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Do The Colts Have Too Many Polians?


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Please, that's like us saying there is also no evidence that Peyton Manning doesn't have the plague and that is why he's out. To say someone is suffering from something it's on the person throwing that out there to show evidence of it being there not the other way around.

Chris Polian also backed up why he was hired as the director of pro scouting. Who do you think found all those undrafted free agents that his dad signed? Frankly our draft fall offs has gone hand and hand with the time Chris Polian stopped being the head of scouting and became more invovled with the GM role side of things. I do agree with that Chris Polian would be a GM some place else if we hadn't locked him up in fact there Falcons were very close to hiring both him and Jim Caldwell and taking them to Atlanta that's why we locked them into place as GM and Head Coach in waiting.

Frankly I wouldn't put too much stock in the titles the Colts use. We all know Bill Polian is still the person making the final call on things on there. Yes I do think he has been giving his son more power over time and is going to give Chris Polian the job full-time but the fact Chris Polian holds the title of GM doesn't mean he's making the final call on things, yes his dad is giving him more power on several things like the draft but I would almost be willing to bet the house that dad still has veto power.

Contradiction made easy. In your 1st paragraph you demand evidence re nepotism, in your final paragraph you show no evidence of Bill's right to veto.

Or maybe you have it, but are keeping it up your sleeve?

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What type of atmosphere must there be in the FO when you see long-time employees being fired(Powers) to give positions to Polians? Do others in the front office fear dissention or offering opinions that differ from that of a Polian?

Is nepotism in the FO good for the Colts? :hmm:

I agree that in most business environments nepotism is not a good thing. Usually it involves the owner bringing in an incompetent nephew or two - leading to much resentment and a general loss of respect. I don't think that that applies here. Considering Bill's age, I was extremely happy to learn that his son is essentially replacing him. It's the closest thing to cloning we are going to get. Any new GM would come in with the goal of changing things - even if they are successful - purely to make his own mark. Instead we have a guy who is thoroughly versed in Bill's much talked of system and eager to apply it going forward. It's worked for a very long time, and I don't want radical change. Who knows, he might even turn out to be more media friendly which would stop a lot of the irrational hatred.

I don't know anything about Denis, but if he can do his job it shouldn't be a problem. I don't like the concept of someone being fired specifically to make room for a Polian, but I find it hard to believe that whatever happened was that simple or callous. If he can do his assigned tasks, there is little reason to care about his presence. It is only if he stinks but is retained anyway that it becomes an issue.

In short, I'll say that "You can never have too many Polians", but I won't insert the sarcasm. When you talk of nepotism, I just think back to the days when we had the worst GM in football - and his name was Jim Irsay. Considering where he came from, I'm just grateful that Jim isn't an irrational control freak like some owners I could mention. Go ahead Mr Irsay, hire as many Polians as you want.

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Good point on the nepotism comment, I'm sure some people on this forum that know nothing about business MIGHT criticize you. Being a business student myself we see it's not a good thing. For instance, my best friend started up a major business with some very good friends of his, but under no circumstances do they deny privileges to other based on hiring friends or family members. It would basically be a human resources violation to an extent. It happens all the time in the business world and turns out being bad for the most part, (it CAN ruin great client relations).

That being said, I personally have no knowledge of how the Polians run their business, but if they release people and deny opportunity for others based on the fact that they would rather hire family members or friends (even if they are much less experienced) that's bad business. In today's business world it's not a great thing.

I own a small business and can tell you that I only hire qualified people. I have a resposibility to keep business running good so that employees have jobs and I can give them Ins. I have helped people before but am very carefull about it. Bottem line is I expect good results. The Polians really havnt done that great of a job. Getting Mannining was the best thing they have done. He has made this team and now we are seeing the reprocusions of the FO mistakes. This week will tell everything, if we cant be competitive against Clevland , then, we need to look to the future and start all over. IMO

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