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  1. I never said Rivers was better than Luck. I can’t disagree with what you said but I do believe that Rivers will fit in. I will admit that I am no fan of Luck.
  2. I would agree with most of what you say the problem is I don’t like Andrew luck I don’t like what he did to this team waiting until the last minute to quit. It just doesn’t sit well with me and I personally would never want to see him play for the Colts just my opinion.
  3. I’m sure he would take Luck but I would rather have Rivers. Rivers didn’t quit, also I think with our run game and OL, he will fit in fine. Don’t forget Peyton couldn’t run either. Peyton > Luck by far so why not Rivers?
  4. I’ve never heard of this guy before but that was great loved Bob Sanders truly one of the greats. I think the guy hit the nail on the head about Bob
  5. I totally agree they had an incredible team should’ve won the Super Bowl that year. They definitely were the best team in the NFL at that time.
  6. Well I know where I was at half time I had gone into my office at home and held my head with my two hands slumped over very * off and my five-year-old daughter comes walking in and she says don’t worry daddy I just prayed we’re going to win. She was so sure I certainly didn’t want to ruin that for her. we went back into the living room and watch the rest of the game and Sure enough, what a come back, great game my daughter was definitely right and I will never say it’s over until it’s over. Well at least I try not to lol
  7. That’s who I wanted you are right on the money that would’ve been a huge difference maker for our team.
  8. I have been looking at Bridgewater . I think he would be great here he’s 27 years old I don’t think we’d have to pay that much for him I think he would be a great fit for our Colts team.
  9. I feel the exact same way . You’re not alone bro
  10. It’s funny because I was old enough to have a Bert Jones jersey but living in Phoenix we weren’t able to watch a lot of Colts games I just had to watch them whenever they were on and look at the paper the next day would’ve loved to of gotten a Dickerson one I have all the other ones plus a few but I like the Burt Jones idea
  11. I will be wearing his jersey today to honor him so happy he finally got in
  12. My whole statement about the heart of a champion was my opinion that was the just of it can you really not understand that? I don’t care what opinion you have , to respond to my post the way you did was pretty lame and tells me you probably need to get out of your parents basement. And btw, I’ve been watching the Colts for over 50 years. That doesn’t make me an expert but to say I must be new is pretty dumb.
  13. I know this is months late but I had to respond . You are not understanding my posts I think you should re-read them. I talked about the heart of a champion. As an example Roberto Duran after the no mas fight which in my opinion he lost because he had to lose so much weight and he was absolutely in no shape to fight Leonard as quickly as that fight happened. Duran came back because he had the mentality of a world champion took out David Moore pretty easily and went toe to toe with one of the greatest middleweights of all time and darn near won the fight. I might add in his career he
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