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View From Seats In Lucas


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You've got to be kidding - please!

I thought that modern construction techniques rendered nonsense like that obsolete in any stadium built after probably World War Two.

I think they put those seats in just so they would have enough to meet the capacity requirements for hosting the Super Bowl, but they don't actually sell those seats to anyone. I could be wrong though

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Copied from the same site as in the previous link provided:

Please note that all “View from the Seats” photos are taken from only one seat and vantage point in each section. Please be aware that a small amount of seats do have limited and/or obstructed views. (These seats are very limited and can only be found in the corner sections of the stadium.) These tickets may only be purchased at the Lucas Oil Stadium Ticket Office – but please be aware when buying tickets from 3rd party vendors that this may be a possibility. Lucas Oil Stadium is not responsible for tickets and/or seats purchased from said vendors

If am reading this correctly, tickets for seats with limited and/or obstructed views can only be purchased at the LOS ticket office and those purchasing these tickets would know what they were buying.

However, if these tickets are purchased from a 3rd party vendor; it sounds like a case of caveat emptor.

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