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Overpay For Orton?


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I know, let's just have a different QB play every week.

game 1: Kerry Collins

game 2: Curtis Painter

game 3: Kyle Orton

game 4: Dan Orlovsky (might as well bring him back too)

game 5: Shaun Hill (see above)

game 6: Marc Bulger (I'm sure we could sweet talk him out of retirement for just one game)

game 7: Carson Palmer (I'm sure the Bengals would let him go if we promise to only play him for one game)

game 8: Chris Simms (his dad was HOF so he has to be good too right? Plus he's left handed so that'll throw off the opposing defense)

game 9: Matt Leinart (we have to promise Houston to have him back by sundown. Plus he's left handed...see above)

game 10: Joseph Addai (ok the left handed thing is losing it's appeal and it should be painfully clear I'm running out of ideas by now so I won't go on)

First people want to get rid of Painter and they want a veteran QB. We bring in Kerry Collins. After 1 game (with less than 3 weeks of preparation) Collins goes in and has an off game with a virtually brand new offensive line. Then people want Painter back. Now we want to overpay for Kyle Orton (who Miami couldn't persuade Denver to part with) and give up valuable draft picks that could help cure some of our defensive woes for a QB who would only play until Manning comes back? Wow you REALLY want to try to make a run for the SB in Indy don't you? It's time to face it, playing at home in the SB is not really much of an option anymore. Don't get me wrong, anything is possible but the odds are just a little bit more than slightly stacked against us.

This is the stupidest idea I've ever seen.

You can't have two lefties starting in back to back weeks.

You have to break them up, else the element of surprise is gone come week 9.

Think next time.

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No....bad idea.

It's too late to get a new QB into the system and expect them to get caught up with the offense.

The time to bring in a 'new' QB was 2 months ago when training camp was getting ready to start.

There is no sense in trading players / picks for a guy that will take weeks to learn the offense and get ready to go. Don't hurt the future, just for a slightly better chance to finish 8-8.

They'll need to ride out this season with Collins (and Painter -- once Collins get injured in a few weeks) and then take a new look at things once April comes along. At that point, they should know if Manning is 100% or if they have such a bad record that they'll be in a position to take Luck.

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Yeah b/c we all no Purdue QB's can't win.......OH wait Brees won a SB and the only reason the bears played us in one is b/c Orton won them a lot of games that year. I'm not saying I want Orton by any means but that kid can win.

lol....okay, you're right....we have to give Purdue a happy face for Drew Brees.

But see Orton's stat line in 2006-2007....Soldier Field hot dog vendors had as much to do with the Bears getting to the Super Bowl that year as Orton did.


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