the first QT:




Yeah, that's accurate. INDY was outgunned vs the Cowboys, got our cabooses handed to us, & couldn't buy a completion to save our lives. 


Your Simpsons cartoon also sheds a glaring light on the fact that INDY struggles heavily in the Playoffs. Touche. Very well said. 

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Refs you are the DA real Mvp!











It's part of my evil scheme to get Dallas to the SB & then have Chandler Jones, Akeem Ayers, & Rob Ninkovich pulverize Tony Romo in February. There's a method to my madness. 


Build them up with false confidence & then tear them down when it matters most. Plus, I wanna see HOF WR Michael Irving cry on the air. LOL! I hate that guy & would love to see his baby Dez Bryant crash & burn. Okay, I know Dez is a stud WR & he will get TDs thats undeniable. I just want him to come up short & still lose on the biggest stage in sports. 


Added bonus: I get to see ESPN First Take host Skip Bayless's head explode on live TV. A win; win if you ask me. 


Hey Suh, was that $70,000 a pop well spent? You deserve this loss you colossal jerk...The King of Defensive Cheap Shots...

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Touche. Man, I feel sorry for HC Bruce Arians. If QB Carson Palmer had stayed healthy all year, AZ would have beat the Panthers. Now, if their DC Todd Bowles leaves, there's no guarantee that their defense & secondary will be as potent next season either. BA is a darn good coach who loses players left & right & his team still manages to fight & stay competitive. It's very impressive. 


I'm glad that BA got this opportunity in AZ to run a football team. He's definitely made the most of it. Plus, Bruce looks dabber in those red hats of his. See...


I sure couldn't pull this look off, but it works for Bruce though.



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Hey IWF, see if you can find a MEME cartoon/joke on Troy Brown claiming that Andy Dalton is a better NFL QB than Andrew Luck would ya? Thanks man, you're the best!  :thmup:


BTW, I respect Troy Brown as a player, but he deserves to eat just a little bit of crow over claiming that Mr. Redhead Playoff Loser is a better field general than Chewbacca. 


The Luck to Moncrief TD today was simply spectacular! Sweet...


Oh yeah, HC Marvin Lewis is it still a stupid question to ask you why you can't win a playoff game & why you are still employed in Cincinnati after 11 years? I think it's a very relevant question. 

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Under further review, the receiver did not have control of the ball. He also did not break the plain. He also did not maintain possession. He also committed an OPI penalty. He also came down out of bounds. He also did whatever else yields an incomplete pass. There is irrefutable visual evidence of this.

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